I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can use to find software, products and camera gear that gets mentioned in the interviews rather than go hunting through episodes to find what you heard mentioned. I’ll keep adding to it as I learn more from interviewees and you’ll notice that in the future I will reference this page quite often in the podcast. You can bookmark the page for future reference.

Album Design Software

Adobe InDesign

Daniel Griffiths preferred album design software and mostly used by graphic designers

Album Design

The album design software used by Jerry Ghionis by Fundy Software

Fundy Designer

A wedding album designer

Smart Albums

SmartAlbums is an album builder with thousands of professionally-designed templates for the busy photographer.

Sticky Albums

Creates custom gallery mobile apps for your albums


Album design software by Albums Australia

Apps: Instagram


An image editing app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices

AvgNite Cam

A camera app for long exposure and night photography for iPhone users

Cortex Camera

An app that can reduce grain or noise when shooting in low light

Giant Square App

An app that lets you create big pictures, panorama pictures and banners on Instagram


An Android app that allows you to upload any photo to Instagram or to other social media sites without having to crop it first


An Instagram scheduler and social media platform


An app that allows you to add text to photos


An app that lets people and companies schedule content to Instagram (supports multiple accounts)


An app that allows for straightening out of photos so they look perfect, not crooked

Slow Shutter Cam

An app for iPhone users that let you capture a variety of slow shutter speed effects similar to using a DSLR camera

Snap Seed

A photo-editing application for iOS and Android that enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters


An app that allows you to post entire photos on Instagram without cropping


A photo editor app that allows you to remove unwanted content or objects from any photo, using just your finger and your phone


A mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows users to capture photos and edit using the app

Apps: Social Media


URL shortener for URLs with long links

Buffer App

Compose, save and drip feed your social media posts to twitter and/or Facebook


Social media management scheduling tool


Enables businesses to create mobile-optimized Facebook campaigns that drive engagement, leads and sales

Hoot Suite

Compose, save and drip feed your social media posts to any social media service from one dashboard


Metrics viewer for Instagram

If This Then That

A social app that lets you post Instagram as Twitter photos and more


Live video streaming social networking app

Post Planner

Facebook automation app


A social news site where users can post links to content found online


A photo messaging app that allows users to take and send photos and videos


Get alerts when you, your business or targeted keywords are mentioned online


Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organising, and engagement


Monitor what’s being said about you and your brand on Twitter

Beginner Photography Classes

Fearless and Framed Profitable Photography Workshops

Have you considered running a beginner’s photography workshop for people who are your dream client? Workshops are an exceptionally easy, fun and profitable way to network + spread awareness about documentary photography sessions all-in-one. It is your ticket to rapid connection with your potential dream clients.

The Fearless and Framed Profitable Photography Workshops (discussed on Episode 264) is available for $497 (one-time payment) or $275 (2 payment schemes).

Casting Calls and Model Finders

Model Mayhem

The site to find and book talent for shoots

Purple Port

Model and photographer finder


The site to find and book talent for shoots

Client Relation Management (CRM) Software


A client management software that helps automate, organize, and optimize small business management for freelancers and entrepreneurs


An application for managing your customers and contacts. It manages your client relationships and keep track of all correspondence, meetings, important dates etc.

Click here for the High Rise Free Plan (difficult to find link on their website)

Coaching Services

The Photography Business Blueprint

Discover the perfect business model to suit your personality type with Mark Rossetto. Learn where to source great quality products, then produce a pricelist to suit both your business model and products.

Supercharge Your Website

Get a full review of your website from Mark Rossetto and find out any major fundamentals that are missing or can be improved. Discover some of the latest software to help automate and streamline your business.

Systems & Workflow Mastery

Mark Rossetto helps create a business system and workflow that work for you and keeps your clients happy ensuring that each and every client has a great experience with a great product and service.

Calls That Convert

Learn how to educate, excite and connect with your clients as Mark Rossetto dives deeper into your conversations, build rapport and get super specific on what your clients really want.

Half Day Coaching (4 hours)

A 4-hour action-packed coaching with Mark Rossetto that is customised for your business. It’s an “ask me anything” scenario covering a whole range of topics to help you find clarity, direction, define your business and help you go in the direction you need to go

Full Day Coaching (8 hours)

For people who really want to dive in and take control of their business. This is like business coaching on steroids with Mark Rossetto! Receive and understand as much information as possible with a plan to execute it in the quickest and most effective way.

Custom Card Options to send via the Post

Australia Post – Postcard App

An app that allows you to send a real postcard from your iPhone

Send Out Cards

An online greeting card and gift company that sends physical cards and gifts to anyone in the world

Custom Photography Packaging to send via the Post

Woody Woodclick

Custom-branded wooden boxes for photographers & filmmakers

Email Marketing Tools


An email marketing tool with features like automation, landing pages and surveys.

Campaign Monitor

An email ‘auto-responder' marketing software for list building

Constant Contact

An email ‘auto-responder' marketing software for list building


An email ‘auto-responder' marketing software for list building

For anyone looking to try or move to a new email app, ConvertKit (what I use) has now released a free plan. If you use the link, you get 100 subscribers free which may be enough to get you going with email marketing. Check out the pricing though as it may not be suitable if you have a big list.

Mail Chimp

An email ‘auto-responder' marketing software for list building