This episode of the podcast was recorded at the recent Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) print awards in Canberra where I speak to the wedding and portrait photographers behind the AIPP photography print awards about…. lots of stuff.

Some of the photographers you will recognise, some you may not. I knew some and there were many I met for the very first time and one thing is abundantly clear – photography is alive and well and the people behind the images, the businesses and the awards are all a fantastic bunch of helpful, passionate and happy photographers.

I came away from the weekend feeling very lucky to be a part of such a great community and wondering why I had spent time away from the awards and photographers that are the very inspiration and push I need to keep me going with my business. I hope you come away form this episode feeling the same way.

My aim was to talk to a range of wedding and portrait photographers from students, 2nd shooters, assistants, volunteers, judges and the seasoned and well known pros at this game. You'll be happy to know I was able to convince, cajole, plead and beg with the right people to cover the wide range of experience I was after.

Portrait photography award winning photo by Robyn Geering

This wonderful print scored a Gold with Distinction and I was lucky enough to steal Robyn Geering, the photographer, from her friends heading to the bar to celebrate for a quick chat right after she heard her print being judged.

Here's some of what we cover in the interviews:

  • entering the awards
  • getting great results
  • bombing out with your award prints
  • what's working in business right now
  • the state of the photography business
  • asking for help
  • how the judging and scoring works
  • why you should enter the awards
  • choosing prints to enter
  • marketing ideas for your business
  • chasing overseas weddings
  • shooting in the style you want to be shooting
  • 2nd shooting
  • being a wedding and portrait photographer WITHOUT having your own business
  • learning from the pros (easier than you may think)
  • overcoming your photography and business fears
During the podcast, you'll hear the final print of the portrait category get scored which happens to be that of Dan O'Day's, who I was standing next to prior to chatting to him for this episode. You'll hear the actual judging, the challenge from one judge that believed it should have been scored higher and why – followed by the resulting re-scoring of the print.

award winning image by Dan O'Day

This was the last image in the portrait category to be judged and the photogrpher is Dan O'Day who I interviewed right after he scored a Silver with Distinction for this print. How was this beautiful image lit… by an iPhone!

The Wedding and Portrait Photographers:

Here is a list of the photographers I interviewed for the show and you'll find links to where you can find them and their work below. If you want to connect with any of the photographers you hear interviewed, or any photographer that inspires you for that matter – get in touch with them.

A couple of things I have learnt since starting the podcast are that the worst that can happen is someone might say no… trust me when I say that rarely happens. Secondly, everyone I've approached has been open, helpful inspiring and more than happy to chat. If you want to know something, ask. I'm certain you'll find that, just like me, anyone you ask will be happy to help you.

Oh yeah – if you enjoy the interviews and what these photographers share – let them know. You can do that via their contact pages or leave a comment below and I'll be sure to let them know. They would love that, and so would I.

  • Robyn Geering
  • Kate Buchener
  • Kelly Tunney
  • Rachel Crampton Smith
  • Hilary Wardhaugh
  • Lisa Stewart
  • Jeremy Byrnes
  • Martin Scembri
  • Dan O'Day

Links to the photographers:

Robyn Geering Photography 

Robyn Geering Photography on Facebook

Kate Buchener – Uber Photography

Uber Photography on Facebook

Kelly Tunney Photographer

Kelly Tunney Photographer on Facebook 

Rachel Crampton Smith –

Hilary Wardhaugh Photography

AIPP award print judging

Here's a shot of judging room 2 for the print awards showing the image being judged, the row of judges (with some looking closely at the image) and a projected image for the onlookers/photographers there on the day.

Hilary Wardhaugh on Facebook

Hilary Wardaugh's Speak Image Website

Lisa Stewart – Anna Blackman Images

About Lisa Stewart

Anna Blackman Images on Facebook

Jeremy Byrnes Photography

Jeremy Byrnes Photography on Facebook

Martin Schembri

Martin Schembri on Facebook

Dan O'Day Photography

Dan O'Day Photography on Facebook

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