So You Want Your Photography to be Recognised

Would you like to be a photographer whose work is recognised as yours?

I’m guessing it’d be a resounding yes. I know I would!

It’s the holy grail for photographers. Isn’t it?

Have you ever noticed successful photographers, better known photographers is a better term… have a signature look or image you know is theirs?

You see a photo and you know who shot it.

What if the photo isn’t theirs at all and you made a mistake.

Nah ahhh, it doesn’t work that way in your head does it?

There’s a feeling instead, the photographer in question has copied the photographer who you thought the photo belonged to.

You’re not mistaken at all, that photographer simply copied the originator. The originator in your head anyway.

Why then, do photographers work so hard to always produce something different?

Why are we so quick to move on after nailing something? Getting something right.

Why do we get bored with an image, look, style, post production technique or location we’ve used in the past?

How will our work ever be recognisable if this is our approach?

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  • Tom Nicholls

    Great article, Andrew.

    I suppose that as photographers, we have an in-built desire to constantly improve, and (perhaps a little egotistically) we view ourselves as artists. The moment we settle on a look or style, in a sense we become technicians, working to a formula. The latter is perhaps more profitable, but definitely a little less satisfying from an artistic viewpoint. Maybe the secret is to fall in love with the business side as much as we love our photography.

    • Thanks Tom… What an interesting comment and point you make. I haven’t thought about it like that but looking at my growth and progress as a photographer and business owner, I look back and see an initial love of photography that gave way (unfortunately so in my opinion) for a love of business before rediscovering my love of photography.

      Keeping the two balanced is probably the secret as you suggest. It’s not easy, they both feel like they fight against each other.

      What has your experience been?