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Erika and Lanny Mann of  Two Mann Studios are charging more than most wedding photographers and for good reason you might say. Everything they do with photography seems to be award winning. And deservedly so. They say careful curation is the key to photography success, that and a lot of hard work.

Coming from a background in landscape photography, weddings are their focus now. If you don't know these guys, stop, do a Google image search and be prepared to be blown away and either want to give up photography all together or be pushed to be better than you thought possible.

Oh, and if you think the whole curation thing is a simple process, try starting with over 20,000 images after a wedding to find the sprinkling of images that will live on to form part of your brand and what potential future clients will see and book you for.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • Workshops or Photography – Erika and Lanny's main source of income
  • How workshops contributed to the growth of Erika and Lanny as photographers
  • Less weddings, more profit as a photography business goal
  • Having a second income helped Erika and Lanny take a lot of business risks
  • Pricing and packages with Two Mann Studios
  • Why it's a good idea to use a single price sheet for your photography business
  • Can any photographer get to the level of Two Mann Studios' wedding rates?
  • How you can reach a similar kind of success with your photography business
  • Using conversion rates and inquiries to gradually increase your photography prices
  • Justifying your prices through the total hours you spend on each weddings
  • Why the sudden increase in demand for Two Mann Studios' wedding photography
  • Showing ONLY the images that will make you stand out
  • Photographers showing too much of their work is a common mistake everywhere
  • Curating and editing your work is more important than photography itself
  • Why Two Mann Studios is very choosy about what kind of photos they show
  • Writing blog posts to attract the future clients you're aiming to target

Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

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  • Why Erika and Lanny feels pressure every time they turn up at weddings
  • If you feel like they you're failing at every wedding, you're not alone
  • What should be your goal as a photographer at every wedding you shoot
  • Why you should never set any expectations when going into a wedding
  • Why you should never cull images a day after the wedding
  • How to become a good editor of your own photography work
  • What jump-started the success of Two Mann Studios
  • Networking with local photographers to get your business going
  • Holding contests offering free wedding photography for portfolio building
  • The pros and cons of increasing your pricing
  • Why influential photographers stand out

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Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know what your biggest takeaway is – what is the one thing that you’d like to implement or learnt from what was shared? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

We don't really want to have to say no to clients. We want them to say no to us – Erika Mann

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Erika and Lanny or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below.

Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

Lookout for the New Photo Xperiment Podcast

Following the success and support shown by listeners after the experimental format of the recent Ian Weldon interview, I'm planning to release more of this style of interview under the title of… The Photo Xperiment Podcast.

Plans are underway to find new guests and won't be restricted to wedding and portrait photographers so if you have someone you think would be a good fit, let me know in the comment area below or email me,

The plan for these interviews is to get into the headspace of the photographer and find what makes them tick, what drives them, their thought process, philosophy on shooting and how they achieve what they do with their photography. So yeah, a little technique type content too. These interviews will not focus on the business of photography – that'll be preserved solely for the weekly and unchanging format of the PhotoBizX podcast.

Another change with the new Photo Xperiment podcast is I will be exploring the possibility of sponsorship / advertising to help support the show.

Although I hope to produce thought provoking, entertaining and helpful interviews, I'm well aware, the content in the new podcast will not be a game changer for your business and the way you build a more profitable wedding or portrait photography business. It's more entertainment, motivation and hopefully a new way to look at your photography and why you do what you do.

For now, the podcast will live amongst the PhotoBizX episodes but I'm working on separating them onto their own feed and area on the PhotoBizX website.

Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

Book Recommendation

If you enjoy audio books like you do podcasts, I have a book for you to check out… The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom.

I listened to this book on a recent long drive and loved every minute. The central character is the fictional Frankie Presto who is the worlds most talented guitar player. Raised an orphan by a blind Spanish music teacher, you'll be taken on an amazing journey as Frankie travels the world from age nine to escape post war political unrest.

The story is told through the narration of music itself. Sounds like a strange concept but makes total sense once you start. This is a beautiful listen.

Why this book? The parallels with photography and what we do is incredibly aligned. You'll hear lines that will remind you of people you've heard on the podcast like Ian Weldon, João Medeiros, Kristen Kalp, Nikki McArthur, Fer Jurist and others. Music in this book is the perfect metaphor for photography.

Please though, to get the most from this book, download and listen to the audio version – the way Mitch Albom has created this masterpiece into the audio format is as inspirational as the star itself.

Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

Shoot The Frame – Photo Competition

A few weeks ago, Tristan Hewat from “Shoot the Frame” a monthly online photography competition site asked me to be a guest judge for the month of May.

First thing I did was check the site and loved what I found – a well laid out, attractive and easy to navigate website with beautiful photography. Initial thought… I'm in, this should be fun!

Tristan and I got talking and I asked if there's anything he could offer PhotoBizX listeners if I mentioned the whole judging thing on the podcast? He said ‘yes' and came up with a great offer if you want to enter your photography into the competitions.

Head to to enter and you'll get 3 entires for $10 (usually $15).

Also, you can submit any combination of portraits, landscape or wildlife with your three photos and Tristan's guys will sort them into the correct categories. Usually entrants need to choose which contest to enter, PBX listeners can enter a combination for the $10.

At the very least, head over and have a look at this gorgeous gallery for the 2016 portrait winners – these are fantastic!

Oh yeah… If you enter, you can let me know but don't tell me anything about or show me your entry. Better yet, let me know after I've judged the competition.

I've since checked out some of the prizes on offer for this month and there's a pretty cool selection! A 12 month free subscription to Squarespace, a free photo book, Canva design credits, cloud storage for your photos, Lightroom presets and more. You can see all the prizes here:

Shoot The Frame

iTunes Reviews and Shout-outs

Each week I check for any new iTunes reviews and it's always a buzz to receive these… for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it's confirmation that I'm on the right track with the interviews and that they really are helping you improve your photography business. That's awesome!

Secondly, iTunes is the biggest search engine when it comes to podcasts and it's your reviews and ratings that help other photographers find PhotoBizX. More listeners means more interviews and ultimately a better show.

If you have left a review in the past, thank you!

If you haven't and you'd like to, head to and you can leave some honest feedback and a rating which will help both me and the show and I'll be sure to thank you on the show and add a link to your website or blog if you let me know the URL and your name like these photographers did:


In iTunes by Russell Neal of  Russell Neal Photography in the UK on April 16, 2016

Andrew has a fantastic line up of guests from all around the world and at all business levels. Some specialise in SEO, some in marketing and others in different photography styles. There is always something new to listen to and above all, there is always something new to think about or implement in your business.

Along with the podcast, there is a well scripted website that has all the podcasts details, relevant links to anything that was discussed in that particular podcast and lots of other information.


There is also a Facebook group for premium members that is full of helpful people which is great for discussing the latest podcast and working with each other to achieve best practice.

Andrew produces this podcast, runs his business and still finds the time to engage with helpful advice on email or the Facebook group when I have needed it.

Seriously, this is the best best photography business podcast ever!

It's that pressure that gives us the energy that we need to propel us through what we need to do – Lanny Mann

Great Podcast for new and established photographers

In iTunes by Sean Gannon of Energy Photographic in the UK on April 21, 2016

I have listened to Andrews for a few years and love every episode. Whether you are just starting out or someone that is a full time wedding or portrait photographer (like me) you can get something from every episode.

Andrew interviews not only photographers but marketing, SEO, branding, etc, etc experts to help to create a better business.

The free content is awesome and the paid for is well worth the small investment!

Sean Gannon UK Wedding Photographer

Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

Want to Meet Up in Paris?

I'll be heading to France in July to see the Tour de France and ride my bike with a bunch of mates but have a few spare days at the end of July in Paris if you want to meet up?

I'll be free from the 28th – 30th July. At this stage I have no accommodation booked or any real plans except to go exploring with my camera.

If you're around or can be in Paris on one or more of these days, let's meet up for a couple of hours or more and go exploring together.

Alternatively, if you have any recommendations for me, things I must see, do, experience or photograph, please let me know in the comments area below or by email,

Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

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Ian Weldon interview – The Photo Xperiment Podcast

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom – audio book recommendation

Mixergy – interview based podcast with entrepreneurs by Andrew Warner

Two Mann Studios Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening to the show and thanks to Erika and Lanny for coming on and sharing what you did. I loved hearing the way you bounce off each other and the advice you shared made perfect sense from any photographer looking to improve what they're doing in business and photography.

Every shot that we take is made with intention and purpose to make it better than the previous shot – Erika Mann

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That’s it for me this week, hope everything is going well for you in life and business!

Thanks and speak soon