Family and children portrait photographer Dean Mansbridge from Tasmania is running a successful portrait photography business in a tough environment and proof that it can be done, no matter were you live. In addition, he does NOT work weekends, is employing staff, has a on street studio space and has lots of competition.

I love this quote from his staff member Danielle who writes: “It seems there are a few special people who come into our lives to inspire and delight us. For me, Dean Mansbridge is one of those people. He is a constant reminder that it's possible to not only strive for, but achieve, a career built around helping others and pursuing your passion.”

Dean says he has a passion for children and creating fun, vibrant, and meaningful images of families that stand the test of time. I don't doubt any of this but feel it's only a small part of his “success equation” – I'm pretty sure he's a smart business operator with great systems and that's exactly what we'll be extracting in this episode of the podcast.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Why being an photography award winner is good for your business but not for more bookings
  • How to target clients from different socio-economic areas while maintaining a profitable portrait photography business
  • It's been argued before but can you really judge a client by the car they drive, do the BMW driving families spend more
  • Understanding the value of a pre-shoot consultation and how this meeting will increase client involvement and profitability
  • He prefers to discuss things in person rather than doing it over the phone as he feels it's more personal.
  • Learn how it is 100% possible to run a Monday to Friday portrait photography business and have your weekends off
  • Do you find it draining to shoot more than two portrait sessions in a day? Learn how Dean deal with this issue
  • Learn how to have a profitable portrait business in an area of cold winter weather and families aren't thinking “photography”
  • Why some photographers have trouble booking clients for studio sessions and how to get past those objections
  • Dean's methods for a great sales session and his number one tip for increased sales in your business
  • The importance of the first phone call and how to use it to set up a great experience for your clients
  • Danielle, is doing his appointments too. She will also send in good word to the client of how their children will have a great time with their photo shoot with Dean.
  • Like every other business, Dean didn't have instant success, hear about his journey from start up to great business
  • The importance of studio management software in running a portrait photography business and how Dean utilises his database for all year, consistent work
  • So you have a mailing list… learn what you should be doing with it
  • What data you should be aiming to catch and utilise

The podcast has been a little light-on for portrait photographers recently but if you're not walking away from this interview with a  stack of ideas and takeaways, you need to listen to this one again! One thing we kind of brushed over was just how good a photographer Dean is. Moving that aside, he is running a fantastic portrait photography business amongst a small population in an area that has cold weather for a good part of the year… and there area  ton of other local photographers all competing for the same work.

Follow some of Dean's examples and you will have a foothold to your own photography business, there are no excuses. Start your database, do the work and make your clients as happy as Dean is making his.

Dean Mansbridge Photography Podcast Interview

What's on Offer for Premium Members

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  • Why you don't need to continually re-invent the wheel with your marketing and photography, do what works
  • Marketing for portrait photographers that want to stay in business for the long term
  • Where exactly, Dean spends his marketing time and money and why you should be doing something similar in your business
  • The right way to set up a 3rd party promotion and things to look out for your promos
  • Learn about one of the best social media promotions I've heard of for portrait photographers
  • How to move forward with your business and why Dean is always refining his processes
  • Dean's portrait photography workflow from shoot to sale; including his most popular products

Dean Mansbridge Photography Podcast Interview

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Dean Mansbridge Photography Podcast Interview

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Dean Mansbridge Photography Podcast Interview

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Dean Mansbridge Photography Podcast Interview

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Dean Mansbridge Photography Podcast Interview

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