Fer Juaristi is unique in his approach to photography and that's just the way he likes it. It's the reason for his success and happiness as a wedding photographer and someone committed to the art he is creating more than the money he is charging.

When starting out, he was a self confessed “copy cat” who followed the photographers that went before him. It took a couple of years to realise that wasn't the way to a successful photography business, a happy life or a fulfilling one.

The first image in his portfolio features a headless bride and a headless dog. Why? Fer is looking to attract a certain clientele and his portfolio is there to attract the right clients for him and push away those that may not be a good fit for his style.

Fer is so passionate about his style and working with the right couples, he recently dropped his prices because he was starting to see the wrong type of couples booking his services. This is someone committed to his art and not simply making more money.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Starting out your photography career as a copycat is totally normal, almost every photographer does
  • The secret to wedding photography success appears when you start shooting the way you want to shoot
  • Drawing a line in the sand and taking the leap or risk your photography business becoming a 9-5 job with no passion
  • Learn why Fer lowered his prices while being booked constantly at a higher price
  • Once you realise your photographer super heroes are normal hard working people, you can get down and concentrate on your own photography style and forget about their ability and creativity
  • Risk aversion and why sometimes you need to take the jobs you don't want early in the season
  • Living within your means is a beautiful thing and will help you be the photographer you want to be
  • Shooting a wedding with two prime lenses only
  • The importance of showing credibility to prospective clients as your prices go up and Fer does it
  • How does Fer get those great expressions in his wedding photography… by shooting in the nude!

Following this interview, I'll be surprised if there is a single listener who isn't re-evaluating the way they shoot, do business and live life. Be sure to check out Fer's work, not to copy his style but to see the work of a photographer that is shooting for their vision and their love of art. Do you have the guts to follow your passion?

Fer Juaristi interview PhotoBizX

The first image that brides see in Fer's portfolio. The perfect way to scare off couples that aren't a good fit for his style.

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Outsourcing is something you may have heard a lot about but are unsure where to start and what, if anything, you should outsource. I've outsourced a number of jobs and the results can be varied in regard to quality and price. Today I'm a lot more confident in getting great outcomes every time.

This week premium members will learn where to start outsourcing, which websites to use and how to do it. You'll learn the best way to get great results and find outsourcers that you'd like to work with for your projects that supply the quality of work you'd expect.

Following the audio, you'll be confident to take on new and more projects, spend more time doing the things in your business that you either enjoy or generate more income. If you're busy enough, there really is no need to do the things you don't like to do in your business – I'll show you how.

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Fer Juaristi interview PhotoBizX

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