Todays interview features Kirk Mastin, a Seattle based photographer labelled a ‘hybrid shooter' but dedicated to film photography in a market and time saturated with digital images. Although Kirk does shoot some digital, and when he does, uses presets made by himself to look like film, his passion lays with film. Today's episode is focused on shooting weddings with film and succeeding in business.

Kirk says, “Film has soul. Film has feeling. Digital has it’s purpose but film satisfies me. That is why I shoot film at every wedding.”

Kirk has been featured in over a dozen of the worlds biggest and well known wedding blogs. He runs hybrid workshops that sell out fast and he builds Lightroom presets to get that film look from digital files.

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • How Kirk stumbled into using film for his business and hasn't looked back
  • Shooting 75% film and 25% digital for weddings and why this mix
  • Why Kirk continues to shoot film even though he builds presets to make digital look like film
  • Is shooting film is a huge gamble for you
  • If wedding sessions are completely draining and difficult, why add film into the mix
  • Balancing your passion with personal life is one of the hardest struggles of a photographer
  • How Kirk takes big risks when he feels the need to make a change
  • Why Kirk believes in chasing the things that scares him the most
  • How Kirk's business turned around after increasing his prices
  • How to use print sales to increase your profitability
  • What to look out for when starting with film photography
  • The pitfalls of using film
  • Why you should consider using film for your photography business
  • What you're missing out when shooting digital
  • Why Kirk never markets himself as a film photographer
  • The importance creating relationships with communities in your area to network your business
  • The benefits of adding a quality video to your websites showing who you are and what your business is all about
  • Why you need to be consistent with your portfolio, blog and video to attract future clients
  • Why you should never give reasons for raising your prices
  • Know what kind of photos to shoot to target the clients you want

Kirk Mastin Photography Podcast

Special Presets Promo Code

If you'd like to purchase any of Kirk's film presets head to and use the discount code: PHOTOBIZ25 to save  25% off any purchase until Jan 1, 2015.

The scarier the risk is, probably the better it is to do it.

The presets are for both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to achieve a film look to both Fuji and Kodak colour films with Ilford B&W presets coming soon.

Kirk Mastin Photography Podcast

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  • You owe nothing to anyone when you blog, be free to blog whatever you want
  • The biggest mistake photographers make when blogging
  • Film recommendations
  • Film exposure advice and tricks
  • How running an e-commerce site is a great way to learn about customers
  • The importance of creating a personal connection with your suppliers
  • How to maintain balance between work and normal life
  • Outsourcing
  • The importance of creating an attractive PDF Brochure
  • Kirk's film presets

In addition to the extra audio content, Kirk has made available his PDF brochure that we discussed in the premium half of the interview. Details are in your members area.

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Kirk Mastin Photography Podcast

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Kirk Mastin Photography Podcast

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