In this episode of the podcast we get deep and technical with website design and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that will help you to rank higher in all the search engines and especially Google. My guest and expert is William Bay of “Flaunt Your”  in San Diego, California.

William himself is a photographer but now concentrates more of his time in helping other photographers  to be more easily found on the web. In addition to his SEO expertise, William is a website designer and preaches the importance of building a great website for your client first, the search engines second.

Without a good experience for your prospective clients, it doesn't matter how well your website is found if it reads horribly or just plain sux. Listen in to find how to separate yourself from the hoards of photographers and have a unique site that converts… something we all should be striving for.

During the interview we cover:

  • Basic and more advanced SEO strategies
  • The benefits of being a couple in business
  • Tracking your website enquiries
  • Whether or not you need a blog to rank well
  • Back linking strategies to help your rankings
  • Long tail keywords and why they are important in a congested and competitive market
  • Social Media and if you really need to be involved with all of them… or any
  • Find out what your competitors are doing to rank well, if you want to
  • Can a great Facebook Page replace a website or blog for your business?
  • Blog titles and SEO plugins
  • The difference between “do follow” and “no follow” links to your website
  • The importance of a “call to action”
  • Driving traffic to your blog with Facebook
There is no way you can listen to this interview and not walk away with a list of things you can implement right away or plan to, that will icrease your search engine rankings.

In addition to all the SEO and website goodness, William shares a little about his recent visit to WPPI in Las Vegas, his love of shooting and more so… film! After shooting a bunch with his mates at WPPI, he is still waiting to receive his processed rolls of film – I can't remember the last time I had to wait for my film to be processed and wonder if any of you still dabble or shoot seriously with film? I'd love to know.

William Bay SEO

This screen shot is from and just one of the many sites that William has designed and optimised for search engine traffic.

Toward the end of our interview, William shared news about his webinar training series that he runs each month. If you're unsure, a webinar is online and “live” training where you listen to and interact with the presenter/trainer, while seeing their computer screen. It really is a live event or presentation and you do get the chance to ask questions, just like a real seminar.

In William's case, his course – Get Noticed in 4 Weeks, he covers everything we discuss in our interview but in more depth over a four week period. What excited me more than anything about this course is you will be held accountable as William takes you through Google Analytics and you actually measure your traffic before, during and after your training. This will be invaluable if you are interested in optimising your site.

You can find more details about the webinar course here and for $129.00 it sounds like fantastic value to me.

Also, make sure you check out Williams blog where he covers all sorts of great and practical tips on SEO that are very easy to understand and full of diagrams.  After following one of his tutorials, I found my blog has the most traffic in Wednesdays at 10am – a great help when planning when to release new posts each week. The flaunt your site blog is here –

Items mentioned in this podcast:

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