Roberto Valenzuela of has dedicated himself to the art of wedding photography and to becoming a master of the craft for over a decade. At the start of his career, after having photographed one wedding, Roberto priced himself so high that his experience never came into question.

Roberto is based in Beverly Hills, California, but travels anywhere in the world to shoot weddings. In fact, as this interview was recorded, he was driving to Arizona to deliver a workshop and I'll be seeing him in Melbourne Australia in a couple weeks time.

This guys resume is incredible!

  • Sponsored by Canon USA
  • Top selling author in Amazon for photography books
  • Before photography, he had a 10 years career as a classical guitarist.
  • He has a degrees in Economics, Marketing, and International Business.
  • He was also a High School Economics and Finance teacher
  • He's been named one of the ten most influential photographers and educators in the world

The list could go on and on…

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • Why Roberto gave up a career in teaching to become a wedding photographer
  • How Roberto became of all things photography, a wedding photographer
  • How Roberto found the style he uses for his wedding photography
  • How to find your own photography style
  • How to book 10 weddings at your first bridal fair
  • Understand consumer behavior and it's importance when marketing your photography business
  • Pricing your photography high to prevent people questioning your experience
  • Using personality and charm to win over clients
  • A bridal fair is overwhelming for people and a massive visual stimuli
  • Do you really lose passion and excitement with photography once you gain more experience
  • Clients will want a photographer whose excited to be at their wedding
  • Why Roberto decided to go full-time as a wedding photographer
  • Are photography workshops really a waste of time
  • The benefits and downsides of photography workshops
  • Why it is OK to copy other photographers
  • How to develop your own photographic style
  • Copying someones style is a learning process
  • The bad stigma surrounding photography workshops as money-making ventures
  • Roberto's secret to his success as a wedding photographer
  • Why you need to constantly practice photography despite the success you have achieved
  • Practice exercises to become a better photographer
  • Practicing photography techniques allows you to be in command of every decision you make
  • Why Roberto prefers finding inspiration from modern photographers over old classics
  • Why Roberto wrote his own books on photography
  • Why even documentary photographers need to learn how to master lighting and posing

Roberto Valenzuela Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

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People really responded to how passionate I was about photography and they wanted to hire somebody who felt that way more so than somebody who was technically good – Roberto Valenzuela

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Ian or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below.

Roberto Valenzuela Photography Podcast

Your clients deserve a performance, not a practice session – Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela Photography Podcast

It is inevitable that you are going to copy somebody – Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela Photography Podcast

I consider a wedding or a portrait shoot a performance, like a guitar performance – Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela Photography Podcast

You only live once so you have to take a chance – Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela Photography Podcast

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Roberto Valenzuela Photography Podcast

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I priced myself so high that my experience never came into question – Roberto Valenzuela

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