In one of the most honest, down to earth interviews I've experienced, Nikki McArthur from Epic Danger Photography pulls no punches. You'll hear that she loves making money from her portrait photography business. Her clients think she's f@#&*ng awesome and they all want to be her “besties.” The secret Nikki says, is to reveal your personality for photography business success. It's that easy.

Funny thing is, you'll want to be her “bestie” following this episode, I know I do!

So how did she go from charging $350 per session to averaging over $2000 in a short time. Sure, her photography improved but not by 10 times! It was a website change. Yep, a website change and the permission to be herself.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • How a change in branding can affect your whole business, especially the profits
  • Why a template/off the shelf website is hurting your business
  • Nikki hired a mentor for $600 per HOUR! Discover why it was worth every cent and changed her photography business for good
  • So you're a photographer and you think you can design a cool website… find out why you're dead wrong!
  • Nikki gives away her hi-res files as part of a referral program, some photographers say she's crazy but for $6000 she thinks she's smart
  • If you believe you have an “average” or even boring personality, discover why you must let it show in your branding
  • You may think you're like another “hot shot” photographer but you're not and you never will be. Doesn't mean you're not awesome!
  • Finding the right photography clients that suit you isn't as difficult as you think. Simply swear at the ones you don't want, Nikki does
  • How Nikki's portrait photography sales went from $350 to over $2000 without a change to her photography or shooting style
  • Have you thought about taking beer and donuts to your clients home for their sales sessions? Maybe you should…
  • Why do sales sessions at the clients home instead of your home or studio?
  • Is it really possible to be profitable with your family portrait business, have time for yourself, 3 kids and a husband?
Following this interview, I'll be surprised if you aren't re-evaluating the way you express yourself through your marketing material, your website, your branding. Let's face it, there are a crap load of photographers that can shoot as good as you, maybe even better if you're being honest. The thing is, there is still only ONE of you!

Work out how to get your personality out there, on show and clients will want to have you shoot for them. You can be their “rock star” photographer – and yes, this will work for portrait and wedding photographers.

So, how do you know if you're on the right track? Like Nikki, once you've had your “holy crap moment” you'll just know.

Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

What's on Offer for Premium Members

Mini sessions are a popular way to make quick money with a timely promotion for a special event or date like mothers day.

When Nikki first advertised her mini sessions she booked one single client… In her words, fail.

The next two years she was booked solid and had to extend her promotion to handle the bookings.

In the Premium Members area, you'll hear exactly what Nikki did to dramatically turn things around PLUS, Nikki has provided the advertising artwork she uses to get booked back to back for this promotion and what she used the first time. The difference is f@#$%ng incredible!

The big question is, does your promo material look more like Nikki's first attempt?

Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

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Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

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Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

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