054: Nikki McArthur – Reveal Your Personality for Portrait Photography Success

In one of the most honest, down to earth interviews I've experienced, Nikki McArthur from Epic Danger Photography pulls no punches. You'll hear that she loves making money from her portrait photography business. Her clients think she's f@#&*ng awesome and they all want to be her “besties.” The secret Nikki says, is to reveal your personality for photography business success. It's that easy.

Funny thing is, you'll want to be her “bestie” following this episode, I know I do!

So how did she go from charging $350 per session to averaging over $2000 in a short time. Sure, her photography improved but not by 10 times! It was a website change. Yep, a website change and the permission to be herself.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • How a change in branding can affect your whole business, especially the profits
  • Why a template/off the shelf website is hurting your business
  • Nikki hired a mentor for $600 per HOUR! Discover why it was worth every cent and changed her photography business for good
  • So you're a photographer and you think you can design a cool website… find out why you're dead wrong!
  • Nikki gives away her hi-res files as part of a referral program, some photographers say she's crazy but for $6000 she thinks she's smart
  • If you believe you have an “average” or even boring personality, discover why you must let it show in your branding
  • You may think you're like another “hot shot” photographer but you're not and you never will be. Doesn't mean you're not awesome!
  • Finding the right photography clients that suit you isn't as difficult as you think. Simply swear at the ones you don't want, Nikki does
  • How Nikki's portrait photography sales went from $350 to over $2000 without a change to her photography or shooting style
  • Have you thought about taking beer and donuts to your clients home for their sales sessions? Maybe you should…
  • Why do sales sessions at the clients home instead of your home or studio?
  • Is it really possible to be profitable with your family portrait business, have time for yourself, 3 kids and a husband?
Following this interview, I'll be surprised if you aren't re-evaluating the way you express yourself through your marketing material, your website, your branding. Let's face it, there are a crap load of photographers that can shoot as good as you, maybe even better if you're being honest. The thing is, there is still only ONE of you!

Work out how to get your personality out there, on show and clients will want to have you shoot for them. You can be their “rock star” photographer – and yes, this will work for portrait and wedding photographers.

So, how do you know if you're on the right track? Like Nikki, once you've had your “holy crap moment” you'll just know.

Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

What's on Offer for Premium Members

Mini sessions are a popular way to make quick money with a timely promotion for a special event or date like mothers day.

When Nikki first advertised her mini sessions she booked one single client… In her words, fail.

The next two years she was booked solid and had to extend her promotion to handle the bookings.

In the Premium Members area, you'll hear exactly what Nikki did to dramatically turn things around PLUS, Nikki has provided the advertising artwork she uses to get booked back to back for this promotion and what she used the first time. The difference is f@#$%ng incredible!

The big question is, does your promo material look more like Nikki's first attempt?

Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

What is your big takeaway?

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Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:





Tara Whitney

http://www.lightroomretouching.com – Home of the Lightroom Retouching Toolkit that Nikki uses to save time editing and leave more time for beer, donuts and kids

http://vsco.co/film – film presets for Lightroom and Aperture

Jonas Peterson

Steve Saporito podcast interview

Pro Select – the best portrait sales software out there

Preveal – iPad Sales Tool for photographers

Kristen Kalp – Braand Camp Blog

Blog Huh – Nikki's husbands website/business

Tamara Lackey Photography

Jasmine Star Photography

Nikki McArthur Epic Danger Interview

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  • This interview got me through my cardio session this morning and had me smiling! Loved Nikki’s honesty and the fact she upped her prices and injected personality and how it paid off. I really need to get my own website!

    Cheers Andrew and Nikki

    • I wondered if listeners would be smiling as much as I was through this interview – Nikki is definitely one of a kind. I loved her honesty!

      YES, you need a website.

    • YES! Sweating to the oldies just became Sweating to Nikki! Not quite as catchy but just as swell!!!

  • Awesome interview! Nikki, way to represent Calgary! Love it!

  • Absolutely fantastic interview! Thanks Andrew and Nikki! So many ‘a-ha’ moments for me.
    I am totally charging $300 for the USB now (hangs head in shame) and so much of this interview resonated with me, and I hope I am ‘three years ago Nikki’ and can find what I need to make that next step.

    • Also, if Nikki has time, or any other future interviewer you have on, I’d love to know how to say no to clients you don’t want.

      • In the beginning I’m guessing there won’t be too many clients you want to say no too but as your business and style develops and you gain more confidence you’ll have the ability to just say no or advise the client that it’s just not the way you do whatever they are asking.

        Another big thing is to have a clear message or style on your website and your photos on display – if prospective clients see what you do and it’s consistent, they are less likely to ask you to shoot in a way that you don’t want to or they won’t call or book in the first place – which is exactly what you want.

        You want people calling to book you for what you do. As an example, have a look at Joey’s comments and Nikki’s reply in the comments here.

        If none of that works, do what Nikki does and tell em to go jump (in Nikki’s more “colourful” language) 🙂

      • Hey Sarah,

        I don’t often have to say no to clients anymore these days… I only show what I want to shoot and I’m very upfront in my web copy about who I am and what I do.

        The only clients I generally say no to these days are newborns… I do not hang babies from scales, or trees nor do I enjoy putting them in a nest with a crown. It’s just not my gig. So to avoid making people feel like asshats when they ask me to do such things I make sure I’m up front with people when they contact me right off of the rip…

        Here’s a bit of my canned newborn inquiry response

        “I’m not sure if you’ve looked at my style of newborn photography yet, if not you should definitely go take a gander as I shoot more lifestyle photography, baby snuggled with Mom + Dad vs in a nest on their lonesome. This (http://epicdangerblog.com/index.php/2013/08/little-arthur-calgary-newborn-photographer/) session with baby Arthur was done at 8 days in their home and is a good representation of what a typical newborn session looks/feels like.

        You can see more newborn sessions HERE

        If you happen to be into newborn photos that are a little more Anne Geddes style, baby in a basket, hanging from a tree, that sort of thing that I can totally hook you up with someone who is swell at that, it’s just not what I do ”

        It’s not rude or overly quirky, it’s to the point and very, this is what I do, this is what I don’t do. If people who I don’t think are the right fit still want to book me anyway I trust my guy and lie about my availability. I always give a referral to someone else though. At least then I’m being helpful ya know?

        Right or wrong it’s just how I roll 🙂

    • No need to hang your head Sarah, we all started somewhere! I’ve no doubt you’ll make it if you put into practice some of the things you’ve been hearing.

      The biggest thing Nikki did was let her personality show on her site and her marketing – you can do exactly the same with your personality. Go for it!

      And let us know how you progress so I can interview you in two years time.

  • this chick is cool….. i have to re-listen again and again so much to take in

    • Dearest Paul, friends on. Boom!

    • I know right! I’m guessing you’re talking about all the business stuff but have you tried the beer and donuts yet?

  • Glad the interview was helpful Sarah!! You can do it! Just make the jump! It’s scary but worth it! And if you need the encouragement then hire someone to cheer your ass on! ROCK ON LADY!!

  • I wasn’t a fan of the cursing. But then again, I was a fan of her being herself. I know that takes courage, especially in a highly competitive field such as photography. So if it works her, so be it : )

    Definitely came across as very honest. I liked that a lot.

    Interesting interview to say the least. Very unique person, which in all truth, is VITAL in this industry.

    Well done, Nikki.

    Thanks again Andrew for another great interview.

    Joey Joiner
    Fort Worth, Texas

    • Hey Joey, thanks for being super kind even if my balls to the wall brand isn’t your style! I super appreciate it.

      And see me being all out there with my trucker mouth totally made you say, “hmm she’s alright just not for me.” You aren’t the first nor will you be the last but if you were a client I just saved us both a whole lot of time and we would both be happier because of it.


  • Rob

    I really enjoyed this interview. We need more people like Nikki in the world of photography. People, who like Zac Arias are not afraid to be themselves. I think my biggest problem is that I am not “ballsy” enough to be me and this interview has really changed my thinking. Time to be who we really are and not a clone of everyone else.

    • That was exactly my takeaway too Rob! Looking forward to seeing an updated website from you 😉

  • Hey Andrew

    You was so flirting it was hilarious. I’ve never heard you lost for words lol

    Great podcast and I would love to hear from the guy with the photo shop actions 🙂

    • Haha, my flirting definitely worked – just had an email from Nikki referring to me as “man candy” 🙂 And yes, she definitely had me on my toes!

      I’ve been emailing Brett and he’ll be on after WPPI sometime – should be a great chat.

      • Well I’m not sure about the flirting but I’m a great catch so I’d understand 🙂 Brett is a SUPER SWELL guy and hella smart… I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

        • Oh I was flirting baby! 🙂

          • Well now I’m flattered! 😉

          • How do I hit “LIKE” on this string? Hilarious. 🙂

          • Thanks for resurfacing this conversation Amy, it might get me a little more “attention” from Nikki 🙂

  • Great stuff as always! This interview made me question whether I’ve been too polite with clients haha It’s awesome how well Nikki has done for herself in such little time, she’s inspired me to actually try more portraits instead of just doing it for family and friends… For free!

    • Thanks for adding your comments Shad.
      You don’t need to question how polite you’ve been with your clients, unless that’s not how you normally are. You can try dropping the f-bomb with them but it may not work as well 😉
      Good to hear you have something to implement after the interview.

  • Great interview Andrew. I think my biggest takeaway is; we do have to be ourselves and not try to be anyone else and like Nikki stated, we just need permission. As everyone knows, we are all harder on ourselves than we are on others. Lets start liking ourselves a little more and maybe we could attract people for who we are and not what we do which I think in turn will lead to better images through stronger connection with our clients.

    • Thanks Chris, for your comments and I agree whole heartedly with your takeaways.

      It’s a scary jump to shoot solely for yourself – I’ve been trying harder myself lately and think it will be a slow transition. It’s very easy to slip into “the usual” when the pressure is on. I think what you’re saying is dead on though.

      Maybe we should petition Facebook for a “like yourself” button 😉

  • Great interview and great to hear someone just a few hours down the road from me! It was nice to hear how frankly she spoke about who she was and why she did it. Looking forward to checking out the premium content!

    Ps, this episode marks my front to back completion of the podcast! Glad to be listening in “real time” now Andrew!


    • Thanks Chris, glad you enjoyed this one. You’ll have to drop into Nikki’s sometime for donuts and beer!

      I just saw your premium membership come through too… Welcome!

      You’ve caught up. That’s a lot of listening 🙂 You’ll have to let me know what you’ve implemented in a voicemail or comment after all those episodes, i’d be keen to know.

      • Stop telling me what to do all the time! You’ve already given me enough work over here! 😉

        All kidding aside, yes once I implement everything from the pages and pages of Evernotes I have made I’ll let you know 🙂

  • Zack Ward

    Good evening Andrew, Nikki!

    I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying the podcast, and especially your interview with Nikki. I’m doing a lot of research and looking into jumping into the photography industry, and have found your podcast to be an invaluable resource. After this last episode, I’ve decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on the premium membership. Thank you Andrew for arranging for these fantastic interviews, and thank you Nikki for sharing your experiences. I’ll be looking forward eagerly to the next episode.

    • Great to hear Zack and thanks for taking the time to let me know.

      Nikki is freakin’ awesome and I hope I can find other photographers like her for future podcast episodes – although I’m sure no one will ever be quite like her. 🙂

      Welcome to the premium area too Zack – I know you’ll get a ton of value. Keep us up to date on your progress, we’d love to know how you’re going.

  • Although Nikki & I are very different and would run our business in different ways. I love and appreciate the fact that she runs with her convictions and doesn’t care what others think about them. I think we get so caught up with pleasing people and not hurting feelings or deterring people from us that we try to please everyone. But a bad review because you get a bride that doesn’t match your vision and style is worst than never booking that bride at all.

    What a great reminder to just be yourself to attract the brides that are perfect for you and your business. That will end up being FAR better than just any bride that is willing to pay for any photographer. Thanks for being you and encouraging us to do the same!

    • Perfectly said Devin!

      I was chatting to another photographer yesterday and they were saying that it was ridiculous to think that it would be a good idea to add swear words to their website. I think they missed the point totally!

      As you rightly say Devin – what Nikki does is good for Nikki and Nikki only. I was hoping that following this interview it would help and encourage other photographers to inject some of their own “real” personality into their website and marketing, not copy Nikki.

  • Really interesting interview : I love the idea of being ourself because it’s what makes our difference. I believe too that working with professionals to help us creating our websites, logos and so on is a clue, and it does costs money. I will work on that.
    I really like the idea of thanking clients who suggest us to other people. I did try to offer free prints for any clients who had a session with me and recommended me to other. It didn’t work though. Nikky : may I ask you what is the way you have been doing it to make it successfull?
    Thank you Andrew for doing this interview. Thank you Nikki for sharing that.

    • Hi Anais – I thought this interview would have resonated with you after chatting via email. It’s more reassurance that you should be exploiting your French heritage and accent to stand out and be different in a country of english speakers.

      If you jump to the 49 minute mark in the interview, Nikki explains her referral program exactly as she does it. You’ll hear that it’s way more attractive than a free print or two, she really rewards her clients and makes it a referral or three worthwhile.

    • Yep Anais,

      Let the pros do their thing… If you want someone to pay you 2-3K for a family photo session you should be willing to invest at least that much into your brand.

      AS for referrals I find that giving people more of your own crap doesn’t work so well… If they wanted an 8×10 they’d buy one… BUT everyone wants digital files and giving them a bigger priced item shows that you are actually grateful ya know? It usually ensures that my clients see me every year as well. They might only get their session free every other year or every 3 years BUT it sets the tone, other clients see that people come back yearly and everyone wants to keep up with the Jones : )

  • Great interviewing Andrew – not an easy skill and you keep bringing it to good useful content. Are your interviews longer and you edit it down to what we hear?

    • Thanks Rollin – next too no editing with the flow of the interviews.

      I cut out the pre interview chit chat with my guess then remove any noises, overly large pauses while the guest is thinking, some ummms and ahhs ad that’s it for the interview editing.

  • Hi Nikki,
    What are your “go-to” VSCO Lightroom filters?

    • Sorry, preset not filter! Haha

    • Hey Chris,

      I usually use a variation of the Porta presets… I have saved my own versions of their magic but it usually goes a little something like this…

      Porta 800
      Get Rid of the grain
      Add in the Creamy Highlights tone and Magenta Shadows
      I then usually bump the brightness a bit and save the highlights… cause I like my shit bright 🙂

      BUT I have saved this recipe so it’s all just one click 🙂

      B & W I just use their Ilford HP5 ++ and reduce the grain a bit

  • Thanks Nikki! I’ll fiddle with them a little and see what I can come up with!

  • Wow. Thank you Nikki. Although i do not do photography and instead film weddings this podcast has quickly become one of the most helpful things i have come across in a long while.
    My biggest takeaway was when you said “if you expect someone to pay 2000.00 for a photo session why wouldn’t you pay 2000.00 for a website.” Your website is awesome and is inspiring me to bring in a professional website developer get my online presence together. I feel like this was my missing piece.

    • Hey Steven, great to hear you’ve discovered the podcast and are enjoying the interviews.

      Great takeaway from Nikki and a different one than most listeners that I’ve heard from which is awesome. It’s interesting to hear that the same conversations strike people in different ways.

      Great to have you listening and thanks for adding your comments.

  • Okay, this interview was Andrew’s best and the one that made me smile the most. Nikki’s honesty is just freaking amazing and I’m thankful for that. I can totally relate with this woman since my personality is kinda similar to Nikki’s. There are just so many good comments in this podcast, I have to listen to it again and again. For me, it was Nikki’s candor and Andrew’s excellent questions that made this the BEST episode yet.

    You guys Rock !

    • Very cool to read your comments… Thanks Noel!

      This was truly one of my favourite interviews to date and I love that it had you smiling as well.

      The good news – I’ve scheduled an interview with the woman/coach/mentor responsible for Nikki’s “breakthrough” in the coming months. I’m talking about Kristen Kalp of Brand Camp. Just reading her emails has me excited about chatting to her.

      Thanks for adding your comments Noel – great to have you listening!

  • Loved this episode. I truly appreciated how honest and realistic Nikki was. She knows exactly who she is, and she is not. Thanks

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the interview Gary – thanks for adding your comments.

  • I just want to say that I totally love the idea of the client referral program, I will definitely be implementing that one. good work Nikki

  • First I want to say that I LOVE Nikki, she most deff. would be a neat person to hang out with, and I love the ideas she gave in this about being yourself, not trying to do everything yourself, and the referral program specifics that she gave were really good. I like the idea of giving something NOT photo related, it sends the message to the client that you are giving them something that you actually went out of you way to get and its thoughtful as well, opposed to something pretty easy like a free print or something related to your business.
    The one thing I did not care for is the cussing, so no I would not be a client for her, but I DO love how she incorporates HER personality into her business. Now my question would be this, as for myself I am a Christian and I say that in my about me section but I don’t go into great detail about it nor build my business around it for others to see, or have scripture or anything on my site. Obviously I would LOVE to appeal more to the christian families that want images done, but I’m not sure that can be done effectively since it is religion and people would look at it differently and maybe not accept it as well as the world would accept a radical change such as Nikki did. Does that makes sense?
    So how can I BE different if I really am not that person that makes fun, loves the money more than the job (not saying Nikki is she didn’t say that but I don’t want to boost about the money I guess is what I’m saying I see it as a blessing to my family), or cusses? Its pretty tough to make changes that take me away from being the ‘cookie cutter website’ when people that DO the above things don’t show their true personalities but instead have nice, kind, inspiring, uplifting, websites when in reality like Nikki they just want to punch many of the people they work with in the face haha. Does that makes any sense at alll?
    Geez its hard to get words across to sound right in a message, so I hope I am not coming off as downing anyone in any way, especially Nikki who I find fantastic, I laughed and laughed at her website, and Im even thinking of setting up coaching sessions with her honestly. I just wonder if this can be done for people like ME and how I might go about? Or am I doomed to just stay with a website that is like everyone elses’ and how I could get my true personality out there and my intentions for my business without the religion coming off and offending people?
    thank you for the time with Nikki, the podcast and the exclusive is awesome as well, I love seeing the different VISUAL content she shared. I have no idea what skit that was from but for people that did I can see how that was such a drastic and awesome change for her business!
    Thank you!

    • I won’t answer for Nikki – I’m sure she’ll add her 2 cents worth but…

      I asked Nikki a very similar question in the interview that I think you’re asking Tara. And that’s how does plain old normal me stand out in the crowd when I don’t have the big personality. The only way is to be you and share who you really are and what’s important to you.

      If you really want to attract Christian families to your business then yes, put more Christian related “stuff” on your site. Talk about your Christianity and how it will produce better/different photos for your clients.

      Will you turn non Christian potential clients away… YES! But that’s the whole point. Stop trying to attract everyone which results in not really connecting with anyone.

      Sounds scary and probably will be but talking to Nikki it sounds like it’ll be the best thing you ever do in your business.

      I didn’t know Nikki was running workshops but if she is, I think it’d be great! Be warned though, you may return home with some new words in your vocabulary and a love of donuts ‘n’ beer :0

      • Thank you Andrew. While I’m not sure, no I know my religion will not produce better images for them, I do think that it might effect what they expect from the whole experience with my studio.
        Thats like super scary to even think about doing though, I haven’t seen anyone else do this. It seems like it’d be business 101 disaster if I really think about it lol. I hope Nikki does respond as well! I loved her interview! And yes I already love donuts, Krispy Cream with raspberry filling and I have had my fair share of beer in my life but those days are over 🙂 Nikki is the best interview Ive listened to yet though so big props to her and what shes done in her business! Her website rocks with her personality and I love her images too

        • Hi Tara – I think you’ve answered your own question and now have to face your fear. I would love to say, yes do it, it will be the best thing for your business but it’s you that has to make that decision.

          The fact that no one else is doing it is THE reason why you should.

          Every photographer is looking for some way to stand out, be different and not be copying someone else. This is your perfect opportunity to be that photographer. How would you feel if another photographer in your area decided to take the approach you’re thinking of taking?

  • Tara Tara Tara!!

    First thanks for all of the love, even though we are different. It’s awesome that you can look past that.

    My husbands family, boy do they love Jesus. My hubby even went to bible college before I met him, we actually me at church. Things are slightly different now , ha ha ha. but I tell you that because I know Christians. One thing I KNOW about Christians is that they LOVE to support other Christians. They love to help people be “blessed” if you will. So grow a pair and do it! Yes, people like me will go running the other direction, BUT THATS OKAY! I’d probably offend you anyways and I’m not capable of being in my own family photos without at least two drinks in me. Yep. I’m that awkward!

    There are a lot of super successful photographers out there who are kind of preachy and definitely share their faith. I notice them cause I’m all jaded and angry and am all “god another one! You Americans and your religion” (that was said in a light hearted and sarcastic way if it didn’t come across like that 🙂

    Jasmine Star LOVES Jesus. A bunch of her family are pastors, Zach and Jody Gray love The Lord. There are lots of big names out there doing it and doing it successfully.

    Now dude offer a discount to Christians and your in!

    Let me know if you’d like to do some one on ones.

    I have started offering them, as well as am doing “workshops” with my graphic designer / website friend http://www.nickelsandlinc.com where we’ll fly to you (or you can fly here) for a weekend, rebrand you, do headshots, write your content, and launch your website and then give you three months of support while the ball get’s rolling all for one price. 🙂 One weekend of all out awesomeness.

    ^^ subtle plug lol

    Either way I think sharing your faith will be scary but totally satisfying in both your life and your business.

    • Awesome Nikki! Thank you for the confirmation that I should just really rock it and go with it! Im not a big Jasmine Star fan actually lol but I do very much appreciate the refrences to others that do it so I can go check out their pages. Funny thing is that my Dad is also a pastor; you know what they say about pastors daughters isn’t really true lol if taught right that is.
      Anyways Id LOVE to come hang out and do all that for the weekend, have a canadian beer with ya even (just one or two 🙂 and get things done!
      right now my biggest thing is I want to do this and be the real me without people think that im just using Jesus or my religion to sell, because that would be so totally wrong. do you have some suggestions on what like NOT to put on my website? I put a blog post up last night that pretty well summed up what id be doing if you care to read it at http://www.taraevelandphotography.com (and yes that webpage is BORING to look at lol i apologize) and if you have time to read it please do and let me know what you think.
      I have also talked to Jamie from the Modern Tog about this and she said the same thing ‘go for it just don’t use jesus to sell” then she said (I know you wont be) but point is I want to make sure Im NOT and do this right. I believe i have a handle on it just check for me if you have a chance! 🙂 the blog post that is! thank you again so much!

  • WOW! I just recently found this podcast and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks binge listening during my commute. This was a great interview and I was blown away with Nikki and her approach to her business. LOVED every minute of it!

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  • Only just listening to this now….love her style and personality.

    Fav quote so far “I like money, it fits nicely in my wallet”. Classic.

    • Haha, great quote and one that definitely stood out for me too Darryn!
      Nikki is definitely one of a kind and proud of it.

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