Here's a massive understatement – my guest on the podcast today, is a busy woman! Three kids, a husband, a newly published book, a photography industry speaker, a law practice and a portrait photography business, all while relocating every few years to a new location. For Rachel Brenke, Photography Business Success is a balancing act!

In this episode, Rachel explains how she manages to do everything and retain some sanity and family time.

What makes Rachel's strategies so relevant to new photographers is being married to a husband in the armed forces, Rachel and her family are relocated to new areas around the United States every few years. This means starting over with her photography business over and over again.

Focusing on the photography side of her business, Rachel goes into detail about her strategies to book and retain clients through social media and local business relationships and the steps she takes prior to to any relocation to hit the ground running with bookings.

Here's some of what we cover in the interview:

  • Being location specific with your SEO strategies
  • Using Instagram for marketing
  • How to “engage” with your prospective clients with social media and email together
  • Techniques to personalise your approach
  • Is putting yourself out there a good thing?
  • Stalking your clients (not really stalking)  – listen in and you'll get the gist
  • Booking Seniors in a new area
  • Publishing a business/photography book for mums
  • Being pro-active in your marketing approach
  • Family/work life balance
  • Scheduling everything – Rachel's secret to managing the KAOS
  • Making it happen
  • Altering prices to suit a location
Rachel has generously offered all listeners of the podcast a $20 discount from any of her products available at “The Law Shop” by using the promo code Photobiz20 at the checkout. The discount only applies until 31 July 2013.  You'll find photography specific contracts, forms, marketing and work-flow tools.

To make use of the contracts you will need to be a photographer from the US, unless you have it checked and/or modified by a local lawyer to your location.

The other products on offer are not location specific.

Rachel Photo Biz X interview

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The Laundry List: A Mom's Guide to Running a Successful Business and Home – Rachel's New Book

 Rachel Photo Biz X interview

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