026: Mimika Cooney – Portrait Photography Success Through Business Relationships

Mimika Cooney; photography book author, wife, mum, marketing expert, business trainer, photographer and has had to start her business twice… on different sides of the world. In this interview, we cover a lot of ground but the big takeaway for me was you can achieve portrait photography success through business relationships.

Mimika started her original, primarily wedding photography business in the UK before moving to the USA because of her husbands work. Although a daunting thought, it was also the chance to put all the lessons she learnt the first time round behind her and start afresh with a clean slate. She started her marketing right away, SEO, research, social media marketing and began to build new relationships, all before leaving the UK.

One big lesson that surprised Mimika was that her awards meant absolutely nothing to her prospective new clients. It turns out the very best thing she did was build relationships with the right people – and that's exactly what we go deep into throughout this episode of the photography business podcast.

Here's some of what we cover:

  • how to stay productive with so much happening and so many distractions
  • multi tasking is not an effective way to work
  • making the leap from part time to full time photography
  • why NOT competing on price is so important for business success
  • relocating and starting over with a photography business
  • research and know your market before moving there
  • photography awards and why they make no difference to your bookings
  • how relationships lead to bookings
  • making the change from portraits to weddings and why it was a good business (and family) decision
  • having related vendors promote you and your work
  • wasted money on bad advertising
  • using video to promote your personality and photography style
  • standing out in your market place and why it's so important
  • rebranding and how it can affect your photography business
When the question of embarrassing moments came up in the 10 quick questions segment, I was surprised to hear another “pink knickers” story and more surprised to hear about Mimika's hair being caught on fire at a wedding shoot!  I trust you'll enjoy this interview, pick up a bunch of useful business advice and have a few laughs with Mimika too – make sure you check out the freebies on her website too.

Mimika Photogrpahy Podcast Interview

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Mimika Photogrpahy Podcast Interview

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Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Mimika Cooney's website – http://www.mimikacooney.com

Mimika on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mimika.cooney Mimika Photogrpahy Podcast Interview

Mimika's Facebook Fan Page – https://www.facebook.com/MimikaCooneyfans

Mimika's Freebies – http://www.mimikacooney.com/freebies

Mimika's Book – Boutique Baby Photography: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Success in Maternity and Baby Portraiture

Queensberry Wedding Albums – http://www.queensberry.com

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