In this interview, learn how you can use your photography business to fund your lifestyle of choice. Paul Hoelen is not living the life of a typical professional photographer, not in the business sense anyway. Instead of being a slave to the numbers, his focus is living an amazing life, experiencing everything and never saying no… then chasing down more adventures. All this while funding his lifestyle with photography.

The way Paul chooses to run his business is not for everyone. It runs against most of the advice, tips and strategies you've heard on the podcast to date, that's the beauty of this conversation. It's a realisation that you don't have to place boundaries on the way you build your income from photography – there are no rules. If you really want to do something and still have photography as a means to an income to fund the lifestyle you want… make it happen!

Paul Hoelen who was born in New Zealand to Dutch and American parents – somehow he ended up with four passports and has done a great job of putting them all to good use. He now bases himself in Tasmania, Australia. He's won a ton of awards for his photography both nationally and internationally and is a regular judge at industry award events.

I do what I love and I love what I do

His photography has been exhibited alongside great photographers including Annie Liebowitz, Helmut Newton and Man Ray. Some of his recent projects include: workshops in remote desert areas, a ‘steam punk’ themed wedding in Northern California, band photography on the rooftops of New York and head photographer for New Zealand’s largest music festival Rhythm & Vines.

He is about to leave the country for 4 months on another photographic trip of a lifetime. Lucky, well planned or smart business? You be the judge.

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • Why Paul strives to work on a variety of projects and why it's important for him to stay fresh
  • Pauls work philisophies and how he works
  • Making sacrifices for meaningful work
  • Why he shifted from landscape photograper to generalist photographer
  • Getting clever in maximising trips to find other photography jobs
  • Working on fine art photography to fills gaps between commissioned projects
  • Building and cultivating relationships for referrals
  • Staying fluid in the way you operate your photography business
  • The importance of having a collaborative mindset in working in the industry
  • Why Paul hunts down the best photographers in a certain area to shoot with them

Paul Hoelen Photography Podcast Interview

There’s no denying that Paul's way of doing business is not for everyone. There's also no denying that he will look back someday and smile at the incredible life he's lived. The question for you… are you living the life you want to be living? Just because you want to make photography a part of your life, doesn't mean you have to be anchored down and follow the same path that's expected or taught by others.

Paul is proof that no matter what genre of photography excites you, no matter where you want to live, travel or settle, there is nothing stopping you from creating a life around what you love to do. It will be a challenge but that'll be the case no matter the path you choose. The big message from this interview: live the life you want to be living.

Paul Hoelen Photography Podcast Interview

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  • The advantages of working in different genres
  • Different ways to earn income from your travel photography
  • Take the time to research what has been done before you shoot
  • How to have your work displayed in a gallery
  • What kind of prints are required when exhibiting in a gallery
  • How the pricing works in galleries
  • Entering photography awards
  • Why and how promoting trust has been the best thing Paul has done for his business

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Paul Hoelen Photography Podcast Interview

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Paul Hoelen Photography Podcast Interview

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Paul Hoelen Photography Podcast Interview

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