How to make lots of money as a photographer - with BOOK PROJECTS

With Katie Kolenberg


Join successful working photographer and business coach, Katie Kolenberg as she shares how to set up and run your own profitable book project.

Included in this training is EVERYTHING you need to set up and run your project successfully, including:

  • Checklists
  • Example Facebook Ads
  • Example Landing Pages
  • How to qualify your leads
  • How to sell the experience
  • How to set up your pricing and products for higher sales
  • What to do if someone isn't a good fit or is unlikely to buy products
  • Book design ideas
  • Planning the whole project to make it a success

This training has everything you need and nothing you don't, to make your photography lead generation, bookings and sales that much easier this year.

Katie’s photography business Heartstory specialises in family portrait photography, both in-studio and outdoors.

Books have been a huge part of her business success since the first project in 2018 brought in $80,000.

Since then, Katie has released 5 book projects and will be releasing another 3 in the next 12 months!

In 2020, a single book project yielded $115,000 in revenue!

Her "Babies in Bonnets" book campaign has generated over $270,000 in a 3 year—3 volume project. This is in addition to the regular photography bookings from other marketing campaigns.

If there's one course or piece of training you don't want to miss this year, it's this one. 

It's your perfect chance to shoot a project you're passionate about. One where you can leave your regular marketing behind, be truly authentic in your approach, create a book and a ton of profit.

If you've always wanted to know how to run a profitable photography book project, this is your chance. Don't miss this one.

This class is for you if...

  • You want to stop relying on one marketing strategy to bring in the bulk of your clients.
  • You need more qualified and ideal clients in front of your camera.

  • You're tired of shooting what your clients want you to shoot and want to explore more of your own creativity.
  • You know your ideal clients are out there but you just don't know how to get them excited enough about your photography to book.
  • You've heard and thought about photography book projects but are unsure where to start and how to manage the whole thing to make it profitable.

  • You have no idea how to market your book project to make it a fantastic investment of your time and energy.

  • You want help with how best to set your pricing and upgrades to make a bucket load of money taking on a book project.
  • You have worries about designing and publishing your book.

  • You're unsure about approaching charities for successful fundraising and exposure.

  • You believe the real goal of a photography book project is to raise money for yourself OR your charity. HINT... it's not!

Don't take my word for it!

OMG!!!! that was INCREDIBLE.  Probably the best training I have done in a long time.  Please let Katie know.


I am so excited to do this as I have been wanting to do it for a long time but didn't know how to get started.  I now have a plan and road map.  Now, to begin...whoop whoop.


Thanks for putting this together for all of us.

- Candra Schank of Candra Schank Pet Photography

Hi Andrew, just wanted to say that the Profitable Book Project training was excellent! Katie K’s amazing!

It was very well put together and easy to follow. I loved being the beneficiary of her past successes and mistakes. Some amazing nuggets and ideas that she shared, in addition to her process.

Thanks for putting this on, it was well worth the money. I can’t wait to start a second book project now!

- Karen Black of Indigo Pet Photography

Andrew, the training was so good.

The ENTIRE thing was amazing. It was marketing, sales, client communication Oh and also how to do a book project.

I felt like I had a basic outline of how to do projects of this nature and Katie filled in so many pitfalls for me with elegant solutions.

Your podcast always is helpful but this class knocked it out of the park for me. Thank you for bringing Katie to us!

- Paige McLeod of Glean & Co Photography

Not sure a book project is for you...

Katie dived into book projects 4 years ago to fill a gap while she took time out of the business to have a baby.

Since then, book projects have become one of Heartstory’s
primary booking sources.

One project has been repeated 3 times, already!

Book projects in 2020 and 2021 have totalled $235,000 in revenue.

Will she be doing another book project? Ummm.... HELL YEAH!

Not sure what you could possibly photograph for your book project — Katie has you covered with a ton of ideas, no matter the genre you shoot.

Concerned another photographer has done a book project in your area? You've nothing to worry about with so many ways to create something different... and BETTER with Katie's help.

Imagine finishing your project and having a BOOK featuring YOUR WORK.

The kind of book that you and your clients would be proud to display on your coffee table.

A professionally finished book that would look at home in any bookshop.

You deserve more great clients.


Why a book project?

GREAT income earner.

You have a BOOK at the end.

You partner with and support a charity you're passionate about.

Generate a ton of leads and paying clients.

You're tired with the regular marketing you do.

Planning your project

Learn how to put a project like this together in step by step format from Katie who has this process down pat.

Marketing your project

Learn how to market and advertise your book project to bring in great clients without breaking the bank.

Pricing and upgrades

Learn how to set your pricing to guarantee this is a profitable undertaking — including how to upsell in a fashion that's simply helping your clients to get what they want.


You have your clients and your fantastic images, now what?

Katie will show you where to source, design and publish your book to make it a success.

Fundraising and exposure for you and your book

No need to go this alone!

Partner successfully with a charity or organisation you're passionate about and have them help you with the project.

Dealing with difficult clients

Do you have concerns about difficult clients on the backend of a sales session?

Katie will talk you through the steps to avoid dramas and keep even the toughest clients happy. And yes, she's dealt with a few.

BIG Bonus!

Learn how to create a secondary marketing campaign off the back of your book project to bring even more leads and bookings.

This bonus content is worth more than the admission alone!

This tactic brought an additional $47k into Katie's business.

Come and join me, Andrew Hellmich, as I host Katie for this training.

I'll be keeping things on track and asking the questions you have on your mind. No stone will be left unturned.

PLUS: You'll have the chance to ask your questions and have Katie answer them as you work through the training session.

Katie’s photography business Heartstory specialises in family portrait photography, both in-studio and outdoors. She and Jeremy photograph around 300 families every year.

Katie also provides business education for entrepreneurs and creatives and is passionate about helping business owners find freedom and fulfilment—which means business needs to be fun, streamlined and profitable!

Profitable Book Projects are a BIG part of their success.

With all the success Katie and Jeremy

have, they work only 30 hours a week!

Not sure you can or should do this?
I've got a story for you...

Following the recent interview with Katie, I stop recording and we chatted for a little.

I thanked Katie for everything she shared and asked a few more probing questions about the book projects and their attraction for her?

That's when she told me...

We'd done one book project, which was successful, and we knew the approach was profitable.

After 6+ months of maternity leave with my second baby, I knew I had to get back to work and start shooting again, but the thought of the same old thing wasn't getting me excited. I was still deep in the motherhood space, and if I was going to be face to face with clients, I decided I wanted to work with mums and babies.

I was exhausted by the same old marketing and lead generation grind. I wanted to explore what I was passionate about right now... so a new book project was born.

Myself and Jeremy, my husband and business partner, could only see the positives. I could return to work and focus on building something new for us, something I was 100% passionate about.

It would give me the chance to book out the studio (which we'd only had for 12 months) and connect with new mums, therefore, creating new clients for the future — while Jeremy focussed on outdoor sessions and our regular clients.

The book project was a chance for me to shift the direction of our business and allow me to be authentically me and follow my creative passions.

The first Babies in Bonnets book in 2019 was a game-changer for us.

Not only did it bring in a long term stream of my perfect clients, but it also brought in $80k for our family and allowed me to work closely with a charity I'm passionate about.

The funny thing is, I knew we'd left a lot on the table regarding sales and could have improved in so many little ways, which we proved with the next releases of the following books of the same genre — which now bring in over $120k!

PLUS, we've raised almost $50K over three years for the charity!

I love book projects so much we're doing three this year.

It's not only satisfying to come up with our creative ideas to generate fantastic revenue, but it's a thrill seeing your work come to life in books that will last decades in homes around our region and beyond!

Katie featured in episode 112 of the PhotoBizX podcast and more recently in episode 402 where she said...

Our business has recently seen HUGE growth with our biggest quarter, biggest ever month and biggest ever week – $30K in sales – all during Covid!

So... are you in and ready to start your own profitable book project?