This episode is a double-header with two perspectives on outsourcing post production to improve your photography business. Part one is with new wedding photographer Min Wye, who is currently working full time and struggling to find time to build his photography business, work 40 hours in his day job and maintain some kind of normal life. Following the PhotoBizX episode with James Day, Min has since trialed Raw Digital and Film Lab for his digital post production. You'll hear that it wasn't all plain sailing but the results have been worth the effort.

Part two of the episode is with one of the co-owners and founder of Raw Digital and Film Lab (RDFL), Jarred Tyers. RDFL specialise in both film and digital post production for wedding and portrait photography around the world. Jarred shares what you can expect when outsourcing your work to a lab and how to achieve the look you're wanting whether shooting film, digital or a combination. We also cover costs, turn around times, black and white conversions, workflow, plugins and what you should look for when outsourcing your photography work to any lab.

Some photographer clients of RDFL that you may know include; Fer Juaristi, James Day, Matt and Katie Photographers, Janneke Storm, Emily Adamson and Gabe McClintock.

Stick around for a special promo code to get a fantastic 25% off your first order with RDFL if you want to give them a try.

Here's some more of what we cover:

    Min Wye

  • What factors to consider before making the jump to full-time photography
  • Setting goals as a new wedding photographer
  • How Min is currently attracting his wedding bookings
  • The importance of referrals when tapping into a new community
  • Min shares how he felt during his first paid wedding session
  • Pricing for a new wedding photographer
  • Why Min is not offering albums in his wedding package
  • Min's editing workflow before using RDFL
  • The process of getting started with a pro digital editing lab like RDFL
  • Why Min was disappointed with the final results of his first outsourcing job
  • Outsourcing costs and whether they can be justified for a new photographer
  • The importance of proper communication when you are sending instructions to the lab
  • Relinquishing editing control can be tough
  • Why Min chose RDFL for his post production
  • Why Min isn't keen on looking overseas to outsource his editing
  • Utilising Lightroom presets to handle social media image uploads

Min Wye Photography Podcast Interview

    Jarred Tyers

  • How the RDFL business was conceptualised
  • Why overseas photographers send their digital files to RDFL rather than use a local lab
  • Can you have the same presets of another RDFL client
  • How RDFL handles each client's presets
  • Anyone on the RDFL team is trained to handle each client's presets giving them the same look for each shoot
  • Film and digital file matching… is it really possible
  • RDFL has popular resets available and can also create their own presets
  • Turnaround times
  • The benefits of outsourcing your editing
  • Why RDFL doesn't do heavy-handed photo retouching
  • Utilising smart previews for outsourcing
  • How to send the files to RDFL if you don't use Lightroom
  • Pricing
  • The importance of being consistent with the look of your photography
  • Working with your lab to change your look and brand
  • Marketing tips from a labs perspective
  • Discount editing for PhotoBizX listeners

RDFL Photography Podcast Interview

There's no mistaking that I'm a huge proponent of outsourcing and have been from the start of my business when I employed a high school student part time to cut up prints orders when they were laid up on 40 inch prints… back in the day. Since then, if theres a chance to free up my time to either do more of what I love or to work on the business, I'll outsource if it's both possible and cost effective.

Following this episode, there'll be a good chance you'll want to give outsourcing your post production a try and if it's RDFL you want to work with, make sure you mention this episode to save 25% off your first order. Read on if you're a premium member to save double.

Min Wye Photography Podcast Interview

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RDFL Photography Podcast Interview

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Min Wye Photography Podcast Interview

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RDFL Photography Podcast Interview

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