Right after this episode of the photography podcast was recorded, Oli Sansom was named Capture Magazine's “Emerging Photographer of the Year” for 2014, as well as taking out the portrait category and being a finalist in the documentary/journalism & wedding categories. In this interview, Oli shares everything about his photography business start up success after a push when his last employer left him without work.

Although Oli isn't a making a million from photography yet, he's on his way  however and isn't following the path of his peers, instead, choosing to bash down his own path by shooting the way he likes and attracting clients that gravitate toward his dark, moody and experimental style.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Learning the hard way about pigeon holing yourself with a photography style by what you show on your website
  • Getting the push to make photography a full time business and not simply a creative outlet
  • Why Oli still “freaks out” at the start of every bridal location shoot and thinks he can't do this
  • Taking risks with your clients work – the pay offs and the fear involved
  • Film is not dead – shooting film at weddings for a point of interests and total experimentation by shooting expired film on old World War 2 cameras
  • How shooting a personal project totally changed the way Oli shoots and had the single biggest bearing on his road to photography success
  • Simplifying wedding packages to simplify the booking process for clients
  • Why Oli has decided on no albums for clients so he can focus on the photography and the shooting and why he's thinking about introducing albums now
  • Planning ahead to not fill up a calendar and leave room in the diary for fear of losing the passion to create and shoot personal projects
  • Aiming for a $300,000.00 turnover and ways to achieve that by not over shooting
  • Setting up a workflow to shoot a wedding on Saturday and have all the post work done by close of business Monday
  • Getting a great start with booking by networking with other photographers
  • Bridal blogs and blog post syndication for bookings and brand building

This interview will have some real “light bulb” moments for any photographer that wants to release the creative beast within and simply cut loose with your paid client work. The bad news is many photographers listening this episode of the podcast won't be in a position to take the same risks Oli is.

Being young with few commitments leaves Oli in a unique position where he's able to put photography and the tools that go with the trade before ANYTHING else in his life.

You'll be left with two choices. Be inspired to create, shoot personal projects, adapt, experiment and let the goodness infiltrate your usual workflow and shooting methods. Or. Wish you were younger, be jealous and think yeah, it's easy for Oli.

It's your choice but I'm about to go out and book another creative shoot and start planning my personal project – what about you?

Oli Sansom Photography Podcast Interview

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  • Awards and their relevance to emerging photographers and why Oli never shoots especially for awards
  • Oli's workflow process and the one thing that he describes as his biggest game changer
  • Social media strategies that are working and how Oli is getting his photography in front of people that matter
  • Advice on how to take your photography to the next level and what Oli specifically does to stay inspired, creative and always improving

Oli Sansom Photography Podcast Interview

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Oli Sansom Photography Podcast Interview

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Oli Sansom Photography Podcast Interview

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Oli Sansom Photography Podcast Interview

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