New Zealand fine art photographer, Bianca Duimel first appeared on my radar when I saw her stunning mother's day video pop up in my Facebook feed – I contacted her right after I saw it to discover if it's possible to make a living as a fine art photographer. Her work is simply stunning and I urge you to take a look and be visually inspired before hearing how you can combine your passion for photography with the possibility of a successful photography business.

Bianca has recently won two gold awards at the NZ AIPP print awards, spent time judging alongside some top Australian and Kiwi photographers and is planning a two day creative and composite workshop in Queenstown later this year. She's been in business as a photographer for over 25 years and is as passionate about photography and business as ever… so much so that she's about to open “FLAUNT”, a brand new glamour studio in the centre of Aukland New Zealand.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Being in business as a portrait photographer for 25 years
  • Is it possible to make a living as a fine art photographer
  • Discovering different avenues where you can sell your photography work
  • Where to find inspiration as a fine art photographer
  • Why you need to have a goal and a vision before every shooting session
  • Bianca's workflow process
  • Overcoming the common client expectation of “just Photoshop it!”
  • What's bringing in the money in Bianca's business today
  • Creating and using fine art imagery to stand out amongst the competition
  • How constantly up-skilling yourself allows you to separate yourself from the “average” photographers
  • How creating fine art images helps Bianca enhance and develop the style she wants to achieve
  • Giving up a successful studio location to start a family
  • Why Bianca's average number of shoots dropped from 10 per day to 4-5 shoots per week
  • The importance of goal setting
  • What areas Bianca is targeting to find clients and what strategies she applies in her business to target the right market
  • Identifying future clients – knowing her target market, what they do, where they shop, demographics etc
  • Despite her success, Bianca is still opening another studio… learn why
  • The content of the emails sent out to prospective leads
  • Emotional videos and how you can use them to attract your target market's interest
  • Texting systems
  • The importance of bringing awareness to future customers on what their business is all about – a great step towards convincing and swaying prospects for a pre consult or for a pre shoot meeting
  • Utilising a mini e-magazines as a time-saver to skip pre-consults while still being able to showcase your work and pique client interest
  • What happens during a fine art photo shoot
  • Pricing for a fine art photography
  • Lessons Bianca learnt after concentrating her marketing on just two stores
  • Choosing the right stores to attract the right market to prevent devaluing your vouchers
  • The importance of delegating tasks to continue shooting for clients
  • Outsourcing as a means to develop and grow your business
  • Why Bianca doesn't send out only framed work for clients
  • What Bianca is doing to kick off her new photography studio in the city
  • Why you need to study your competition if you want your business to stand out
  • Why Bianca is hooked on glamour photography
  • Computing costs to identify how many sales are required and how many clients are needed to succeed each day, week or year

Following this interview, I'd love to believe that you'll be in a better position to combine your love of photography, in particular your photography style and the possibility of having a successful business where you can combine the two… just as Bianca has.

Fine art image of two children in a fantasy hot air balloon at dusk while examining the globe and looking through binoculars

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  • Voucher systems. Learn how Bianca uses this technique to gain a constant flow of clients
  • Different strategies to consider to increase your leads
  • Why clients are so willing to give away their information and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Vouchers as a reward system for businesses you want to partner with

Bianca Duimel fine art image of a child flying a crazy machine from the imagination

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Flaunt - glamour photography studio in Aukland

Artwork for Bianca's brand new glamour studio opening in Aukland

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Bianca's beautiful slideshow that caught my attention on Facebook

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Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Standard Lens

Bianca Duimel fine art photography workshop

Bianca Duimel's Fine art Photography workshop is coming up in October and at the time of posting has only 4 available places left.  Bianca via her website or Facebook page for more information or to reserve your spot.

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