I'll be the first to admit “living the dream” gets thrown around too much. How else though, can you describe the life of a photographer who goes to work in boardies (board shorts), t-shirt (tank top) and thongs (flip flops), his studio and offices are the sunny beaches of Florida and his subjects are the most gorgeous swimwear models you've ever seen? Joey Wright is a swimsuit and commercial fashion photographer with a successful and full time business – he is living the dream. In this interview, he shares his view on the business of swimwear model photography success and how he's doing it.

Joey is adamant, that anyone can do what he does if they work hard, shoot well and build a network (and always have your portfolio with you) to bring in the work. Learn why starting out with a full time job was the best way to break into photography and how he worked his way to be shooting swimwear and model work full time.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Shooting what you love to shoot and having a strategy to make it a full time business
  • Forget f1.4, why shooting at f3.5 is the sweet spot for portraits
  • Social media and being where your prospective clients are – whether you like the platform or not
  • Can instagram really be a source of work for photographers?
  • Why you must always be ready to show your work
  • How other photographers can be your most direct route to a successful photography business
  • The importance of tracking your business numbers and how it will help you in the quiet times and the rainy days
  • The real importance of doing everything you can to make your portrait subjects look as good as they possibly can look and how it will affect your photography business
  • Listening to your audience once you have found your niche to use their input to develop your shooting style
  • Why having a day job can be the best way to kick off your photography business, even if it means some serious hustling and long hours
  • Can your photography improve and develop if you don't look at what other photographers are doing?

During our chat, Joey talked about not taking on “filler” work when things are a little slow but using that time to get creative, keep shooting and keep your work out there and on show – a pretty similar message to what Ibarionex Perello shared in episode 50 of the podcast. What will you be doing when things slow down for you at some stage this year? Will you have the courage to knock back the work you don't really want to shoot and will you have the get-up-and-go to shoot something or someone the way you want, try a new look, location, styling or shooting style?

Joey Wright Swimsuit photography Interview

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I asked Joey about working with the gorgeous models he does and if he ever felt intimidated and if so, how did he get past it?

In his reply, Joey says he is now immune to the “little tricks” that gorgeous women try on, so he is definitely past being intimidated. He goes onto explain how he overcame any feelings of nervousness and what you can do when having to create fantastic images of drop-dead-gorgeous people.

I also asked Joey the best way to learn how to pose women to have them looking their very best, how he did it and what you can do today. It goes a little against what he said in the main interview but his processes have changed as he's developed his own style.

The good news is you can implement what he recommends right away and then put into practice what you learn in your next quiet period.

Joey Wright Swimsuit photography Interview

What is your big takeaway?

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To see more of Joey's work, he is posting a photo a day to instagram and that's a great place to either get inspired, see posing ideas from a pro or simply, get jealous.

Joey Wright Swimsuit photography Interview

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