Jim Harmer is the founder, owner and content creator for the super popular and terrifically successful website, blog and podcast, Improve Photography. In this interview Jim shares his thoughts, ideas and tactics for leaving a real job to start a photography business even though he wasn't entirely sure what genre he was going to specialise in.

In the interview, you'll hear that Jim had almost completed his law degree and was set to earn a potentially fantastic income practicing law. It wasn't until near completion of his degree that he realised becoming a lawyer was not something that he really wanted and that photography was his real passion.

Fast forward to the present and Jim is making a fantastic income from something he truly loves… photography. Although his true love is landscape photography, Jim gave both wedding and portrait photography a try but realised it just wasn't for him. Knowing that landscape photography was always going to be a challenge to secure a good income, Jim focussed on teaching photography and now lives, breathes and has a profitable photography business.

In the interview, Jim focuses on that transition in to his photography business, finding his niche and why he went on to sit (and pass) his Bar exam.

If leaving a day job is something you're considering, you need to hear this interview before making any rash decisions.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Why and how Jim left a full time and potentially very well paying job to follow his passion and become a photographer
  • Why Jim moved onto teaching photography and helping up and coming photographers on when to turn professional
  • He is more passionate about landscape and fine art photography but does portrait sometimes to try new things
  • He realised that being a wedding photographer is not something he enjoyed so he switched to educating people online about wedding photography
  • If you have a passion for a certain genre of photography, you can make that a viable source of income if you can add a commercial flair to your imagery
  • Creating a following for your work is the surest way to build a successful business and it starts with being social
  • Jim's advice to start up photographers; jump in and get some experience but be honest with the work that you are producing
  • Why established photographers have no right to complain about the industry being full of new and competing photographers
  • Why no photographer should be offended if a client asks for the RAW copies of their photos
  • The silly business practices that established photographers continue with
  • Why experienced photographers need to continue to make clients happy  and stand out from the new photographers if they want to stay profitable
  • Photographers who please their clients can get away with charging a premium for their services
  • Strategies to know when and how to make the leap from your day job to become a full time photographer
  • Why you always need to have a second stream of income or backup plan as a wedding or portrait photographer
  • When and how to upgrade your photography equipment for maximum return and minimum loss

Following the interview with Jim, I'd like to think that you not only have more faith in taking the leap to do what you love for a living but also come away with some kind of a plan or strategy to make it work for you and your circumstances. One thing is certain, to be successful you will need to be committed, flexible and work damn hard.

Jim Harmer Photography Podcast Interview

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Here's some of what Jim shares for premium members:

  • SEO for your website URL and what you would be naming your website to get ranked
  • Exactly what you need to write about to get found and ranked in Google
  • The biggest SEO mistakes photographers make when writing their blog posts
  • Why you should never be writing your blog posts for your clients or other photographers

Jim Harmer Photography Podcast Interview

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Matt and Katie have been one of the most popular interviews I've done on the show and are working photographers and workshop hosts.

I'll collate the questions and ask both Matt and Steve the same questions on different episodes to get a different perspective from both. Neither of them will have heard the others answers. It should be fun.

Jim Harmer Photography Podcast Interview

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Jim Harmer Photography Podcast Interview

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Jim Harmer Photography Podcast Interview

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