Yervant is internationally recognised as one of the top 5 Wedding photographers in the world and has been named one of the “Most Influential Wedding Photographer of our Times” – in this interview he shares why now more than ever, it's time to get serious about your photography business.

After 32 years in the profession of photography he has earned a huge number of awards and accolades within Australia and internationally as well as a huge number of letters after his name, yet he still teaches and is as passionate about wedding photography as the day he started… possibly more so.

His passion runs so deep and he cares so much for the wedding photography industry and the up coming photographers, he is doing all he can to see this genre of the profession stay a viable business option. Yervant insists that it's teetering on the brink and it's the current generation of photographers that have put the industry in the state it is.

It's not all lost and Yervant is adamant that it's possible to be unique and have a profitable business but it relies heavily on you. In this interview, Yervant shares his thoughts on how a successful wedding photography business should run today and given his time again (and without Anie to do his marketing) exactly what would he do differently if starting over.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Thoughts  being a wedding photographer from one of the worlds best
  • Adapting to new or changing your own style, how do you do it
  • Why Yervant prefers to get what he wants in camera rather than relying on Photoshop
  • Thoughts on success without the help of someone (Anie) to fro his marketing
  • What is the secret to success in the wedding photography business
  • What are the biggest problems up and coming photographers are facing today
  • Why every wedding and portrait photographer needs to think of their future when doing business today
  • How to become a better business person and a better photographer at the same time and why you need to
  • Why every photographer should consider building a SERIOUS business instead of a glorified hobby
  • What happens and what is covered during Yervant's client meetings

A recognisable quote attributed to Yervant and one that makes ME proud to be a wedding photographer is,

“I am a portrait photographer, fashion photographer, photojournalist, landscape photographer and commercial photographer all within any five minutes of a wedding day. No stylists, no art directors, see it, capture it and get it right.”

Not only does this quote make me proud to be a photographer it also clearly shows that we have to work damn hard to be good at what we do, to practice and learn and continue to learn if we are to have a chance at standing out, being unique and finding some kind of success.

Yervant has done this, is still doing it and he has every reason not to be working so hard today – he's already achieved so much. If he's still working that hard on his craft, it's a fair bet that we need to be as well.

Yervant Photography Podcast Interview

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  • How Yervant chooses the great locations for his wedding photo sessions
  • Why does Yervant teach photography when he doesn't need to
  • Why Yervant is totally fine about giving away his photography secrets without being concerned that people will copy his style
  • How to find your creative side
  • How to succeed as a photographer
  • Why you should never be driven by money when working as a photographer
  • Why you should never shoot for free and how giving away free photography impacts the whole industry
  • How new wedding photographers could kill the industry
  • The internet provides easy access for anyone to copy someone else' work, learn why you shouldn't
  • The importance of entering photography awards, even though they won't book you a single wedding

Yervant Photography Podcast Interview

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Yervant Photography Podcast Interview

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Yervant Photography Podcast Interview

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Yervant Photography Podcast Interview

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