Amy Wolland, packed up and left New Zealand for Johannesburg, South Africa to start a photography business from scratch and for the first time in her life. In a foreign country, no contacts, no network and a limited knowledge of the market, she needed clients fast if this was going to work. In this interview, Amy reveals the steps she took before arriving and exactly how to generate wedding photography bookings from the get go.

After two and half years, she's refined her process and the business is growing faster than ever. If you're in a position where you are looking to generate not only enquiries but bookings, we discuss the different avenues that were available to Amy and which ones have proven to work well. Although many of her leads are paid for, her strategy, I believe is one of the best if you're looking to get bookings fast and without the time to rank well in Google using the normal SEO methods.

Here's some of what we cover:

  • the value of studying business before starting your own
  • researching the market before developing your products and price list
  • working from a home based studio
  • pay per click advertising with Google Adwords and Facebook ads
  • word of mouth referrals
  • getting featured on wedding blogs and how it affects bookings
  • working hard in the beginning
  • measuring and testing your approach
  • talking to the experts rather than going it alone
  • utilising negative keywords in your paid ads
  • staying in touch to help prompt your bookings
One thing that stands out after talking to Amy is the systemised approach she and Will take when it comes to working in their business. It's this step by step approach that I believe will see them reach the success they are planning to first become the best and most well known photographers in their area, then South Africa followed by world wide destination wedding demand.

Amy Wolland Podcast Interview

Premium Members

Available for download is Amy's scripted reply letter to couples after the initial website enquiry. This letter has been refined and tested and now provides the best conversions for the business. In addition to the letter, I kept Amy on the line to discuss her exact process from website enquiry to booking – including the use of the letter and what approach she and Will take if the letter doesn't get the couple to take action and book an appointment.

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Amy Wolland Podcast Interview

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Amy Wolland Podcast Interview

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 Amy Wolland Podcast Interview

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