Since interviewing photography business coach, Bernie Griffiths, when he delivered the Facebook Ad challenge to PhotoBizX listeners, it's become one of the most used and successful strategies to book portrait, engagement, pet Questionnaire family photography sessions.

Although Bernie covered exactly how to structure your ad, we didn't really delve into how to create your ad inside Facebook. Sure, boosting a post is one way (and it's becoming better), the advantages of creating your ad inside the Ads Manager or with the Power Editor include many more options including more detailed targeting via location, interests, demographics, budgeting and where your ad will be seen.

The video below is a step by step tutorial on how to create an ad to target engaged couples via the Ads Manager interface. You can use the same steps to create ads to target any genre; pet owners, mums, dads, families, families earning a particular income, or living in a particular area… The options really are endless.

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Episode 136 – introduces the ad strategy and covers why it works, how to structure your ad, the wording you should use and why.

Episode 138 – goes deeper into the ad creation and variations of the ad for different target markets.

Episode 198 – how to maximise your sales potential with clients who respond to your ad.

Engagement Questionnaire – where I link to and send engaged couples from my Facebook ad

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My only regret is I didn't sign up to the premium version earlier. I have doubled my bookings and have only implemented a fraction of the tips in this podcast and am making the transition to go full time with my photography in a few months. It's a no brainer. Just make sure you have a pen and notepad. – Neil Sampson of Neil Sampson Photography


A copy of the ad used in the video. I used a similar one to this previously and booked 7 engagement sessions which led to 6 wedding bookings plus print sales.

Here's a great resource to help with your targeting and to see what's available when creating your ads: Complete Guide Facebook Ad Targeting

If you have any questions regarding your ads or creating Facebook ads, use the comments area below and I'll do my best to answer them for you.