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Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios and King and Fields Studios is one of the most well-known wedding photographers in the world. Coming into this interview, I was expecting to be wowed with stories of amazing places, couples and images while digging for actionable business ideas you can implement into your wedding photography business.

Instead, the interview took off and stayed on an entirely different track with the focus on how to build a successful portrait photography studio. It turns out, Ben and his team have to work as hard as everyone else to attract great clients who want to spend money on great photography.

With the birth of their baby, galavanting the world to shoot amazing weddings has taken back seat as Ben and  Erin work hard to build and sustain a profitable studio based family photography business.

When you do portraiture, it's not like a wedding where someone's actively trying to find a photographer and is willing to spend thousands of dollars for it. – Ben Chrisman

Some background…

Ben started as the high school yearbook photographer. In his senior year, the yearbook staff asked why he wanted to be a photographer.

He was quoted as saying, “Because I want to be close to the action.”

Since then, he's never wanted to be anything other than a documentary shooter and he went to work for a newspaper as a staff photographer.

After leaving his job there, he became a wedding photographer to show the world that wedding photos could be edgy, sexy, funny, honest and full of life, and could stand alone as works of art.

His business has grown to be a collective of four photographers and one videographer. Between the five of them, they speak six different languages and have photographed in 23 countries.

Six years ago, he was quoted as saying, “I am terrified before each wedding that I won’t live up to people’s expectations.”

At the same time, he said, when asked about the reason for his success, “It takes a lot more work to be nice to people all the time, but I can’t think of a single thing that has made a bigger impact than that.”

As you can see by this intro, I was expecting a wedding photography focus for this interview. Instead, I think the change of topic presented a bunch more takeaways.

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • Why Ben still gets nervous before any shoot
  • The importance of knowing your client prior to any shoot to deliver meaningful images
  • Studio shooting with families, Ben's approach
  • A snapshot of how Ben's business works today
  • A few things that made the biggest difference in Ben's business
  • What is “Story within the family” and how does it affect every family portrait session?
  • Capturing the different sides and facets of life for your portrait clients
  • Why phone calls before the shoot make all the difference to every shoot
  • How to cope when in a tough situation with the dad in a portrait shoot or prior to the shoot
  • Portrait package inclusions and average sales at the King and Fields Studios
  • Networking with a local business and how it benefits Ben's photography business
  • Great advice on teaming up with the right local business to help build your photography business
  • Why Ben focuses more on questioning clients than talking about what he and his studio offer
  • What excites Ben when he picks up his camera today?
  • Why it takes so much more time when shooting in a documentary style – for weddings or portraits
  • How Ben started and works effectively with his team at Chrisman Studios
  • When is the right time to start outsourcing for your photography business?
  • Suggestions from Ben on which tasks you need to outsource first
  • What clients are really looking for from a photographer today
  • Things every photographer in business needs to improve

Ben Chrisman Photography Podcast

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We want to find those families who value what we do, but more importantly, we've got to give them value. We've got to give them a reason to come to us every year. – Ben Chrisman

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Ben Chrisman Photography Podcast

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The sales that don't go well, the design consuls that don't go well, are never the fault of the client. It's always our fault for not doing a good enough job quoting them on the phone call. – Ben Chrisman

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Ben Chrisman Photography Podcast

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In iTunes by Calgary Family Photographer, Alison Lapczuk from Canada on December 6, 2018

Andrew Hellmich goes above and beyond, time and again, to ask the business questions that we all wish we could ask.

This podcast is full of actionable advice from all sorts of working photographers.

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The corresponding FB group is one of the best groups I am involved with, even though I am more of a lurker than an active participant.

I've been listening for the past couple of years and will continue to listen in. Keep up the great work, Andrew!

Brilliant podcast with actionable steps for photographers!

In iTunes by Essex Wedding, Portrait & Pet PhotographerLindsey at LNZPHOTO from the UK on December 2, 2018

Andrew asks and answers the questions that always crop up in my mind!

This podcast is packed full of amazing interviews from so many industry experts, there’s something new to learn with each episode!

Ben Chrisman Photography Podcast

The last thing I want to do is talk about myself ever. – Ben Chrisman

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Ben Chrisman Photography Podcast

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Ben Chrisman Photography Podcast

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Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Ben for sharing his thoughts on business, attracting more of the perfect photography clients, making better bookings and generally running a terrific portrait photography business by focussing clients and their experience above anything else.

A lot of times photographers get really tied up on having everything be perfect, and that's not really what people are after. – Ben Chrisman

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