092: Kristen Kalp – How To Brand Your Photography Business the Right Way

Branding is one of those things you know as a photographer, you need to do, if you're truly serious about success. It sounds easy right, come up with a look and feel that is unique. Find that something, that one thing that makes you stand out in a crowded market. That one thing that separated you from your competition that you become known for and sought after. In todays interview, branding expert and founder of Brand Camp,  Kristen Kalp, reveals how to brand your photography business the right way.

Here's a hint; you already have the answer to your brand and it lays with your perfect and preferred client, the one you've already photographed, worked with, sold to and loved every step of the way. That client, yes, that single client holds the secret sauce to the start of your brand.

Here's another tip. Branding is not about your logo. It may help to distinguish you but it's your words and pictures that hold the secret to your photography business branding success.

After interviewing Jenika from The Psychology for Photographers Blog and Nikki McArthur from Epic Danger photography and hearing that Kristen was massively responsible for their success, I've been hunting her down for this interview since.

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • Kristen charges a consultation fee of $599USD per hour… yes, she's damn good at what she does
  • Why Kristen left her six figure photography business to become a writer
  • Transitioning from one income source to another
  • Quitting what she didn't love without being financially stable because she's had enough
  • The fine line between completely irresponsible to… it's time to make the leap
  • Tips and advice for leaving your full-time job to pursue your passion
  • Why you need to make sure your family and friends will support your decision to pursue your dream job
  • Creating boundaries to get things done
  • No boundaries leads to being miserable forever
  • Why 15 minutes of Facebook and other mobile apps is enough per day if you want success
  • Why having heroes can be a bad thing
  • Why people often lie about how they truly feel and what they want to be doing
  • How you can choose to work with your perfect client
  • The importance of tapping into the spirit of your clients to understand them better
  • The impact of using swear words in your business
  • What are the “in between” clients and why you should not take them seriously
  • How to be specific about the type of client you are looking for
  • Why you need to be consistent and be yourself at all times, swearing included

Kristen Kalp Podcast Interview

Do yourself a massive favour following this episode. Head to Kristen's website and get hold of her book “Go Your Own Way” which is available free from her home page. Following your download, don't read word, take that file to your local printer and have the book printed… trust me on this.

You're comfortable in your own skin and the two of you laugh a lot. You genuinely enjoy one another's company, and you're planning a fantastic destination wedding.
You're both into photography and you're excited about the whole process of getting married, as well as having a bit of wine on a Friday night. Reach out to talk with me about your wedding at (02) 4367 0111.

Following the steps in Kristen's book will be the simplest way to establish your true brand, highlight problems with your website, show where you're going wrong with your pricing and whether or not you should even be a photographer. Completing this book will be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your photography business.

Kristen Kalp Podcast Interview

What’s on Offer for Premium Members

If you’re a premium member, you should have received an email with links to your version of this episode where you can hear lots more content from where we dive deeper into some of the earlier topics plus some new ones that I pushed hard for that include:

  • The goal of every photographer is for people to know and easily identify that it's your image
  • The importance of spreading out your voice through different medium to let people know who you truly are – videos, social media networks
  • “You can't cultivate your voice while you're busy listening to 3,000 voices”
  • Why following photographers in your area that are your competition in social media will destroy you
  • Why following trends will take you in a spiral that ends up nowhere
  • What your video content should have to separate yourself from everyone else
  • People don't do the things they love the most because they are afraid of being judged
  • Why you need to stop feeling embarrassed about the weird and crazy things that you love but instead share it to the rest of the world
  • Why you should stop over analysing
  • Why it's not safe to stay and think like everyone else
  • Why you should continue sharing your work even though it doesn't get many likes or responses
  • Kristen shares her life-changing experiences that brought her to where she is now
  • “If my brain is always going to say that I'm talentless, I might as well be talentless at the things that I really love doing”
  • How life gets interesting when you do the things that you're meant to do in this world
  • How to know if you you're truly on the right path or not
  • The importance of your ‘About Page' and what you need to include in yours
  • Why you should never have an About Page that's written as a third person
  • The importance of providing easy and quick access to all the basic information of your business on your website
  • Why you need to include an email option form on your website
  • Cotton Candy

What is your big takeaway?

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Kristen Kalp Podcast Interview

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Kristen Kalp Podcast Interview

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Kristen Kalp's Website

Kristen Kalp on Facebook

Kristen on Instagram

Kristen on YouTube

Nikki McArthur of Epic Danger

Jenika McDavitt of Psychology for Photographers

Film Is Not Dead: A Digital Photographer's Guide to Shooting Film (Voices That Matter)

The Ground Glass Newsletter and Pricing Guide for Wedding Photographers

Kristen Kalp Podcast Interview

Thank you!

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  • F*&k your f78k kids…..what a classic 🙂

    • But on a more serious note that profile / playing psychic she did with you Andrew was awesome – such a simple idea but nailing your ideal client like that is quite amazing.

      • Yep, I was blown away when Kristen did that… as you heard.
        Kristen’s eBook makes it pretty easy to get stuff like that down on paper – definitely worth downloading.

    • Haha, I actually forgot to beep the “F bombs” in this interview and am expecting some backlash… Not from the Aussies though 🙂

      • All good I think – adds to the colour and character 🙂

  • Loved this interview. Big takeaway : simply write who is your perfect client and post it on your website. Will do! In my home page.

  • I agree with Darryn in that playing psychic part was pretty awesome. As someone that doesn’t really have an about page at all, I’m going to implement this!

    As for not following other photographers in your area on instagram, I feel the opposite of Kristen. I’m not following them as to steal ideas or copy how they do their commercial work, I follow to see what they’re up to, and grown my own personal project ideas. What better way to learn a new way to take a picture of the mountains than to follow the geniuses that are out there every day, snapping unique shots of themselves in our dynamite landscape?

  • Dude. Seriously. I’ve listened to this about 3 times. I’m SUCH A fan now. I don’t curse/swear at all. But obviously nobody is forcing me to listen either so why complain? She didn’t even say a lot. The principals and tips here are *GOLDEN*. Andrew, I’m sorry I haven’t commented in a while but you have brought some JEWELS to your show. I feel like I would have to HATE my business to cancel my subscription! UNTHINKABLE! I’ve learned so much that it’s hard to break it down to specifics on what I’m implementing. There are a few guests who don’t agree(ie: their advice is opposite one another) but these are people with very different styles and what works for them WORKS for them. They have styles and personalities that vary significantly, so it makes sense that their advice would vary as well. Anyhow, I really didn’t want to leave a long comment but it’s been bottled up for several episodes, and I wanted to share the love. Cheers!

    • Hey Ces – loved reading your comments!

      Love having you listening and knowing you’re out there.

      This interview with Kristen was a real eye opener for me too.

      Yep, I think it’s totally normal to have different views and ways of doing things between photographers and businesses but I love how even with different ideas and approaches, either or all can be successful. It makes it difficult when trying to find your way but once something or someone resonates with you, block the other stuff and go for it!

      Merry Christmas to your and your family mate.

      Speak soon

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  • Love this episode! Kristen is amazing and so is the choice to post the podcast uncensored. No backlash from Colorado. Andrew, your discomfort was so loud when Kristen let out the string of F-bombs, it could be heard in the states. Which was great. I literally laughed out loud and want to give that lady a high five for making you blush like a school girl. She is who she is, and her people love her. Hell, after she did that psychic trick with you, all your photobizx listeners love her.

    The biggest take away from this episode has to be the free e-book. Printing it now.

    • Loved reading your comments Jamie 🙂

      Yep, there was some definite ummm… discomfort, when Kristen dropped that string of “F-bombs” – I have to say, I re-listened to that episode with my wife Linda and we both laughed out loud at that part of the interview.

      And how good was that psychic trick! She’s a phenomenal woman and I look forward to having her back on at some stage.

      That ebook is gold – hope you get plenty of mileage from it.

      Speak soon

  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

    I really enjoyed the to and fro between the two of you in this episode. Andrew – you asked all the questions I would have asked. Like … “really, can I say that?”

    I like the idea of being a psychic. I will work on reworking my wording thats to this discussion.

    Many thanks!


    • Thanks Nick! This was definitely one of the most fun interviews I’ve done. Did you subscribe to Kristen’s newsletter and download her book… Go Your OWn Way? Worth it’s printed weight in gold.

  • Just an update, There was recently a thread on reddit about writing an About me, and I linked everyone to this podcast. Kristens advice on changing my about me has been a huge help with booking better couples.


  • EXCELLENT interview, totally enjoyed it, I’m a bit of a potty mouth too so found it hilarious. I’ve just set up my website and already looking to make changes on my About page. Cant wait for the next interview by Kristen.

    • Haha, always love knowing there a “potty mouths” listening Angela 🙂

      Do yourself a massive favour and download her ebook, Go Your Own Way and have it printed – it’s a life change!
      I do believe it’s available in print now too.

  • Andrew I feel bad that I hardly ever report back on what I’ve implemented. Well here’s a report… I’m trying to be more real on my About page. I’m using personal (free) work to attract similar paid gids. And in the interest of doing more work that I love and feel passionate about, I’ve actually made it clear that I don’t really do families and weddings. That part is on my pricing page.

    • No worries Brad and thanks for filling me in now.

      I love your new about page! The photos are terrific… How much have you changed over the years 🙂
      The copy works well, I feel I know you much better having read it. Love the last paragraph too! So is the business name “Bee Two Ex” or Bee Two Times” – how do you answer the phone?

      I like the addition of the Q&A section on your pricing page – it’s pretty clear what you offer and what you don’t.

      Hope you’re well and business is good mate.
      Good to hear from you.

      • Brad Barlow

        Haha. That’s a boring story so I’ll just tell you this part of it: I wanted it to look like “B2X” but be pronounced “Bee Twice”. But everyone read it as “bee two ex,” so that’s what I adapted to very quickly. I’m going to put that phonetic example of yours on my website.

        Thanks for having a peek and for all the regular great ideas. I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again, I never get bored of hearing any idea repeated from show to show. It emphasizes how valuable that advice is.

        • THere’s no way I’m “hip” enough (using the word hip probably proves that) to think of Bee Twice as cool as that sounds. 🙂

          And I love the fact you like hearing the same advice/tips/strategies repeated in interviews to emphasise something actually works – that’s probably the smartest way to look at some of the content from guests but one that gets too easily discounted as “yep, already heard it before.”

          Great to have you listening Brad!