Helena Price was not a professional photographer at the start of 2013. Today she is shooting for some of the biggest brands in the world and is doing so by shooting her style of portrait photography and delivering “real life” photos that gel perfectly with the branding vision of her clients. Her prices have tripled since starting and Helena is riding the wave of photography business success; learn how you can go from from zero to high end photography in super short time.

In setting up this interview, I worked harder to get Helena on the show than any other previous guest. While trying to reach out, for the first time in my life I wasn't sure if I felt like I was a spammer or a stalker… or a combination of both! You'll hear in the interview this is the exact strategy that is getting Helena work all round the world.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Learn how Helena went from amateur photographer to having clients including Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Nike and Samsung in 12 months from turning pro
  • Why Helena has chosen to handle her business all by herself including the shooting, bids/quoting, art directing, post processing and marketing
  • Helena had absolutely no idea she could have been a photographer for a living and was building a tech career because she thought that's what's she's supposed to do before making the jump to full time photographer – learn how she made the transition and found her niche
  • Helena had a meteoric rise to popularity that she attributes to landing on the Tumblr and Twitter's list of recommended photographers – learn how she got there
  • Why relationships and networking should be a major focus for every serious professional photographer
  • Why Helena has different pricing structures for different clients and how she comes up with a figure for her photography
  • A scrappy shoot will cost a thousand bucks per day. A bigger shoot costs whatever the producer will bid up
  • Her price range is massive. It boils down to asking questions up front as it's hard to tell how much a company is willing to spend.
  • Although Helena is mostly known as a commercial photographer, she considers herself  a portrait photographer
  • Fear is something that Helena still feels today when working for large clients – learn how she deals with that fear when on the job

Following this episode of the photography podcast, if you're not feeling inspired to shoot for the love of it, to chase your dreams and follow your passion, I'm afraid nothing will get you going. To think that Helena's clients now include the likes of Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Nike, and Samsung and she wasn't shooting professionally 18 months ago… simply blows me away!

Helena Price Photography Podcast Interview

What's on Offer for Premium Members

If you're a premium member, you should have received an email with links to your version of this episode where you can hear lots more implementable content from where we dive deeper into some of the earlier topics plus some new ones that I pushed hard for that include:

  • Why marketing is done 24/7 and although Helena isn't a believer of relying on the internet for work there's good reason for being there and being seen
  • Why being comfortable in business and photography is not a good place to be and how to keep pushing yourself
  • How to combine travel with work and the exact strategies Helena employs to set up shoots in any location she want to see and visit
  • What to say and how to deal with clients that return to see your prices have doubled or tripled since their last shoot
  • Strategies to book work and fit in with a clients budget without dropping your price
  • How to find the right price for your work in your niche

Helena Price Photography Podcast Interview_007

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Matt and Katie have been one of the most popular interviews I've done on the show and are working photographers and workshop hosts.

I'll collate the questions and ask both Matt and Steve the same questions on different episodes to get a different perspective from both. Neither of them will have heard the others answers. It should be fun.

Helena Price Photography Podcast Interview

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Helena Price Photography Podcast Interview

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Helena Price Photography Podcast Interview

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