Daily Vlog Challenge to get you comfortable being YOU on camera.

The three-week challenge (less than 15min/day) to take you from sweaty palms and multiple retakes to feeling 100% comfortable to hit record and go... anytime you have something to share.

Whether for Facebook Ads, Instagram stories, IGTV, your website or responding to client enquiries - the daily challenge will have you connecting on a level you haven't experienced.

Go from hating the sound of your own voice and fear of recording video to being confident and natural on camera.

Want to utilise more video in your business? Sign up for my daily vlog challenge and feel confident hitting record.


Registration is limited!

What: Daily Vlog Challenge

When: TBC

Where: Private Facebook Group (I'll provide link).

Why: Because your business needs it! And there's no better way to connect online.

Timing: 3 weeks (weekends are off) and 15 minutes or less for each challenge.

ONLY - $97!

Wondering if it's worth it? Watch this...


This class is for you if...

  • The thought of recording video gives you sweaty hands and makes you shudder.
  • You hate the sound of your own voice and don't like being on camera.
  • You know your business would benefit if only you could be better at video.
  • You'd love a safe environment to learn and practice this stuff.
  • You don't have a lot of time to spare.
  • You don't think you have the right persona for video.

Who am I?

I'm Andrew - host and interviewer for the Photography Business Podcast, PhotoBizX.

I used to cringe at the sound of my own voice and couldn't talk on video without some serious editing and retakes. I would think of any excuse to put off recording video.

Now... I host a weekly podcast where I talk for a living and record videos daily - for email replies, Facebook, YouTube, Advertising, coaching, tutorials and more.

Wondering if you should do this?

You already know this I'm sure... booking clients and attracting leads is all about how you're perceived. Great photos are one thing but it's that personal connection that seals the deal for you and has clients saying yes.

Do you find once you have a face to face meeting you generally get the booking? I know I do.

What about moving the process back a step to make that face to face connection even earlier? Where you get to share some of your knowledge, empathy, personality, humour and quirks before that in-person meeting.




In your ads, on your website, in your replies via email or social media.

Join me in the Daily Vlog Challenge and learn how to get comfortable being yourself on video so you can connect with your people, your prospective clients... faster than ever.

PLUS... you can make these personal connections before other photographers in your local area get a face to face meeting with your potential clients. πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸ€«

So... are you in?


What about results?

  • You'll see results in the first 15 minutes - right after the first challenge lesson - and keep improving throughout the three weeks.
  • I won't lie - on day 1 you might feel a little anxious, be looking for excuses for why you can't record and upload right away. Come day 5 of the challenge though, you'll be shocked you're waiting for the daily challenge to drop.
  • Day 10, you feel like you got this!
  • Day 15, you're sad the challenge is ending but you're excited to keep using video in your business.

Why Now to Learn Video?

  • You only need 15 minutes or less per day
  • You get to practice in a private, safe and encouraging group
  • You'll be learning with others in a small group environment
  • You'll receive daily feedback on your videos
  • No fancy equipment required - your smartphone is enough
  • You won't have to leave home for any of the challenges
  • Practising is the best way to learn and the daily challenge makes this fun and easy
  • No one outside your group will ever see your videos as you learn and progress

You can do this!

Have you ever purchased something, anything, after seeing it on social media because you connected with whoever was selling? That can be you!

Ever seen ads with confident, clearly spoken photographers who appear to know their stuff? That can be you!

Don't get left behind because you have a fear of video. Learn how, so you can create stories, ads and email replies which truly connect with your ideal and target clients. You can do this!

The daily challenge will radically change the way you advertise, market and connect online.

So... are you in?


Want more proof?


Participate in the three-week challenge and if you don't come out a different person on camera, I'll refund your investment x 2.

That's right, I'll refund twice what you paid if you don't see the difference between your day one and day 15 videos.

Sign up and commit 15 minutes a day for to the challenge, you'll be thankful you did.

Sign Up Now And Get The Bonus Training

  • Save your spot now and get the BONUS training on how to utilise your new video skills for Facebook Ad retargeting.
  • I'll step you through how to create your retargeting audiences.
  • How to create retargeting ads using your new audiences
  • Cover the kinds of video ads you should be serving as retarget ads to generate bookings.

What Happens When You Save Your Spot

  • Once you save your spot to register by clicking any of the red buttons on this page, enter your name and email address and click "YES, SAVE MY SPOT AND PAY NOW."
  • You'll be redirected to finalise your payment.
  • Next, check your email for a welcome message from me. You'll get some details about the start date for the next challenge.
  • Don't forget to invite a challenge buddy (friend) if you'd like to share the experience and fun.
  • From there, I'll email you details on how to join the private Facebook Group you've been assigned to. I'll introduce you to your group members and provide complete instructions on how to get started.
  • That's when the challenge, learning and fun begins. πŸŽ¦πŸ“ΈπŸ“±πŸ˜ƒ

So... are you in?

Time to Decide...

What will it mean if you don't take this challenge?

I hope you can trust me. You've seen what to expect, you've seen the value and heard from past challenge participants.

You know about the guarantee - double your money back if you don't see big improvements. All the risk is on me.

Still not sure?

Consider you're at a crossroad.

One path takes you to the three-week daily vlog challenge. In 21 days you feel confident and excited about creating video content and utilising video in your business.

You're ready and pumped to create video ads, add video to your website, create content for YouTube, Instagram Stories and IGTV.

You've already started replying to client enquiries with video and the response is fantastic.

On the other path... you continue to feel frustrated and know you should be creating video content but can't take the first step.

What'll it be?

Stagnate and stay the same... or grow, learn, expand and come join us for the next challenge?

So... are you in?