PBX340: Andrew Hellmich – Photography business wins for 2019

In part one of this two-part Christmas Special, learn what some listeners have done to make the biggest improvements to their photography business in 2019. Following this episode, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what you heard. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where you thought, [...]


PBX337: Brittni Schroeder – How to build a money mindset for photographers

Brittni Schroeder of www.brittnischroeder.com has been a professional photographer for 10 years and her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and a number of photographic publications. She was named one of The Most Influential Photographers in 2016. Recently, everything changed when she took a different route in her career and [...]


PBX334: Tommy Reynolds – How to utilise video to grow your stills photography business

Tommy Reynolds of www.tommyreynolds.co.uk is a UK based professional travel & portrait photographer with close to 40,000 YouTube subscribers following his photographic adventures. Since 2013 he's worked with clients including PIXAPRO, Olympus, Syco Entertainment, Universal Music, Sony Music, Ben Sherman, The Metro and Panasonic. He's also photographed famous bands and artists such as Pixie Lott, The [...]


PBX332: Brett Stanley – How to build a successful underwater portrait photography business

Brett Stanley of www.brettstanleyphoto.com started his underwater portrait photography business about six years ago after being a land-based photographer four years prior. After launching the underwater photography business, some of his images go viral – underwater pole dancers and circus performers – which brought him into the spotlight. Since then he's been working with people all over the [...]


PBX329: Ivan Mana – Microsoft or Bing ads for photographers

Ivan Mana of www.amarketingessentials.com was interviewed for episode 306 of the podcast where he dived deep into a step by step tutorial on how to set up your first Google AdWords campaign. In this interview, Ivan shares why photographers should be utilising pay-per-click advertising with Microsoft ads, previously Bing Ads. I originally discovered Ivan on YouTube when [...]


PBX327: Kaitlin Roten – Utilising school portraits to book family shoots and sell wall art

I was introduced to Kaitlin Roten of www.kaitlinroten.com by Chris Scott from Swift Galleries. Kaitlin is utilising school portraits to book family shoots and sell wall art and her sales have skyrocketed after moving from shoot-and-burn to in-person-sales or IPS. Chris told me Kaitlin multiplied her annual income in just 2 months after implementing IPS! Check [...]


024 Premium Only: Shireen Hammond – Photography Business Success Today

Shireen Hammond of www.fieldofvision.com.au was featured on last week's podcast episode and having run out of time to take the conversation and questions in all the directions I wanted, Shireen agreed to come back for a focussed and intense follow-up interview. Today's member-only episode is the result of that conversation. Some of the things we cover include: The [...]


PBX323: Alma Bruffy – Rolling with the punches to stay profitable in your photography business

Alma Bruffy of  www.almab.photography is a Florida based photographer who has been working in the photography industry for over a decade and went full time 12 months ago after relocating. Alma started professionally in an apprenticeship role back in 2007 for Beach Portraits Photography based out of Wilmington, NC. Before recently moving to Southwest Florida where [...]


PBX322: Bernie Griffiths – The importance of shooting saleable images in your photography business

Photography business coach, Bernie Griffiths of  www.berniegriffiths.com is no stranger to the PhotoBizX podcast. He recently sent me the following email on shooting saleable images as a professional photographer... More and more I seem to be coaching some of my photography clients on the art of taking salable images. In my search for some education on [...]


023 Premium Only: Laura Smith – Growing a family portrait photography business in a tough market

Laura Smith of www.lauraridleyphotography.com is a New Zealand based family photography and today's guest for this members-only episode of the podcast. I received the following message from Premium Member Megan Holmes in the lead up to this interview... You need to interview Laura smith for the members she has gone from air force photographer to wedding photographer to [...]

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