In todays episode of the podcast, we're talking commercial photography for wedding and portrait photographers. Why cover commercial photography in a wedding and portrait photography podcast? Because almost every wedding and portrait photography I know, shoots some commercial work and all have questions about copyright, usage rights, contracts etc.

Todays guest is Australian Photographer, Speaker and Educator, William Long, who is one of Australia’s most awarded commercial photographers. He recently earned his 4th Gold Bar for AIPP Master of Photography. He has been awarded Queensland Professional Photographer of the year, British Portrait Photographer of the year, he's been recognised for his excellence in Photography with a Fellowship by the British Institute of Professional Photography and a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society. William trained as a professional classical ballet dancer and has toured the world as a principal dancer with The Scottish Ballet.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • How one on one mentoring can help your photography business
  • If you're a perfectionist, learn how to manage this trait
  • Why wedding photography should never just be about price
  • The benefits of finalising all pricing agreements with your commercial clients before shooting a frame
  • Do you have a unique selling proposition?
  • Entering photography awards, is it worthwhile; from William's point of view with 100's
  • Tips to succeeding at photography awards
  • How to deal with new commercial clients and what to do if there's a conflict with their terms and conditions
  • How to ensure new commercial photography clients pay their accounts every time
  • Licensing, payment and copyright infringement
  • The importance of laying out your terms and conditions and what needs to be included in yours
  • Why an holy rate is NOT the best way to charge for your commercial photography work
  • Understanding the meaning of the value of the job vs charging on an hourly rate
  • License and usage rights – are they the same thing?
  • Are you still allowed to legally use an image if you have already sold its copyright
  • Distinguishing copyrights based on commissioned works versus being employed by a company to take photos
  • Why it is absolutely essential to understand the position of copyrights when you are dealing with producing intellectual property

Following what William shares, you should be perfectly placed to shoot any commercial work that you either seek or comes your way and have a good understanding of your requirements in regard to contracts, licensing and copyright. You should also come away with a new approach to pricing your commercial work and finally be getting paid correctly for what yore producing for your clients.

William Long Photography Podcast Interview

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  • Copyright and wedding photography
  • Is an email as good as a signed piece of paper in regard to a contractual agreement
  • What to look for in the terms and conditions from commercial clients
  • What usage rights to assign to your clients
  • Why William is willing to give unlimited usage rights to his clients in order to make their lives easier
  • Learn the value of a project before pricing it
  • Things to look out for when entering competitions
  • Te meaning of unconscionable conduct and how it can affect you and your business

William Long Photography Podcast Interview

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William Long Photography Podcast Interview

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William Long Photography Podcast Interview

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Photo Watch Dog

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Australian Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines

Australian Copyright Council

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William Long Photography Podcast Interview

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