Building a solid and profitable photography business from scratch, especially today, is always going to be a challenge. Joshua Mikhaiel is well on his way to building that business with the perfect combination of his dream clients and a look and style of photography that resonates with him. He's perfectly happy to say no to a booking if he feels they aren't a good fit which he decides after getting to know his prospective clients.

While some photojournalistic photographers are preaching the benefits and time saving methods of booking wedding or portrait session and not knowing too much about their clients or having spent time getting to know them, Joshua sits firmly and comfortably on the other side of the fence. He doesn't draw the line at getting to know his client through meetings and consultations, he's meeting them for dinner… and often in their home. The benefits to his business with the relationships he's building with his clients are indisputable.

Joshua first appeared on my radar via a Facebook post that was getting a lot of attention. A family portrait shoot of “The Hendersons”… a beautiful collection of images that told the story of a lovely family. Interestingly, he's better known for and generating more income with his wedding photography but that may be about to change.

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • shooting a wedding the first year of owning a camera
  • transitioning from graphic design to photography
  • being proactive in your photography business in the ‘down times' of the year
  • the real benefits of having your own photography business is the flexibility it brings
  • working in a shared space with other top photographers
  • utilising a $1500 deposit/booking fee to improve cash flow during the quieter periods
  • striking out when approaching other photographers for second shooting and assisting opportunities
  • advertising on Gumtree with the title “Cheap Wedding Photographer”
  • shooting ‘cheap weddings' may be good for experience but useless for portfolio building
  • your perceived value as a photographer and artist is dictated by your prices
  • your ideal client is YOU with a lot more money
  • you shoot what you show
  • if potential clients can't connect with or see themselves in your photos, you won't make bookings
  • make your wedding or portraits your personal work to stay passionate about your photography
  • dinner with clients for the wedding consultation
  • pricing for profit if you're not selling albums
  • polarising visitors to your website to attract the right clients for you and push others away
  • never underestimate the value in doing a “killer job” for your clients and how much work that can generate
  • packing a “save the day, be prepared for anything” suitcase for your weddings

Joshua Mikhaiel photography podcast Interview

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  • going viral with a portrait shoot and “cashing in” on that exposure
  • a 13 hour family portrait session
  • sponsoring Facebook posts that are a good representation of what you want to be shooting
  • why second shooting would be the way Josh would start over with the chance
  • what Josh would like to see from someone looking to second shoot
  • using Instagram as a source of inspiration, not other wedding photographers
  • establishing a boutique brand from the first look at your website

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Joshua Mikhaiel photography podcast Interview

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Joshua Mikhaiel photography podcast Interview

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Joshua Mikhaiel photography podcast Interview

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