028: Bryan Caporicci – Wedding Photography Marketing the Smart Way

Bryan Caporicci is a successful Canadian based photographer that focuses on weddings, portraits and environmental commercial photography. What struck me about this interview with Bryan is that he is a thinker and definitely not a follower. He happily goes against the norm if it means better results for his business. It's this attitude and entrepreneurial approach that led me to believe  that Bryan really is carrying out wedding photography marketing the smart way.

In this episode, Bryan reveals one of his most successful and easily implementable wedding photography marketing techniques that he has never shared before. The beauty of his approach is it makes total sense. If you are one of the many photographers doing the same kind of marketing – to your vendors, bridal expos, Facebook and blogging and wondering why business and bookings aren't improving, get ready to take a new look at what you're doing and question why.

Here's some of what we cover:

  • working as a “solopreneur” and taking responsibility for your success and failures
  • learn your craft first and learn it well
  • overcoming your fear of sales and why you don't need to feel like a used car salesman
  • building relationships… with your CLIENTS
  • you possess unlimited income potential, it really is up to you
  • editing at 3am, is this you?
  • pricing your photography packages for profit
  • creating a name for yourself
  • same day slideshows and same day wedding albums
  • the importance of having your photo on your about page
Bryan is the first photographer I have interviewed since starting the podcast that has referred to himself and other photographers as an entrepreneur. After chatting for almost an hour it became clear to me that his way of thinking and the way he treats his business, as an entrepreneur, is what has made him the success he is. Sure he takes great photos but so do a lot of photographers. His approach to marketing and advertising, the way he questions everything he does regarding the business and how the photography business is exactly that, a business, is what separates Bryan – the beautiful thing is, we can all do the same if we follow what he shares in this interview.

Bryan Caporicci photography podcast interview

Premium Members

Following the successful release of his first book, “Pricing For Success,” Bryan's soon to be released second book focuses on sales and how to improve your chances of better results in the photographic industry. In the extra interview for premium members, Bryan shares implementable techniques that you can use right now to increase your chances of a successful sale. Whether it's the wedding consultation, the album sales appointment or the portrait sales session, his advice will help you with your sales and your sales environment.

I challenge you to walk into your studio following Bryan's advice and not make changes.

What is your big takeaway?

Following the interview, I'd love to know what your biggest takeaway is – what is the one thing that you'd like to implement or remember from what Bryan had to share? Let me and other listeners know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

Bryan Caporicci photography podcast interview

What have you implemented so far?

In the last two episodes, I've encouraged you to leave me a voicemail message letting me know one thing you've implemented in your business as a result of the podcast. This week, I was happy to share a great message from Joey Joiner from Texas USA with a “good try” at an Aussie accent.

You can check out some of Joey's work here: http://www.joeyjoiner.com

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Milton Gan – http://miltongan.com

Dean Byford – http://www.deanbyfordphotography.co.uk Bryan Caporicci photography podcast interview

Trish Grice – http://rtphotos.biz

Srdjan Nikolic – http://www.fotensity.com.au/

Motiejus – http://www.motiejussalkauskas.com

Robin Penfold – www.robinpenfold.zenfolio.com

Andy – http://www.kissandtellphotography.com.au

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Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Bryan Caporicci's website – http://www.bcapphoto.com

Bryan on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bcapphoto

Bryan on Twitter – https://twitter.com/bcapphoto

Bryan's 1st book – Pricing for Profit: Solid Business Techniques for a Profitable Photography Studio

eBook version of Bryan's book – click here

Professional Photographers of Canada – http://www.ppoc.ca

Photo Mechanic – Bryan's software for editing, sorting, renumbering etc – http://www.camerabits.com

Jerry Ghionis – http://jerryghionisblog.com

WPPI – http://www.wppionline.com/index.shtml

Dave and Charlotte Photography, who Bryan used for his wedding – http://www.daveandcharlotte.com.au

That's it for me this week, hope everything is going well for you. I'd love for you to leave a comment below to let me know what you took away from this episode of the podcast. To finish, here's a photo form the 50's style wedding I mentioned in the show.

Speak soon


 Impact Images 50's styled wedding

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  • One sentence One Massive take-away: ” Put your marketing dollar back into your client “

  • Andrew,
    Your interviews keep getting better and better. Loved that Bryan and his wife take a Canon Selphy printer to the wedding. And Bryan, wow, what a well spoken and genuine dude! And I too, loved that he invests marketing dollars into his clients instead of the normal outlets available.
    I loved what he said about being good at business first. So many Photographers need to hear that.
    And I too, like Bryan, love an Aussie accent. And did I hear some doubt in your voice, Andrew, that my VM was not actually me? When I get home tonight I’m going to leave a VM in my normal US voice so you’ll know it’s me. I’m almost hurt, man. haha, j/k. It was humiliating enough just to know the whole world heard my crummy attempt to sound like an Aussie. And I admit, it wasn’t very good, but it’s the effort that we’re graded for in the end, right? : )
    But yeah, loved Bryan. And I loved how he takes his 27″ iMac to the wedding. My 27″ iMac never moves. I’d be so nervous that I might drop it. But we can’t live in fear and I think that’s why Bryan is such a bad ass because he’s not afraid of thinking outside the box.
    Definitely inspiring interview…”totally” : )
    Joey Joiner

    • Hey Joey

      Agree with everything you say about Bryan – what a class act, I really enjoyed this interview too.
      From memory, Bryan has some fancy case for his iMac so it doesn’t get damaged but yeah, I’d be nervous carting a 27″ computer around.
      I’m sure Bryan will love your description of him as Totally Bad Ass! You watch it’ll pop up in his marketing material.

      When it comes to your accent, maybe not a “class act” but you get an A+ for effort 🙂

      Speak soon


  • Thanks Bryan and Andrew of course. Great to hear Bryan speak in that wonderful Canadian accent after reading a couple of his comments on PhotobizX. I scribbled in big letters in my notebook this morning “fix about page”. I also scribbled much much more. So many takeaways… I actually also check ‘About Pages’ whenever I visit a photography websites (I’m not yet married, so when I stalk other photographers its not just business research its wedding research haha). And yet my ‘About Page’ is probably the worst around. It’ll get there though.

    • Hi Andy – it is a cool accent isn’t it.
      The first page I check on most websites is the “About” page – and I’m always looking for a photo and hopefully not something written in the 3rd person.
      If you check the about page too, it’s a fair chance that our clients are as well. Best have that page sorted asap 🙂
      Matt and Katie from an earlier episode were big on getting this page right too.

  • Thanks everyone for the positive feedback – I’m glad that you are enjoying listening the interview as much as I enjoyed being a part of it!

    • Thanks again Bryan – it was a real pleasure chatting to you and your generosity with information was just fantastic. I hope we can all have you back on the podcast again sometime.

  • So easy to spend time marketing for new clients rather than looking after the amazing ones you already have! Great interview, thanks Bryan!

  • Rob

    Another great podcast!

    • Thanks Rob – glad you enjoyed it and great to have you tuning in.

  • Holy moly, you speak true to my heart Bryan!
    In fact, I have been looking at getting Canon selphy printer in the past few weeks for a on-site photobooth
    and while I don’t have the yummy 27″, I do a same-day wedding edit on the iPad. Clients were blown away! I’ve had past clients who were in attendance at the wedding come up to me and tell me they wished I had done the iPad slideshow at their wedding too. Really amazing interview and wish it didn’t end =)

    • Hi Min
      I agree, Bryan is one ‘Bad Ass’ wedding photographer when it comes to marketing and client love.
      The iPad is a cool idea for a same day slideshow – I’m pretty sure you can download an app to create a slideshow for your clients (can’t think of the name though).
      That could work for some ‘client love’- they download the slideshow you create on the wedding night for them to have access to right away.
      Bryan was definitely an awesome guest and I plan to hit him up for another interview in the future.

  • Te

    Like some of the other commentors i love that he puts his marketing dollars into his clients. Im going to implement the slideshow for the reception. I know my people would love to see their images on the day and I have an imac to do it on.

    • Sounds great Te – you have to let us know how the slideshow is received when you give it a go.
      Be careful carting around your iMac around!

  • Thanks again for all the great feedback everyone – glad to see/hear that you’re going to take some new steps to improve YOUR marketing!

  • Just listened to this podcast, and wow! So much great information. I love the idea of printing and giving the bride and groom something at the end of the night, what a great idea!
    Bryan was very inspirational, thanks Bryan and Andrew for a great interview 🙂

    • Hey Trish – thanks for your comments and great to hear you enjoyed the interview. If you give Bryan’s idea a try, you have to let let us know how it goes in regard to getting the prints done on the night and what the couples reactions are like.

  • We are definitely going to give it a try. Have the perfect wedding to try it out on coming up next month. We are currently researching suitable albums, so if anyone in Australia has a suggestion for their favourite album supplier, would love to hear. The wedding is on 19 Oct, so will let you all know how it goes.

    • That’s great Trish, look forward to hearing how it goes.

      In regard to album suppliers, I use Albums Australia in Melbourne and have done for many years.
      Most suppliers will have a small album that would be perfectly suitable for this application and if you want a few to compare, also have a look at Seldex, Photo Mounts and Albums and Queensbury (from New Zealand but ship to Australia).

      • We had one of those wonderful big Italian weddings yesterday, and we gave the Bride and Groom an album with a few printed photos from the day. It was a huge hit! The bride also asked if we would be able to print an image and frame it to give to both sets of parents last night – that was an absolute winner! The bride’s mother and father couldn’t stop crying lol. The groom’s mother kept hugging me and telling me how wonderful I was lol. So – definitely worth the effort. Everyone was so impressed – the framed portraits were going round the room as we left, and the amazed looks on people’s faces were so worth it.
        Thanks Brian for such a great tip!

        • Hi Trish

          It’s AWESOME to read your comments about the recent wedding – good on you for taking action and I love that it was a big hit!

          I really love the idea of the framed prints too – this would be even easier than putting together and printing for an album – love it!

          I’m sure Bryan will be just as rapt to hear about your success – thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This was one of my favourite interviews so far! I loved the idea of giving the bride a small album at the end of the night… Any chance Brian could share where he gets those books from? 🙂

    • Hi Terry, love that you enjoyed the interview with Bryan as much as I had recording it.
      I’m not sure who Bryan uses but I’d guess every album supplier will have a small or mini album in a 6×4 or 5×7 size for 10-20 images that would be perfectly suited for this if you want to give it a try.
      Most album suppliers will have some kind of “sticky tabs” or recommended adhesive to stick the prints in the album and may even ship these with your albums.
      Look for something that suits your brand that would work with any wedding you shoot and go for it.
      Let us know how it works out if you give it a try.

  • Bryan was awesome. I love the what he does for his clients on the night of the wedding, thats so cool. I always give my clients a gift but thats taking it to a whole new level. I will also be looking at my about page on my website, what fantastic advice. Thanks again Andrew !

    • Hi Kate – I agree, Bryan really does take customer satisfaction to a whole new level.
      Glad you enjoyed the interview and I’m sure visitors (to this site) will now be heading over to check your “about” page to see what you’ve come up with.

  • Wow, Andrew. I can’t believe I waited to listen to this interview. Bryan Caporicci BLEW. ME. AWAY. I mean, where do you even start? Everything he shared made total sense, and I love how he spoke with so much authority and confidence — indeed very wise beyond his years. My biggest takeaway was of course the stuff he does for his client — between the slideshow and the same day album, which client wouldn’t end up spreading raves about him? I think that that’s a massive testament to the fact that ultimately, treating your clients right is the most valuable marketing strategy, because every good thing you do for them will come back to your business tenfold. It makes me think that photographers confident in their craft should also keep in mind that this business is as much about service as it is about delivering a superior product — at the end of the day, your clients will remember you for how you made them feel, as opposed to what you actually delivered (although the photos are still important, obviously). Awesome, awesome interview.

    • Hey Rhona – I think every listener was blown away by the “client love” that Bryan shared with us, me included.

      What I’d be really interested to know is how many photographers that heard this interview actually start doing something similar with their clients.

      Bryan made it abundantly clear that what he’s doing is working amazingly well – it was almost as if he was face palming our foreheads saying DUH! if you want clients talking about you, step up your game, here’s what I’m doing.

  • I really liked this one. The idea of printing out a sample album the night of the wedding is incredible! If we can work out a way to do that in our business I would be so happy. But we definetly have a long way to go to be able to do something like that. Plus it sounds like my wife and I do quite a bit more in post, so I don’t think that we would be able to do the full 150 image slideshow, but the 10-15 image album just might be something that we could manage.

    • Don’t set your target too high from the start Chris – that’s puts you in danger of doing nothing.

      Why not try the album for example idea first. Grab yourself the printer, they’re around $99 and put together a 10 sided album on the night of the wedding. Worried about post processing? Why not create a simple photoshop or Lightroom action to convert to black and white, add some contrast and a subtle vignette. Choose 10 photos from Lightroom or Photo Mechanic, export (or run your action [or drag them onto a droplet]) and you’re done!

      There is NO WAY your wedding couples will not be BLOWN AWAY with your black and white images.

      Love to hear how it goes if you do it.

  • That is a great idea! I am starting to utilize presets in Lightroom now. I never knew about them before, but now that I’ve discovered them, my post is really speeding up. I just edit one just the way I like it, make a preset, and just do some minor tweaking on the rest. The main thing keeping me from doing this right now is my computer. I don’t think hauling my huge desktop computer to a wedding would be the best. We’re looking to invest in a good laptop that can handle lightroom/photoshop which would really help with things like that.

  • P.S. I forgot to say, but it looks like that 50’s wedding was a blast to shoot! I love how you used that film look to keep with the theme. Do you have more of those posted somewhere? I’d love to take a look (even though everyone says that I shouldn’t look at other wedding photos).

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  • Andrew Szopory

    Andrew today I brought a Canon Selphy printer, media and some white 6×4 brag albums. I have a few weddings coming up and I am really keen to see the impact that this has. I promise to give feedback once I have tried this.

    Can you also try and slip this question into a few of your wedding photographer interviews because I’m just curious. In December of any given year how many bookings on average do established or emerging photographers have already for the following year, or do 70%-80% of bookings come that actual year? whats their percentage.

    Cheers Andrew Szopory

    • It’ll be great to hear how you go with the upcoming weddings and the albums Andrew.
      Are you using Mac or PC for the cCanon Selphy?

      Great question about bookings, I’ll be sure to ask future wedding photographers.

  • Andrew Szopory

    I’m using a PC. I’ve done a little test run where I took a raw image did a quick edit then copied back to a sd card. Worked fine, Maybe the selphy printers don’t like Nikon users lol. Couldn’t help myself.

    Thanks that would be great if you could ask my question on future podcasts. I’ve nearly been through all of last years episodes and getting so much from them. Ie I’m fixing my site to have a wedding advice blog. I’ve approached florists and celebrants (and more are planned) who are all keen to do a interviews, of which they have already done but my sites still getting fixed up

    P.S Yes I’m a mad keen skier been to Niseko for the last 2 years.

    Cheers again

    • Haha – you had to bring up the Canon Nikon thing didn’t you Andrew 🙂
      Good to hear the Selphy is working fine with your combination – hopefully anyone else looking to try this will see your post.

      Sounds like your new site will be great. Love that you’ve been able to take a few things from the podcast to implement.

      How good is Niseko! We had 60cm of fresh POW yesterday, bloody awesome! I’ll be back next year for sure – might see you then, we can have a “business meeting” and write the trip off as a tax deduction. 🙂

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  • So far from all interviews I feel for me Bryan was to most realistic. he approach the whole photography business as boutique style, photographer with amazing craft expertise +good business. No cheap or quantity photography for $ or I am just cool . He is different and his ideas are leading to long business and artistic expressions to last. He express importance of education which I admire very much. Lot of photographers think That since you have”good eye” (I never understood what that supposed to mean) and fun doing photos you are pro. I blame media and photo industry to create such notion that photography is jus easy.

    • Great to read your comments about Bryan and I know he will too Bibi. I was so impressed with Bryan and his approach to business and photography that he is the only guest I’ve had on the podcast twice!

      I’m not sure where you’ve heard that making a living from photography is easy – I find it anything but, especially so in the last few years. I’m guessing the only place/people that are likely to tell you it’s easy being a photographer are those that have something to gain by having more photographers in the world? Those with something to sell. Maybe I’m being too cynical?

      Great to have you tuning in Bibi and thanks for adding your comments! If you ever have a question for Bryan, you’ll find he is one of the most helpful and open photographers out there and a lovely guy as well.

  • Thanks so much for an awesome interview Andrew – some great take aways, especially the same day album. Definitely on my list to try out at my next wedding. Thanks for sharing Bryan.

    • Great to have you listening Brett and thanks for adding your comments.

      The wedding day album (or framed print) has been a popular takeaway and one that you’ll hear referenced in future episodes. Plenty of listeners have shared great success stories using this idea form Bryan.

      You’ll also be happy to know that Bryan has since started his own interview based photography business podcast called Sprouting Photographer and is worth checking out.

  • Thanks, have already Andrew and really enjoying it too 🙂

  • I have just listened to this amazing podcast, geez there is so much great content here in this podcast.
    There was a note in this podcast asking about if someone should study photography or not, I have learned my craft through the New York Institute of Photography(NYIP), it really goes hand in hand with what Bryan was saying about knowing your camera and simply how to take a good photo. I would say that NYIP is a great place to study through, and it can be done via distance – which has worked great for me with a newborn and university studies.

    • Hey Hannalise – so glad you’ve discovered the podcast and are enjoying the interviews!

      Cool to hear about your experience with NYIP – I’m not familiar with the school but can see how it would be great way to learn with so much on your plate.

  • Just purchased a Canon Selphy and giving it a go this Saturday, thank for such a great idea.


    • Good one Tony!

      One piece of advice, have a trial run at home before the day to save having a frustrating and late night on Saturday. Speaking from experience 🙂

  • As always, Brian’s intelligence and guts showed through. Thank you again!

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  • I had some big takeaways from Bryan’s interview, n particular reinvesting in your clients, my wife and myself were sitting down the night before looking at advertising and marketing and where best to spend our money.We both agreed that Bryan idea of investing in the clients was a no brainer. The Selphy arrived today and we have ordered 10 albums with our embossing for the final 10 weddings for the year. Have to say a big thank you to Bryan for sharing his wealth of knowledge so freely and to Andrew for bringing this all together. PS slowly getting through the interviews.

    • Hey Adam – the Selphy idea is one of the best we’ve heard on the podcast and one I’ve been utilising since hearing it. It goes down amazingly well on a wedding day!

      I’ve done the same day album thing when working alone and it can be tough – occasionally I stay back and prepare it after saying my goodbyes, other times Ive been able to squeeze it in during the meals – depends on the wedding.

      If you have a 2nd shooter or assistant, it’d make it much easier but either way, it’s worth the effort!

      Love to hear how you go with it. And enjoy working through the back catalogue – there’s a ton of info there!

      Speak soon