This interview with world class photographer, Brett Florens was another game changing interview for me, I wonder if he'll have the same affect on you and your wedding photography business. Although we cover all sorts of marketing, advertising and business related conversation, it is Brett's stories and philosophy that has impacted and resonated the most.

From his start in photography while carrying out national service in the police force.

Photographing battles, bodies and families torn apart on the worst moments of their lives.

Having his talent recognised by a real estate agent during a “basic head shot” assignment that led to becoming the go-to photographer for the largest national surfing brands, Island Style, Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes, Volcom and Fox.

The stories continue and there is no doubt that Brett was only ever heading on one direction… up! Brett talks about becoming a Nikon ambassador, presenting at WPPI and possibly more important to you, how you can take your business in the same direction as Bretts.

Brett's view on magazine advertising was just one of the real eye openers for me and looking at it from his perspective was something I had never done. Chances are, if you've given up on print ads, you may change your mind after this episode of the podcast.

Brett Florens Wedding Photography Success interview

Brett draws much of his inspiration form the fashion and art world, more so than the wedding industry.

Chances are, if you're a wedding photographer, you've had to deal with “that guest” who wants to know the length of your lens, what aperture you're shooting at and the camera they have is the newer model than yours.

Chances are, you try and avoid or get away from that guest as soon as possible.

Chances are, following this interview, you'll never do that again.

A big thanks to Marc Collins in the UK for suggesting Brett as a guest after attending one of his wedding photography workshops in the UK. If you have a wedding or portrait photographer (or related business expert) that you'd love to hear on the podcast, let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email,

Here's some of what we cover in the interview:

  • Which photos to use for marketing your business and why less is more
  • Getting better at your craft
  • Bridal expo displays and how not to confuse the bride
  • Print advertising, it's definitely not dead
  • Where to get inspiration for your photography
  • Attracting the right client for you and your business
  • Not everyone can service the top
  • Shooting for fashion labels
  • Getting a start
  • Going from 60 to 20 weddings per year
  • How many photos should you be using on Facebook after your weddings?
  • How to live your brand
Brett Florens Wedding Photography Success interview

A simple corporate head shot led to amazing things for Brett. As he says, it's all about the relationships you build.

Having known so little about Brett before this interview, I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with him. I felt we could have chatted for hours and it was great to hear him really open up and expose some of his thoughts on photography, knowing fine well that he may be coming across as…. I'm not sure what, but his honesty was refreshing and truly appreciated. Hope you feel the same way after listening.

Brett is also a published author and has a new book about to be released on Amazon (links below) and he photographs all over the world as well as conducts workshops and seminars. If you enjoy this interview and would love to see Brett presenting in your area or country, let him know. He'd love to hear from you.

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Whether you'd like to hear a particular question in the “Quick Question” segment or in the general part of the interview, I'd really love to know. Leave a note in the comments below or email me – your input would be awesome.

Brett Florens Wedding Photography Success interview

By showing the style of image you want to shoot, you're more likely to attract the clients you want and want you.

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To Terry from Canada  – thanks for changing your review in iTunes from a 4 star to a 5 star! It means a lot to me but more so, it was really cool to hear you are starting your own photography business and  getting something form the podcast. Wishing you every success and happiness in what is a fantastic way to live and work.

Also, thanks to HR Kealin' – not sure who you are but I appreciate the rating and review.

Again, to Marc Collins of MK Collins Wedding Photography for letting me know that I had to get Brett on the show – thanks!

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

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Brett Florens Wedding Photography Success interview

Understanding lighting and your equipment is the first step to having a profitable business.

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