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Andrew Hellmich hosts the number one photography business podcast - PhotoBizX. An interview-based, weekly podcast, where Andrew has photographers from around the world revealing their marketing, advertising, pricing and business secrets in detail so you can improve and build a more successful photography business. The interviews are in depth and you will be surprised at the questions he asked (it’s like he can hear your thoughts) and how much his guests reveal. There’s no way you can listen without feeling motivated to implement the ideas you hear to grow your own photography business.

299: Dorie Howell – How to Make Better Portrait Photography Sales

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Dorie Howell of is a newborn, children and family photographer based in the suburbs of Washington, DC who has been in business for over 10 years. She openly says on her website that cost is the number #1 determining factor that people look at when choosing a photographer. On the same page, she happily lists her prices. We explore both in this episode. Dorie is also [...]

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296: Paul Jarvis – Defining Success Within Your Photography Business

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Paul Jarvis of is the author of a new book, Company of One - Why Staying Small Is The Next Big Thing For Business which focuses on the idea that staying small and avoiding growth can be more enjoyable, more fulfilling and possibly more profitable than going big. In this interview, my hope is your takeaway will be coming away with a new idea of how you [...]

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295: Andrew Hellmich – Christmas Episode and Interview Recommendations

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. In this episode, to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, PhotoBizx host Andrew Hellmich lists some of his favourite interviews from 2018 on different topics including SEO, pricing, advertising, customer service and more. See links to the recommended episodes below. Note from Andrew: Instead of hitting you with a new interview on Christmas day, I wanted to take this chance to say a massive thanks for your support throughout the [...]

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294: Rachel Bourke – How to make consistently higher sales to every photography client

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Rachel Bourke of is the founder and head trainer of SalesSPACE. The company mission is to bring the latest scientific research on decision-making and human interaction to business owners. In basic terms, Rachel teaches business owners how to make consistently higher sales to your clients - starting with attracting your perfect prospects - all through the use of language and training. Language is a really important [...]

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293: Ben Chrisman – How to Build a Successful Studio Portrait Photography Business

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Ben Chrisman of Chrisman Studios and King and Fields Studios is one of the most well-known wedding photographers in the world. Coming into this interview, I was expecting to be wowed with stories of amazing places, couples and images while digging for actionable business ideas you can implement into your wedding photography business. Instead, the interview took off and stayed on an entirely different track with the focus on [...]

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292: Michael Schacht – Advanced Facebook Ads for Headshot Photographers

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Michael Schacht of is a successful portrait and headshot photographer based in Chicago, Ilinois. A lot of his work is booked via advanced Facebook Ads, retargeting and Google Adwords. He utilises smart website choices to funnel his potential clients to the right areas to make advertising to them even easier. This is exactly what we cover in today's episode. Some more about Michael... he spent his [...]

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Why do you charge for PhotoBizX Podcasts when other podcasts are free?

I received the following email from John (not his real name) via the contact form on this website: Subject:  Membership Message: Not good that you are splitting the interviews into two parts.....paid and not paid. Disappointing to say the least.   There's no question associated with the email but if it were a question, it'd be a fair one if John had of asked: Why do you charge listeners to hear the full interviews each week? I took John's email as a [...]

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017: Matt & Katie – Portrait and Wedding Photography Success with Planning, Systems, Business Fundamentals, Creativity and the Real You

Matt and Katie started their incredibly successful business in a small country town and charged $8000 for their very first wedding! Although it was a bold move and not one they recommend. In this episode of the podcast they explain how to have portrait and wedding photography success with planning, systems business fundamentals, creativity and the REAL you. Showing the real you is the secret to success in what is a saturated, competitive market. Matt and Katie do [...]

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