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Andrew Hellmich is the owner and principal photographer of Impact Images - the leading wedding and portrait studio of the Central Coast. A frequent blogger and podcaster on all things weddings. Andrew has written an eBook/wedding guide for brides looking for hints, tips and advice to have the best wedding day possible.

TPX15: Franck Boutonnet – Photography Projects, Awards and Legacy

Franck Boutonnet of has been a documentary photographer for over 15 years. He is a celebrated wedding photographer, photojournalist and lecturer with a very long list of awards! He describes himself as a cool dude, cool dad and is based in Lyon, France. Frank shoots JPG and is as passionate about his personal long-term photography projects as his clients work and is working continually toward a legacy worth leaving. I’m a better photographer because I [...]

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198: Bernie Griffiths – Facebook Ads and The Missing Link To Successful Sales

Bernie Griffiths of is responsible for the episode of PhotoBizX that has produced more leads, sales and discussions than any other - The Facebook Ad Challenge episode. I contacted Bernie for a follow up interview to ask him to share what listeners felt might have been the missing link when approaching the FB Ad challenge - how to sort the spenders from the non-spenders when offering free portrait sessions. NOTE: To be clear and upfront, this episode was recorded [...]

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Victor Hamke – The Muse will Kiss You Soon Enough

Victor Hamke of Muse and Mirror first caught my eye in the Fuji X Wedding Photographers group with the image immediately below. His photography looked surreal and modelled to perfection but with real couples and moments. His photography is beautifully dark. Not dark because it was a slider option in post. I started noticing his work in another group and had to have a closer look. The minute I saw a collection of his images in one place, I contacted him for an [...]

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197: Cole Roberts – Where to for Nordica Photography now

Cole Roberts of Nordica Photography is no stranger to this podcast or podcasting in general - he has his very own interview based Photography Podcast called... "Way Up North" where he interviews speakers from the workshop of the same name. When I last spoke to Cole and Jacob for episode 55 of the PhotoBizX podcast, they were already doing extremely well. With a background in marketing, entrepreneurship and a strong understanding about how to leverage social media, Nordica hit [...]

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Stop Shooting for an Audience

How would your photography look and feel if you didn’t shoot to publish? I don’t know about you but I feel every time I shoot, something has to be good enough to publish - on Instagram, Facebook or my blog. And it has to be "like" and "comment" worthy... whatever that is. There is pressure to perform every time I pick up the camera. It’s crazy! How would it be if that pressure was removed and it didn’t feel like [...]

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TPX14: Brian Aris – War Photographer turned Photographer to the Rich, Famous and Royal

Brian Aris of Aris Photography began his photographic career as a photojournalist covering assignments around the world including the civil unrest and riots in Northern Ireland, the plight of Palestinian children in Jordan, the civil war in Lebanon, famine in Africa and the war in Vietnam. He then decided on a complete change in direction, and opened a studio in London where he started photographing models for newspapers and magazines. At the same time he broadened his [...]

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196: Callie Gates – I Attempted Suicide but Photography Saved Me

Callie Gates of CameraCallie tried to commit suicide and photography has been her saviour. I read a post inside the Looks Like Film Facebook group (which you can read below) after her set portrait caught my attention as I scrolled quickly through the feed. After reading her post, I invited Callie to be interviewed about a subject that affects many in the photography community but rarely talked about - depression. Although there is less "actionable business content" in this [...]

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195: Dan Waters – Do You Want a Successful Business or To Look Good Online

Dan Waters of describes himself as 'The World's Most Helpful Photographer.' On his about page, Dan says, I'm running a project to do something nice for someone from every country on earth. With a marketing background, Dan has built a successful photography business in a low income city in the UK, doesn't have a studio and believes if he can do it, anyone can! After some research and before asking Dan onto the show, I wanted to make sure [...]

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194: Meredith Adelaide – Forget Making a Living and Focus on Making a Life

Meredith Adelaide of utilises Instagram (at the moment) to share her work with the world and her 30,000+ followers.  At a time when financial security seems to be the farthest thing from her mind, this interview skirts the edges when it comes to talking about the business of photography. At the same time, the approach Meredith takes to life, photography, social media and creativity might be the bright beacon of freedom you've been searching for in regard to your photography business. You just [...]

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193: Matt Druin – Back Up Strategies and Living Debt Free as a Photographer

Matt Druin of is a returning guest and one of the most helpful photographers you'll ever know. It's not unusual to find Matt happily sharing and helping, in detail, anything he can to answer questions, give advice and share his experiences to see other members advance their business or solve issues. In this interview, Matt shares his back up strategies and how you can live debt free as a photographer. It was a discussion inside the Members Facebook group that [...]

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