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Andrew Hellmich is the owner and principal photographer of Impact Images - the leading wedding and portrait studio of the Central Coast. A frequent blogger and podcaster on all things weddings. Andrew has written an eBook/wedding guide for brides looking for hints, tips and advice to have the best wedding day possible.

Are Virtual Assistants A Feasible Alternative For Your Photo Business?

A rare combination of skill and passion for taking amazing shots will draw someone into the photography business, but by itself won’t be enough to get them through the daily operations. In fact, when they get into the routine back-and-forth of running a business, they’ll find that their attention keeps being pulled away from the aspect that got them into it: the photography. They’ll have marketing to do, and briefs to cover, and travel to book. They’ll have so much [...]

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270: Christine Tremoulet – Storytelling and Blogging Strategies for Photographers

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Christine Tremoulet of is a photographer, sales and marketing coach, author, blogger and Podcaster. With a background as a Digital Marketing Strategist, Christine has helped countless photographers with branding, marketing, and learning to sell in a way that feels right to them. In this interview, Christine shares her storytelling and blogging strategies for photographers and why, no matter the number of readers or site visitors you [...]

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269: Dave and Angela Landua – Third Party Photography Marketing on Steroids

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Dave and Angela of Danae Studios have a unique way of utilising third party marketing that is working better than any other style of marketing I've heard - it feels like third party photography marketing on steroids! I wasn't sure if it was the concept, the delivery, the follow up process, their approach to pre shoot consultations and sales or their photography. This interview was the first chance [...]

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268: Alex Vita – Everything you need for a successful photography website

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Alex Vita of helps photographers grow their business with a great web presence, in two ways: He either builds websites for them, he has almost ten years of experience, having worked on over 200 websites for photographers from 25 countries He helps and teaches photographers to improve their online businesses themselves through some of the best educational content you'll find including articles, his newsletter and resources. He [...]

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267: Nadine van Biljon – Higher sales by making your product or service the solution for clients

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Nadine van Biljon of is a London based wedding photographer whose name popped up in the members Facebook Group when a recent discussion on album sales was started - in particular, selling extra album sides to couples after their wedding. If you've ever struggled to sell anything you want to your photography clients - albums, engagement shoots, a second shooter for their wedding, wall art, etc...  [...]

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266: Gina Milicia – Build a Better Photography Business By Improving Your Photography Skills

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Gina Milicia of and the So You Want To Be A Photographer Podcast was introduced in episode 56 of the PhotoBizX Podcast as a headshot and celebrity photographer... one of the very best in Australia. Since then, she's been doing more travel, more shoots, she's released new books and she has her very own podcast with co host Valerie Khoo. Gina's photography clients have included high-profile [...]

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265: Kirstie McConnell – This is how to build a successful pet photography business

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Adelaide Pet photographer, Kirstie McConnell of knows how to run a photography business and she has a lifestyle to prove it! Shooting and working for six months in the business, another six months off and travelling. The only way that's possible is if a business owner has systems in place, a great source of trusting and loyal clients and talent to deliver a great shoot and [...]

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264: Allison Redmon – How to use photography classes to book portrait clients

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Allison Redmon of is an American expat, documentary day in the life (DITL) film & stills photographer based in Saudi Arabia. In this interview, learn her beautifully seamless way of using photography classes to book portrait clients for her family photography and film business. Allison and I started chatting via email and in one of those messages, she said something that had me requesting this interview immediately afterwards. She wrote... [...]

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TPX23: Michael Blann – A Book of Epic Photography for An Epic Sporting Event

Michael Blann of was a selfish choice for an interview for me. I first learned about Michael after seeing an ad for Phase One Cameras showing him working in the high mountains of France... photographing the greatest race on earth, the Tour de France. My passion. The Phase one ad was based around Michael's new book - "Mountains - Epic Cycling Climbs" which was three years in the making. It's a book that brings together a photography project that [...]

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263: Dan McClanahan – In Person Marketing Trumps Print and Web Advertising All Day Long

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Dan McClanahan of McClanahan Studio has a totally different view to marketing, advertising and attracting new clients to most senior photographers... really, different to most every other photographer. In terms of marketing, everything he does is planned to be in person versus print or web ads. His aim, give people experiences that are cool and get them hooked. Before you start listening to this interview with Dan - you [...]

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