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Andrew Hellmich is the owner and principal photographer of Impact Images - the leading wedding and portrait studio of the Central Coast. A frequent blogger and podcaster on all things weddings. Andrew has written an eBook/wedding guide for brides looking for hints, tips and advice to have the best wedding day possible.

258: Rahim Mastafa – Shooting Behind the Scenes Video for Photographers to Connect with Potential Clients

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Rahim Mustafa of Sugarbox Studios is an internationally published fitness and physique portrait photographer based in the UK. Surprisingly, he doesn't have a website but uses social media for his online presence - something I've been told never to do. In saying that... it was his YouTube videos and in particular his behind the scenes shoots that led to me chasing him up for this interview. Don't [...]

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TPX22: Ale Vidal – Creativity, Passion and Staying True to Your Storytelling Vision

Ale Vidal of is a filmmaker, director and story teller, or story weaver, as she likes to describe herself. She specializes in capturing the goals, facts, and feelings of a brand that cannot be expressed through traditional marketing. When you see Ale's work, I think some words that will come to mind are dreamy, beautiful, emotional and transportive. As a creative, you may even feel what she creates is unattainable, it's that good. I’ve been working to [...]

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257: Kirk Mastin – How to Set Up Inbound Marketing and Book More Photography Sessions

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Kirk Mastin of published a blog post about inbound marketing for photographers that had me taking action and contacting him for this interview. I interviewed Kirk for episode 94 of the podcast and it was one of the most well received. The immediate response from listeners was to get him back on the show! The inbound marketing blog post was the catalyst. Kirk is a Seattle based [...]

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256: Elizabeth Goddard – Email Strategies for Photographers in Business

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Elizabeth Goddard of is not a photographer, nor does she specialise in anything to do with photography business... But she knows business, in particular, email, autoresponders, newsletters, working online and how niching down can be the best thing you'll ever do in your business. Elizabeth runs a super successful online business and she specialises in helping other businesses owners with tech, email and strategy. She got to where she [...]

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255: Vincent Pugliese – How to Move to a Life of Zero Debt With Your Photography Business

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Vincent Pugliese of  The Freelance Tribe is the author of a new book, Freelance To Freedom and is todays podcast interview guest.  Before his days as an author, Vincent had been a professional photographer for the past 23 years - shooting for newspapers and magazines plus covering weddings. The new book is the story of how he and his wife started a side wedding business to [...]

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254: Melissa Love – How to Combine Branding and Website Design for Photographers

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Melissa Love of The Design Space was a name I kept hearing - all from people in the photography industry I've come to know and trust like photographer and previous interview guest, Nadia Meli, online photography business coach, Julie Christie, creative copywriter Emma Whiley, SEO Expert Corey Potter and photographers singing her praises in different Facebook Groups. That led me to go find out more and chase her [...]

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253: Luci Dumas – Working with Community Groups to Rapidly Grow Your Photography Client List

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Luci Dumas of Luci Dumas Fine Photography has made a full time living as a photographer for the last 35 years with no other job or spouse paying the major expenses. She started out as a wedding photographer for the first 10 years. She then specialised in baby portraits which evolved into family sessions as the babies grew up. She has maintained a 6 figure turnover since [...]

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252: Hart Tan – Advanced Photography Business Marketing for Big Success

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Hart Tan of Tomato Photo is a Singapore based newborn, children and family photographer who is running two successful photography businesses targeting separate demographics and serving both successfully and profitably. His advanced approach to a photography business will be an eye opener to most photography business owners. Tomato Photo is the name of the main photography business and Hart also runs a subsidiary company called Bambini Photography - run [...]

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251: Jenna Christina – Email Marketing Focused on Your Photography Clients to Get More Bookings

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Jenna Christina of is a newborn and family photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area, who specializes in newborn, baby and family photo sessions in the home. Her photography style is documentary, she features a lot of black and white imagery and her big message to clients is "Real is more interesting than perfect." Jenna openly tells clients she cannot guarantee any specific photos but promises photography [...]

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250: India Street Photography Interviews – Shooting Personal Projects to Grow as a Photographer

The interviews in todays episode were recorded while on a recent street photography trip to India with seven fellow photographers. I was a little concerned when going into this trip, for a number of reasons... I hadn't met any of these photographers before  - I was hoping I'd fit in ok I was the eldest in this group - the first time ever on any kind of trip for me I learned that the average price per night for accommodation was [...]

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