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Adelaide Pet photographer, Kirstie McConnell of knows how to run a photography business and she has a lifestyle to prove it! Shooting and working for six months in the business, another six months off and travelling. The only way that's possible is if a business owner has systems in place, a great source of trusting and loyal clients and talent to deliver a great shoot and experience. Not to mention… sales skills.

I met Kirstie while visiting Adelaide earlier this year when I had a chance to catch up with a few other PhotoBizX members at the Atkins Pro Lab. Those few hours were enough for me to clearly see… here's a photography business owner who knows her stuff.

Kirstie's site is ranking on the first page of Google for the major keyword phrase anyone would be using to find a pet photographer in Adelaide. She's making consistently great sales, has a constant stream of beautiful clients obtained through a variety of marketing strategies and she has a life outside of photography.

During that Adelaide catch up, I also witnessed Kirstie's strong opinions on photography and business which should make this a fun interview. In addition to all this business stuff, she's a terrific photographer and from what I hear, delivers outstanding customer service.

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • From weddings and portraits to pet photography
  • Why pet photography is a great business niche
  • Kirstie's number of shoots per year and average sales per shoot
  • How to attract photography clients when moving to a new location
  • The struggle to establishing your name in a new market and starting out
  • Kirstie's marketing strategies and what's working best
  • What is a holding fee and how it can massively help your business
  • Dog of the year competition and how it works
  • Why Kirstie's voucher and free shoot promotion is so effective
  • How Kirstie's email automation works
  • Website banners and do they work?
  • Reasons why people are not booking you
  • The correct sequence to successfully schedule a free shoot that leads to sales
  • How Kirstie's sales sessions play out
  • Integrapay and Kirstie's client payment plans
  • Kirstie's Facebook group – who and what purpose does it serve

Kirstie McConnell Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what Kirstie shared. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where you thought, yeah, I'm going to do that! If so, let me know in the Members Facebook Group and we can discuss and chat about it there.

If your work is saleable, then sell it. – Kirstie McConnel

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Kirstie or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them inside the Members FB Group too.

Nick's story and his journey to a different way to do sales

I wrote a blog post about Nick Peel… a true story – yes, his real name and I’ll introduce him properly, in the post but that's him in the photo above.

In the post, I had to add the paragraph above because people I hold dear to me and trust, photographer and close friend, Aleisha, my son Matthew, to name two, thought Nick was made up!


Nick is 100% real, so are his wife Hayley and four kids. So are the photos of him, the screenshots of his Paypal account, everything in the post.

I interviewed Nick to get his story. That's what I do, interview photographers – Almost 300 to date and a new one each week.

If you’ve struggled to make money from photography, you’ll understand what Nick was going through.

NOTE: If you do IPS and it's working for you, honestly, ignore this – it's not for you.

Kirstie McConnell Photography Podcast

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

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Kirstie McConnel on Facebook

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Nick's Story – a journey to successful online sales

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening and thanks to Kirstie for coming on and sharing so much about her thoughts and ideas on developing a successful pet photography business based on marketing, great client experiences and building trust.

My goal during the session is to make sure that at all times the client is having fun. – Kirstie McConnell

That’s it for me this week, hope everything is going well for you in life and business!

Thanks and speak soon