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Bernie Griffiths of is responsible for the episode of PhotoBizX that has produced more leads, sales and discussion than any other – The Facebook Ad Challenge episode. I contacted Bernie for a follow up interview to ask him to share what listeners felt might have been the missing link when approaching the FB Ad challenge – how to sort the spenders from the non-spenders when offering free portrait sessions.

If you're new here and want the full story of the Facebook Ad Challenge, how to structure your ad, what copy you'll need to maximise results, which images to include and how to generate a lot of leads, shoots and sales. Go and trial the Premium Membership for $1 and check out episodes 136 and 138 in the Premium Area. Then jump into the secret Facebook Group to see  a lot of examples and discussion around these ads which have been used to book portraits, engaged couples and weddings for a lot of members.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • What to expect when working with Bernie to seek help to grow your photography business
  • Photographers should drop their wedding photography and concentrate on portraits instead
  • Wedding photography is overly competitive while portrait photography is wide open
  • How you learn more from you losses than you do from your wins
  • How to improve chances of sales from Facebook Ads and “free” shoots
  • The three possible outcomes you should be seeking from your Facebook Ads
  • 3 strategies that you need to implement into your photography business
  • Why a 15% lead conversion is ideal from your Facebook Ads
  • Engaged couples sessions are a portrait sessions and why you should treat them as such
  • Stop aiming for wedding bookings and consider the portrait sessions as the win from your ads
  • How to filter the spenders from the non-spenders amongst your leads
  • What content needs to be in your Facebook ads
  • Email open rates  – only 30% of people open their emails let alone read them
  • How to be successful with your client phone calls
  • The best rebuttal statement when clients decline to pay upfront during phone calls
  • The need to involve all involved parties when booking photo sessions
  • Grabbing people’s attention about your business is never a trick – it’s a marketing strategy
  • Why pre-consultations guarantee higher sales
  • How to work less yet earn more
  • The need to overcome every photographers mindset to book more sales
  • Planting the seed on how much clients are likely to spend after a photo session
  • Why it’s OK for clients to walk away after the mention “average spend” on free photo shoots
  • How to deal with objections from clients
  • Which is better: Adverts or Boosted Posts?
  • Replying to shares and comments on your FB Ads to keep the momentum and engagement going
  • Why you must include a call-to-action in your FB Ads
  • Changing photographer’s mentality to gain confidence in selling their images
  • Photographers deprive people of spending their money – how to stop doing that
  • Discounts are no longer motivators for client bookings
  • Marketing is all about doing multiple things at the same time
  • Chase your clients
  • How to increase your Facebook likes
  • How to target the right audience in your FB Ads

Bernie Griffiths Photography Podcast

Premium Member Questions for Bernie

In addition to my questions for Bernie, some premium members also had questions… you can see the questions below and hear the answers in the premium version of this episode.

Anita Watkins – I struggle with the bait and switch notion of these ads, what are your thoughts on this Bernie?

Maz Pedersen – I would love to know what Bernie thinks of adverts compared to targeted boost posts? I hear most people say that ads are more effective but I have had the opposite experience.

I would also like to know what steps he recommends in “closing the sale”, so sending the customer to a page on your website or other ways of converting the advert to a booking/sale?

Chris Seddon – I ran my first ad a couple of months back. Got a Good response for the ad, but then when I shared the post on my FB page it went nuts! Would running the ad first have helped the post do well?

Secondly, the offer of the free shoot attracted a lot of people who didn't have a wedding date set, a lot of low budget couples and generally a lot of people who just seemed to be after a free shoot with no interest in buying anything. I tried to create an audience based on certain page likes to qualify them a little, but the audience size was too small. Any tips?

Wilson Cheng – How do you get the non winners to take any action? I emailed 10 non winners a consolation prize which was a paid shoot, at a heavily reduced price with extras and didn't hear a thing back.

How long should the window be for the couple to book their shoot with you? I've only ran this ad once and I gave them a 6 month window which I feel is a tad long.

Melissa Katherine – I'd love to know how to create a much more evergreen campaign. Perhaps a “like campaign” that doesn't suck. I always get bogged down with the copy of those and also whenever I've done them I usually get random ‘likefarm' followers, even when I have specifically set locations for my target market etc. In the end it just seems to dilute my reach.

Debbie Smith – how do I target the right audience using “interests” inside FB? Are pixels relevant here?

What are your thoughts on responding to comments on the ad post while the ad is running?

Ben Potter – How do you qualify the clients who are more likely to spend? What sort of questions do you ask them?

Follow up Questions for Bernie

If you have any follow up questions or comments for Bernie, head to and use the comments area there. Chances are, if you have a question, someone else will be after the answer. You’ll also find links to anything and everything mentioned during the interview on that page.

Plus, you'll find Bernie available inside the members Facebook group.

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