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Dan Waters of describes himself as ‘The World's Most Helpful Photographer.' On his about page, Dan says, I'm running a project to do something nice for someone from every country on earth. With a marketing background, Dan has built a successful photography business in a low income city in the UK, doesn't have a studio and believes if he can do it, anyone can!

After some research and before asking Dan onto the show, I wanted to make sure he'd be a good fit for PhotoBizX. I asked him a series of questions, which we cover in the interview and was happily surprised at each of his replies.

One big thing was the look, style and feel of Dan's website. To me, it didn't look like the site of the most well known photographers in the world. When questioned about it, Dan turned the question around and asked me, if given the choice, would I like a successful business or to look good online?

I knew then, he'd make a perfect guest for PhotoBizX.

Once we'd set a date, Dan asked, what would you like to cover, here are a few things I can happily talk about:

  1. How I book 89% of wedding clients who meet me
  2. The huge mistakes photographers make with their website
  3. How to create special offers that encourage people to book you
  4. How to triple your income without raising your prices
  5. How to become the most famous photographer in town

I can't promise we'll get through all of these but I have a feeling this is going to be a jam packed episode.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • How Dan’s marketing background speed up his success with his photography business
  • Visiting similar websites to learn and apply best practices
  • In-person sales are the best strategy to succeed in your photography business
  • How in-person sales guarantees doubling or tripling your profits
  • Why most photographers start with online sales instead of in-person sales
  • Why so many photographers struggle with confidence
  • What is it with in-person sales sessions that makes people spend more money?
  • Using Pro Select room view feature to guarantee successful in-person sales
  • Is it ok to use a laptop when doing an in-person sales session?
  • Dan's reaction to hearing his website design looks old and outdated
  • Photographers tend to assume people don’t read websites anymore – big mistake!
  • Having many words on your website gives you the chance to get ranked in Google
  • How to help your own Google ranking
  • Why you need to make friends with your wedding vendors?
  • The law of reciprocity and how it affect photographers on business
  • Why Dan stays longer before and after weddings
  • Who to choose and network among the wedding vendor to increase your business exposure
  • How Dan attracted bookings when he stared his business
  • The need to take action immediately and continuing to make improvements along the way
  • How to become the most famous photographer in your town
  • How to hold exhibits of your work in your nearest shopping centre
  • Why you should hold exhibits and how they will improve your business

In addition, if you purchase Dan's course (details below), email me your receipt and I'll reimburse you 50% of the course cost.

If you head to, use the promo code “photobizx” to save 25% off the Four Figure Family Photography Formula Funnel and get a month's access to the vault of webinars.

The videos are detailed and really do go into step by step actions to start making a profit from your business fast. Like Dan says, if he's been able to build a great business in a low income town, there's no reason why you can't start making money from your photography right now.

Dan Waters Photography Podcast

Follow up Questions for Dan

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