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Tony Hoffer is one part of the duo or team at Hoffer Photography, based in Philadelphia and focussing mainly on weddings. These guys (Tony and his wife Amy) discovered photography late in life, found a love for it, quit their day jobs a year later and have been killing it ever since. Their “secret” is simple… to be successful as a photographer make everything about your client

Wedding photography prices start at $4000 and their clients are raving about them!

Here's a quote from Tony, something he said 5 years ago…

There are SO many people trying to be photographers now. Having a good vision and being artistic isn’t good enough any more. Run your photography like a business and you’ll have much better odds of making it – Tony Hoffer

I think his comments ring as true today as it did then and I'm looking forward to learning exactly what that means for Hoffer Photography.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • How should you measure success in photography business today?
  • How the business of photography has evolved in the last five years
  • How Tony separates himself and Hoffer Photography from the competition
  • How to tailor your work specifically for each client
  • How to identify what your clients want
  • Do referrals coming from internationally well known photographers guarantee client bookings?
  • Note taking to document important details from client meetings
  • What happens during client meetings that see such a high booking rate for Hoffer Photography
  • The importance of online reviews from wedding sites and directories
  • Wedding photography reviews as reinforcement
  • Soliciting reviews from past clients
  • Changing the way you shoot to please your clients
  • How to give clients the best experience with your photography business
  • How to utilise slideshows during client meetings
  • Criteria for finding the right associate photographers for your business
  • Are associates required to sign contracts when joining Hoffer Photography?
  • How much are associate photographers paid?
  • Why do clients choose Tony’s associate photographers over him?
  • How Tony manages to keep his website up-to-date with such a busy studio
  • Why Tony insists on blogging their weddings as soon as possible
  • Utilising blog posts as wedding press releases for an effective marketing strategy
  • Why Tony doesn’t like the idea of taking clients’ money at all cost
  • Re-evaluating what works in social media for photographers today
  • Word of mouth referrals is the best way of attracting and booking clients
  • Tony’s advise to photographers on how to build their clientele
  • Why using social media channels as a long term business strategy will not work
  • What is Hoffer Media
  • Why you need to keep your commercial photography work separate from your wedding work
  • How Tony handles unhappy clients
  • The best thing Tony has done for his business
Tony Hoffer Photography Podcast

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