Project Description

Nick Peel of Barley Monks photography is the photographer behind the Online Sales masterclass and our guest today.

Nick is the father of 4 children with a full time job and a successful portrait photography business in Sydney, Australia. His photography is terrific, his website beautifully laid out and he makes it easy for his clients to know what to expect and to buy.

This interview came about because Nick volunteered to participate in a role play recording for the FB Ads course and during that recording I learnt all about Nick's approach to online sales and how he's making it work so well.

Since then, I've consistently referred to it via a ton of emails to photographers, then there was a post inside the members FB group which also took off. I thought ok, it's time to get Nick on and get the low down on his process and to explain how and why it works so well.

Nick Peel Photography Podcast

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The Online Sales Masterclass – use the discounted link on the Premium Resource page

Nick Peel Photography Podcast

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Nick Peel Photography Podcast