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Jerry Van of Van's Portraits is one of the most successful photographers in the PhotoBizX community and has been in business, shooting portraits for over 35 years! Luckily for us, he has agreed to record a members only interview to share how he does business.

In the interview, Jerry goes into detail on how he attracts all the clients he does, why Third Party Marketing works so well, how and why he shoots in the style he does… plus pricing, sales and plenty more!

If ever you wanted a portrait photographer to emulate – from lead generation, shooting, sales and lifestyle, you'd be hard pressed to find someone better than Jerry.

Jerry Van Photography Podcast

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Jerry Van Photography Podcast

“So here are some images as well as the shots of my garage before and after Steve Saporito did the walk through. I wanted to display a 60” Wall Art Collection so I built a temporary wall in front of the door! My work room is through the door in on lift of the viewing room I have my computer as well as the 44” printer and laminating table.” – Jerry

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Jerry Van Photography Podcast