How To Approach A Photographer or Photography Studio For Work

I recorded the video below a few years ago and stand by the content as much as the day I recorded it. The video was made in response to all the BAD requests I was receiving to work with Impact Images. These applications were usually via email for paid work, shooting, assisting, carrying bags, work experience, anything.

The quality of enquiry was ridiculously bad. From generic emails addressed to no-one, addressed to the wrong studio altogether (yes, I've had job enquiries come tome and addressed to another local studio!), with spelling and grammar mistakes and seemingly no care, time or effort at all.

What I share in the video is suitable for anyone looking to assist, carry bags, gain employment or help from another photographer in any genre.

If you've been approached with a terrible application, feel free to share this post with whoever approached you – if you'd like to help them.

NOTE: Don't feel compelled to sit through the video yourself if you're already a pro photographer. Trust me when I say it's all common sense and there's no need for you to waste 40+ minutes of your life sitting through something you already know.

Looking at the video now, I could have talked faster and moved more quickly through the presentation but I feel anyone seriously interested in finding work with a photographer should be made to watch it ALL before sending a SINGLE email to anyone to request work.

I hope you can use it…

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