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John Mireless of is responsible for the outdoor art installation you may have heard of called – Neighbours. In this interview, John shares the detail on why and how he was able to transition from a domestic and commercial photographer to photographic Artist. Hint… he was able to generate enough income from photography to have time off (years) to focus solely on creating art with his photography.

The Neighbours project began in 2015 as a series of portraits featuring the everyday people in John's community in San Diego. After photographing these locals he made 4′ x 6′ vinyl prints, in-house, which feature mostly tightly cropped headshots.

John framed these images himself and displayed them on the fence surrounding his home! They were prominent and available for everyone to see.

Since then, he has been travelling America, photographing ‘neighbours' around the country.

He has studios in San Diego and New York City and a history that includes wedding, portrait and commercial photography. At the moment, all commercial work is on hold as John pursues art. Made possible by the fact he generated the kind of income from weddings, portraits and commercial work to take time off to pursue what he's most passionate about.

My goal with this work is to unite Americans across their geographic, political, racial and economic differences,” said the artist. “By bringing people together through my art, I hope to create a sense of connection between viewer and subject and, hopefully, promote empathy across the many differences that divide Americans. – John Mireless

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • How the Neighbor project was born
  • Is there an endpoint to John's Neighbor project?
  • What distinguishes a photographer from an artist?
  • How to generate funding for your photographic art project
  • Do you need an art degree or masters to be a successful artist?
  • Why John spends a lot of time building his curriculum vitae
  • Who gives value to the kind of art John creates?
  • What makes a commission in the art world different from commercial photography?
  • Who and what type of clients commissions photographers to create art?
  • How John landed his first commissioned photography project
  • Why people are loving John's art and why his installations are so successful
  • When does a photography project become an art project?
  • Why personal projects are important to the growth of your business
  • The process behind the creation of the Neighbors project
  • What makes one art installation grab so much attention?
  • How John shoots for his art installation projects
  • The type of people that John loves to shoot for this project
  • Why make the switch from head and shoulder portraits to half body style type portraits?
  • What happened when one of John's art installation were graffitied?
  • John's advice for photographers who wants to pursue art installation and photography as art
  • What to expect from John's future projects

John Mireles Photography Podcast

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What I think works about my project is that it does bring people together. It allows Americans to connect with each other. – John Mireles

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John Mireles Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

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Art is about communicating something. It's about teaching us something about our experience, our culture, it's about questioning, it's making some sort of statement. And that requires a lot of thought and a lot of intentionalities. – John Mireles

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John Mireles Photography Podcast

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John Mireles Photography Podcast

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Thanks again for listening and big thanks to John for sharing his thoughts on art and building a successful photography business to fund the creation of art projects.

When art works, there is meaning behind the work. – John Mireles

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