CJ Chilvers is a writer and photographer who challenges the love photographers show for the “photographic toys” they use and want. His passion cry is to focus less on gear, create images that matter to you.

CJ has been obsessed with photography since the age of 12 but a few years ago, his passion for photography took a turn. He became less focused on the gear and more focused on making photos that matter.

I recently finished reading his book – “A lesser Photographer – escaping the gear trap to focus on what matters” and found myself nodding, thinking and questioning myself the entire way through.

I finished reading CJ's book, subscribed to his email list and the goodness continued. I'm rapt to have him for this episode of the podcast.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • The big difference between professional and amateur photographers
  • 99.99% of photographers aren't professionals
  • Amateur photographer are lucky, the shoot what truly makes them happy
  • Professional photographers have adapted but can't shoot what makes them happy
  • The changing view on photography equipment
  • The importance of learning what really matters when honing your creativity
  • It normally takes 20 years to know what you truly want as a photographer
  • Advice for photographers who want to go pro
  • Why you should stop wasting time reading books to learn photography
  • Why photographers are so enamored with photographic equipment
  • Will it a good idea to quit your full-time job to turn pro?
  • Photography with writing can generate more income when starting a business
  • Why you need to promote your own story to succeed in photography business
  • Why CJ chooses not to monetize his blog
  • The importance of building relationships with your readers through newsletters
  • Is blogging for everyone?
  • Learn why nothing you do is ever a waste of time
  • Unloading thoughts and hesitations will free up your mind to come up with more creative solutions
  • How to find your voice
  • How to find your brand
  • Do you really need a unique style and does it even exist?
  • The importance of getting your story across
  • The need to think like your potential clients
  • Is the use of social media a bad thing to grow in as a photographer?
  • Once you make your art into a business, it's no longer your art
  • Can photographers really be considered artists?
  • Why you need to build, keep and have a great reputation in business

CJ Chilvers Podcast Interview

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Snap shots are the most important photographs in the world – CJ Chilvers

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CJ Chilvers Podcast Interview

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CJ Chilvers presenting on stage

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CJ Chilvers Podcast Interview

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