Want more Leads (bookings and sales) for your Wedding or Portrait Photography Business?

If you're anything like me, you know how to shoot, you're confident in your ability to create great images and deliver an experience clients LOVE with your photography. If only you could find more clients who love the way you shoot instead of scrambling to book enough sessions to have consistent clients and sales. 

I've done a lot of marketing over the years and as much as I'm happy to work on SEO, build relationships with other business owners for 3rd party marketing opportunities, sponsor raffles and auctions, have a newsletter and email list, go to bridal expos… Facebook remains oh-so-attractive. Especially after learning how easy it is to have my ideal clients chasing me up for shoots after I run a simple but highly targeted ad.

The beauty of these Facebook ads for photographers, no matter if you're shooting weddings or portraits – and when I say portraits, it could be newborns, toddlers, families, pets or couples – using targeted ads the way I cover in the course, means you you can reach your best clients so easily. Plus, I'll show you how to have them chase you up, fighting to have you photograph them.

This strategy will work for you – see the proof below form other photographers already doing it. 

If you want to grow your photography business and get some consistency, do this simple and repeatable system. There are only a few things to implement and you'll be off and running. Follow the strategy, have people contact you and get bookings and sales more easily than you thought possible. 

Facebook Ad Course - NORMALLY $197!

  • Easy to follow step by step Instructions so there's no stress or guessing how to do this.
  • Video tutorials showing exactly how to set up your campaign inside the Facebook Ads Manager so you can follow along.
  • Role Play Audio – so you can hear how to weed out potential clients who won't spend on your photography.
  • Separate instructions for different wedding and portrait photographers – no need to guess anything.
  • Multiple examples, suggestions and ideas for your ads so you can have multiple campaigns working all the time.
  • Detailed instructions on setting your ad budgets – less than $40 on your ads will make this work.
  • Tried and true system that's working right now with real examples from PhotoBizX members around the world.
  • A growing Q and A Chapter where I answer your specific questions.
  • If you don't get the results I'm talking about, you get a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I want you to try this for yourself.

What Do You Get in the Course?

In a nutshell, you get a proven system to generate more leads, bookings and sales. It was taught to me and PhotoBizX listeners by photography coach Bernie Griffiths on the podcast – over 3 seperate episodes.

When Bernie first explained how all this works, I put him to the test and constructed my first ad during the interview recording. I followed his instructions and you would not believe the results!

Over 30 portrait sessions booked… from a single ad.


Not only that… I had people tagging friends, sharing on their timelines, commenting with photos of their children and emailing me, asking if they can be chosen to be photographed.

Since that first interview, I've had Bernie back on the show, twice. We went deeper into the strategy and refined what the listeners and I had been doing with our ads.

Fast forward 12 months…

PhotoBizX members and I have been using this same strategy, made lots of refinements and have adapted what we learnt to target all different genres of photography, from weddings (engaged couples), portraits, families and pets.

I'll share some of the results below and more in the course. Know one thing, our businesses have improved out of sight with this one strategy. After tweaking a few things, following my initial ad for kids and their pet dogs, I targeted engaged couples. I had more enquiries than I could handle and had to stop my ad running – I was scared I couldn't keep up!

In the following weeks, I photographed 7 couples and of those, 6 booked their weddings with me! Plus, I made print sales to most of the couples too.

All from one ad which cost less than $40.

Heyyyy so I ran my first ad today. I've only spent $4 and my inbox is going crazy!

Daz Mack, Daz Mack Photography

Just buy it, you will start making money as fast as you start phoning and shooting sessions. The cost for new clients is so low it's silly. I had figured it used to cost about 60+ dollars per new client. Now it's about 5.

Jerry Van, Van's Portraits

What if you could shoot exactly how you want to… and get paid for that?

I was at a stage with my photography where I was shooting more for my client than for myself. I was losing my passion to shoot and in a rut – going to the same locations, shooting the same poses, processing the files the same way… I was running my photography business on auto pilot.

I knew from all the interviews I'd done, something needed to change. I had to start showing the type of photography on my website that I wanted to be shooting.

For me, that was more black and white images, images with grain and contrast. The thing is, I didn't have enough of those types of images to show on my site.

I also wanted to photograph more adventurous couples. Couples willing to show a bit of emotion and allow me to experiment and get creative with my photography.

Want, want, want… I knew what I wanted but didn't know how to start building that portfolio while running my business.

That's where the Facebook Ads came to my rescue!

I ran my ad, following what I'd learnt from Bernie and other PhotoBizX members and was inundated with requests from couples. Adventurous, exciting, fun couples. This was so good.

These were the couples who went on to book me for their weddings.

If you're looking for a change in style, genre, want to try new locations, attract a different kind of clients, follow the course and instantly attract your people. It sounds crazy but it's that easy.

Andrew Hellmich - photographer, blogger, podcaster

After running my FB ad for adventurous, romantic, engaged couples – I started attracting and booking clients like Lisa and Michael.

Another engaged couple, Rhys and Coralie who responded to my ad and were happy to shoot in the pouring rain and allow me to shoot in ways I never had before. These guys also booked me for their wedding, as did Lisa and Michael.

I thought I had the FB Ad Challenge down to a science but after reading this I will absolutely be making some changes to refine it more.

Raymond Hatfield, Raymond Hatfield Photography
I think [the FB Ads course] would sell well at $200-300 honestly. You have something valuable that many people don't. Tons of testimonials that prove without a doubt that this system works.
Corey Potter, Fuel Your Photos

One of the first shoots I did after my initial ad for kids aged between 4-8 with their pet dog. I couldn't believe the response to how much fun I had shooting the way I wanted to be.

If you want to trial or introduce a new genre like “Day In The Life Photography” – these ads are the perfect way to attract the kind of clients who want these shoots.

I have followed Andrews instructions to the letter and in 24 hours I have 24 completed questionnaires, 2 wedding enquiries and the ad has been seen by 4000 people. This stuff is gold and I have 6 days left to run.

Simon Hawkins, Simon Hawkins Photography

What a fantastic course… Super easy to breeze through and its all killer, no filler.

James Westray, James Westray Photography