Dermot and Catherine Murphy of run a successful family photography studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I had the chance to record a short interview with them around their dining table while visiting.

I feel very lucky to have been offered a room at their home when Dermot heard I'd be visiting the area. I had no idea how much better it would be to discover a city in tow with a local photographer. Not only did I get a chance to see the way Catherine and Dermot run their business, they allowed me into their lives for the few days I was there with a tour of the city, eating and drinking at the best pubs and restaurants, a cycling trip with the nicest older men you'll ever meet and so much more.

Thanks again Dermot and Catherine for sharing your city, home, friends and business with me – it's something I won't forget.

To skip the intro and go straight to the interview, go to 6 minutes 15 seconds into the recording.

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Follow up Questions for Dermot

Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Dermot and Catherine for allowing me to record this short interview at a moments notice.

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Thanks and speak soon