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Heidi Hapanowicz of from NYC is a headshot, lifestyle and personal branding photographer, but it's clear, personal branding is where her passions lay.

Her ideal client is someone who needs more than a headshot photographer, someone looking for a complete online image makeover.

She says; I'm a personal branding photographer & designer for entrepreneurs. I help small business owners level-up their confidence and sell authentically with on-brand headshots, lifestyle photographs & branded websites for their business.

In addition to photographing clients, she has several online courses, business mentoring and everything you need to get started as a branding photographer.

In this interview, Heidi shares everything you wanted to know about personal brand photography business – from attracting clients, scouting locations, pricing effectively to selling, marketing and advertising for clients.

Here's some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • How Heidi brands herself and her personal branding photography business
  • Are people searching for ‘personal branding photographer' in Google nowadays?
  • What are the profiles of people searching for a personal branding photographer?
  • Heidi's reason for changing her photography niche
  • Why Heidi prefers shooting women over men
  • Is the branding photography market predominantly women?
  • A new emerging market for branding photographers to pay attention to
  • Are branding photographers earning more from selling courses than photography sessions?
  • How and why Heidi started teaching branding photography to other photographers
  • Do you need to be a successful branding photographer to teach branding photography?
  • Is there a big enough market to survive on personal brand photography alone?
  • The need to jumpstart your business while competition is still low
  • Do you need to be a headshot photographer before becoming a brand photographer?
  • The need to create separate websites for different photography niches
  • Proactive things to attract clients for branding sessions
  • The importance of networking to create business relationships
  • The one thing you should do to attract more clients to your business
  • The cold calling process to book personal branding sessions
  • The need to let people know what you do via social media
  • When is the best time to pitch your work to your target client?
  • Heidi's pre-set personal branding photography packages and inclusions
  • Heidi's view on IPS for personal brand clients
  • Heidi's booking process
  • Why Heidi prefers shooting in natural light
  • How to find great locations for brand photography shoots
  • How Heidi organizes stylists and make up artists for her shoots
  • How clients receive their branding photos
  • The need to innovate to meet client demands
  • The one thing preventing photographers from stepping up and succeeding

Personal Brand Shoot in Lisbon, Portugal with Selena Soo.

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Heidi Hapanowicz Photography Podcast

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More and more people are starting businesses. More and more people are recognizing the need for quality images on social media, on their website. They recognise the ROI of these images. They understand that they need to invest. They want to put it in the hands of somebody that they trust. – Heidi Hapanowicz

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Heidi Hapanowicz Photography Podcast

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Heidi Hapanowicz Photography Podcast

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Heidi Hapanowicz Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening and thanks to Heidi for coming on and sharing her thoughts and ideas on building a successful personal branding photography business – from attracting new clients, marketing, location scouting, sales and pricing.

Everybody wants someone to come in to their business and give them ways to make it easier. – Heidi Hapanowicz

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