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Devin Robinson of shares how to utilise Instagram to grow your photography business in a way I never considered. It's long term approach that does take dedication and work but there's no doubt, Devin has it down to an art and reveals exactly what he's doing in this candid interview.

And this interview came about when Devin sent me the following message…

I have to say, I am eternally thankful for your podcast. I remember listening to you on my commute to my teaching job as I started to build my photography business.

I first heard of Fer Juaristi on your podcast, who then became my favourite photographer and is now a great friend of mine!

I hope you are ok with me asking but I would LOVE to be on your podcast!

And this is the part of the email which led to this recording…

Since those times. I have grown my business to a high-end destination wedding business where I travel all over the world photographing weddings in 10 different countries and over 20 states.

2 years ago I photographed 45 weddings averaging 5.5K, this year I have 26 weddings and the average is 7K.

I also have 5 photographers and 2 cinematographers shooting for me and I reach multiple 50K months.

I will receive over 400 Inquiries this year

So far this year (September) I've generated 100 wedding leads and 130K from Instagram ALONE and will hit about 450K this year.

All of that to say, thank you.

I am SUPER thankful for you starting your podcast and it would be an absolute honour to be on yours.


That email sparked this interview where Devin shares a ton about starting, building and accelerating the growth of his wedding photography business, by growing his team, implementing processes and dedicating himself to quality lead generation using Instagram in a way you've probably never considered.

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • The reason for Devin's success with his wedding photography business
  • Why education is important for Devin
  • What was the turning point for Devin's business taking off?
  • The need to understand your client's experience and buying habits
  • Is it skill or confidence in photography that determines your pricing?
  • Why the first ten images in your portfolio should scare 80% of brides away
  • Devin's team of associate shooters and inhouse staff
  • How much Devin pays his associate photographers
  • How Devin finds associates willing to work with him
  • How to handle different photography styles when hiring associate photographers for your business
  • Devin's workflow when an enquiry comes in
  • Why Devin doesn't like photographing weddings in American churches
  • Why it is alright to be picky with what you shoot?
  • What is work-life balance like for Devin?
  • How Devin keeps his initial inquiries so brief and still books so many
  • The importance of charging a retaining fee in your photography business
  • Devin's workaround for destination weddings
  • What gear to pack for destination weddings
  • Why it is necessary to file proper documents when shooting destination weddings in Canada
  • Who are Devin's clients for destination weddings
  • Pitching destination weddings to local couples
  • What Devin is doing to get more than 400 inquiries in a year
  • How iPhone keyboard shortcuts became indispensable to Devin's business
  • Devin's direct message strategy on Instagram to generate positive responses from future clients
  • How Devin gets bookings without any hard selling
  • The importance of giving value first
  • Using location services on Instagram to find engaged couples
  • The need to create engagement in Instagram when marketing yourself to potential clients
  • Why following private accounts on Instagram is a great strategy for your business
  • The importance of cultivating and honing relationships with prospective clients on Instagram
  • Wedding photography is a long game on social media
  • How Instagram's algorithm is working in Devin's favour
  • Devin's take on unfollowing people in Instagram
  • How much time Devin spends on IG – per day
  • Devin's marketing and lead generation tactics
  • Why you should never run a Facebook Ad to land on your website homepage
  • Honing your message to find your target audience using landing pages
  • Sending Bonjoros to create trust and likeability to potential clients
  • Is Instagram the best referral source available for your business?
  • Devin's Facebook Ads target audience for destination weddings
  • How early on can prospect clients see pricing?
  • What Devin's initial client email sounds like
  • When is the best time to increase pricing?
  • What mistakes Devin made, getting to where he is in business now
  • Why chasing success is not always good
  • Do destination wedding clients pay extra for travel expenses?
  • Devin's exit strategy
  • How to create a scalable business

Devin Robinson Photography Podcast

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Devin Robinson Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what Devin shared. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where you thought, yeah, I'm going to do that! If so, let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below, let me know what your takeaways were, what you plan to implement in your business as a result of what you heard in today's episode.

A smart person learns from his own mistakes but a wise person learns from others mistakes. – Devin Robinson

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Devin Robinson Photography Podcast

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My average sale is up over 25% thanks to PhotoBizX

On the PhotoBizX Facebook Page Reviews by Bristol wedding photographer, Sandy McClure in the UK on November 12th.

I just wanted to pay a massive thank you to Andrew for everything he does and all I've learnt from PBX.

I started listening almost exactly a year ago. At the time I'd not long upped my prices and gone from a relatively successful business shooting 40 weddings a year to hardly getting any enquiries. I'd spent 6 months trying to work out what had gone wrong and I was bricking it!

From various episodes, I learnt to sort out my marketing, branding and sales process and things have picked up significantly.

There's still work to do (isn't there always) but my bookings are back where they should be.

My average sale is up over 25% and forecast gross for next year up almost 50% on this year.

And the best bit is my conversion rate on enquiries is over 40%!

Massive love to everyone who gives their time and knowledge to contribute to PBX.



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Once you stop learning how to become a better photographer, you become stagnant. – Devin Robinson

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Hi Andrew, Had some awesome results from our call out for young families so far. Will email to you. Just made an extra $3000 this week from our first 2 clients. WooHoo! Regards Danette

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The content of course, Nick's website and how easy to understand. Its a game changer. This course is like RED BULL for my photog business startup. You truely have give me the push and WINGS TO FLY 😛 – Praveen Shankam

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Life is good but life is not slow. – Devin Robinson

Devin Robinson Photography Podcast

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When you make that much money on it, it's no longer just a social media platform. It's business. It's marketing. – Devin Robinson

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