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Elena Blair of (use code schooled-photobiz) was interviewed for episode 279 of PhotoBizX, where we explored a few topics including content marketing, utilising Pinterest effectively and email marketing, but the one which resonated most and caused a real stir amongst listeners was her approach to school photography.

Elena presented a way to photograph kids in schools (from pre-schoolers to high-schoolers) in a way I, and you, may never have considered… using natural light from classroom windows, simple backdrops, a 50mm lens and capturing real expressions – no forced smiles.

The images she creates and sells are worthy to be featured as wall art in any home and the best part for working portrait photographers, she is generating a FANTASTIC income from these shoots and averaging $40 in sales PER CHILD she photographs.

Following that interview, plenty of members and listeners purchased Elena's “Schooled Resource” (which is underpriced!) – the complete guide to adding fine art school portraits to your photography business and have introduced these shoot to their businesses.

I had a chance to get Elena back on the show to learn more about the process and jumped at it. This interview is the result.

Plus, Elena has set up the promo code “schooled-photobiz” to save you 20% for the month of July 2019. PhotoBizX Premium Members also receive an additional 30% off!

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • An update on Elena's school photography course for photographers
  • What you can expect from Elena's Boutique School Photography
  • How parents perceive the photos they get from school photo sessions
  • How these school photography sessions work
  • Sending educational materials to parents before the school photography sessions
  • Do you need a team to do school photography or can solo photographers do it
  • The first step to consider when implementing school photography into your business
  • Adding school photography to fill the income gap for slower months
  • The importance of preparing a portfolio when pitching your work to schools
  • Portfolio building for school photography
  • How long does it take to kick off a school photography niche
  • Booking your first school can be accelerated with connections
  • Why you need to venture into school photography
  • Why Elena doesn't believe in competition
  • How Elena books family sessions directly from her school photography shoots
  • Is it hard to break through the competition and into school photography
  • The best reply if schools say they already have a photographer
  • Kickbacks or charitable donations to your schools
  • Using prints to make more money
  • What is unit printing and why it's effective for school photography
  • Do families receive digitals and prints
  • The advantage of having competitive pricing
  • Recommended lens for school photography
  • What's the biggest challenge for photographers who enrol with the schooled photography course
  • Why Elena doesn't outsource editing for school sessions
  • Elena's take on retouching images and charging for it
  • Dealing with online privacy for school photography
  • What to look for in a print lab for school photography

Elena Blair Photography Podcast

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What is your big takeaway?

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Once you have one school under your belt it's kind of like wildfire spreads, it spreads a little bit easier. – Elena Blair

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Elena Blair Photography Podcast

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Elena Blair Website

Schooled – A COMPLETE GUIDE TO FINE ART SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY – use promo code schooled-photobiz in the month of July 2019 to save 20%

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Episode 279: Elena Blair – Content marketing for photographers and school portraiture with a killer difference



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Thank you!

Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Elena for coming on and sharing her thoughts on the business of school portraits and just how doable it is to add this genre of photography to any portrait shooters arsenal of all-year-round income producing options. The best part, in addition to the income-producing aspects, is any photographer shooting in this style will still feel like they are producing something special for their client, not just cookie-cutter, pop out photography.

We're all about profits. In my business I feel like if you're going to be in business you're going to be making a profit. – Elena Blair

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Thanks and speak soon