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Gustavo Fernández of is a corporate headshot and event photographer based in San Francisco.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, he has lived in Italy, Spain and now the US where Gustavo was one of the top sales reps in the country in his previous pharmaceutical sales job.

He's had his photography work displayed in Times Square, presented at WPPI – the largest photography conference in the USA and recently had the chance to photograph Bill Gates.

None of this is why I contacted him for this interview.

I received an email introduction from previous podcast guest Vincent Pugliese who said…

Andrew – I want you to meet Gustavo Fernández. Gustavo is based out of San Francisco and has an incredible photography business shooting corporate events and corporate headshots.

He is a true innovator in the field in that he barely uses any social media. He is a master connector, giver, and someone who does business the right way.

In our group, we have even given him the nickname of “Giftavo”, because of the thoughtful and creative ways he gives gifts to his clients and others.

That was enough for me and here is the interview I recorded with corporate headshot and event photographer, Gustavo Fernández.

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • What is corporate and event photography?
  • How Gustavo transitioned from wedding to event photography
  • The type of events Gustavo shoots and what's available to event photographers
  • How and who hires Gustavo to photograph events?
  • What to supply your corporate and event photography clients after the shoot
  • Where and what event photography images will be used by clients?
  • How to price your event photography
  • Usage and copyright for corporate and event photography and how it affects the photographer
  • The importance of picking up the phone and answering emails in a timely manner
  • Bringing up rates and add-ons in the initial conversation to increase upfront sales easily
  • Hiring a VA and outsourcing tasks you don't need to be focussing on
  • How Gustavo sees his photography business growing
  • How does Gustavo hire and work with second shooters
  • How to attract corporate photography clients and how clients find/search for event photographers
  • How to be a resource and not just someone with a camera in the corporate world of event photography
  • Making a difference by supplying free shoots and giving back to your clients
  • Is event photography a genre worth pursuing for more photographers?
  • Why does Gustavo think of himself as a businessman rather than a photographer today?

Gustavo Fernandez Photography Podcast

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Two big things I tell people is… first of all pick up the phone, then second, return emails in a timely manner. – Gustavo Fernández

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Gustavo Fernandez Photography Podcast

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It's all about relationships, make sure you take care of your clients. – Gustavo Fernández

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Thanks once again for the quality content and valuable knowledge shared by yourself Andrew and the speakers.

Gustavo Fernandez Photography Podcast

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Thank you!

Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Gustavo for sharing his valuable thoughts and ideas on creating and building a successful corporate and event photography business based on providing outstanding service, building relationships and genuinely treating every enquiry and client the way you'd like to be treated.

It's the little things and just making it personal. You know, thinking about them as an individual versus just a client, setting yourself apart from what everybody else is doing. – Gustavo Fernández

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