Todays episode of the podcast is a series of interviews recorded at the recent 2014 APPA's – AIPP National Photography Print Awards held at Luna Park on Sydney's spectacular Harbour. You'll hear short but candid interviews with wedding and portrait photographers, a travel and a birth photographer who entered the inaugural birth photography category at this years award.

In addition to the interviews, I'll take you through the actual judging process as it happened during the competition. You'll hear the scoring, the passionate commentary form the judges and the re-scoring of a print after it's score was challenged… real heart in mouth action if you're the photographer having your photography critiques and scored by your peers.

Below is a list of todays guests, topics we covered and links to their sites and social media profiles.

Milton Gan – Sydney Wedding Photographer

  • Began his wedding photography career at the age of 37
  • Relied heavily on FB to create early interest and grow his business fast
  • Came from a marketing background and used his knowledge from that industry and applied it to wedding photography for a fast start
  • Grown quickly in his first 4 years as a professional wedding photographer
  • Business and growth is strong enough to now support him and his fiancé together

Bride and groom leaving the chirch of their Sydney wedding with guests showering them with fresh flower petals

Selena Rollason – Brisbane Birth Photographer

  • Specialising in one genre, birth photography, has seen an increase in business
  • Highest scoring print in the brand new Birth Category for the APPA awards
  • Although not solely a genre for female photographers, it's unlikely males would get booked for birth photography jobs
  • This is real and raw documentary photography – with no interaction with the subjects
  • Birth photography is not a genre that will sustain a full time photographer just yet… but that will change
  • Pricing for birth photography
  • I doubled my price for birth photography and now get more bookings
  • Interestingly, most clients are parents for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time

Birth photos of brand new babies entering the world at their birth

James Ross – Sydney Wedding Photographer

  • Combining the business of travel and wedding photography
  • Shooting for tourism companies while on assignment for destination weddings
  • Approaching tourism companies once a destination wedding is booked
  • Instagram as a main business marketing tool
  • How to use hashtags on Instagram to get noticed
  • Not flooding your Instagram feed with wedding photography spam
  • Adding a daily post – what works, what doesn't
  • Keeping followers up to date with what you're doing

bride and groom on a mountain top in New Zealand with a blue lake below

Paul Hoelen – The Nomad Photographer

  • I don't want to be boxed, call me a “Generalist Photographer”
  • $60,000 Landscape commission for 4 months work then off to the next thing
  • Alaways ensure I have copyright before any shoot
  • The joys of living a free form life
  • Reach out before travelling to line up work while away to combine travel and photography
  • What systems I use to stay completely mobile
  • What's in my equipment bag when travelling
  • Back up strategies while travelling
  • Gold Award prints on a canon sure shot point and shoot camera
  • Useing photography as a bartering tool with resorts, people and businesses
  • Being open means opportunities present themselves
  • Discovering your passion to really excel in your photography and business
  • Don't ignore your personal work, focus on what you love

large group of music lovers walking to a music festival in the vineyards

Anni Payne – Milk and Honey Photography

  • Tough times can be good, they force you to reassess
  • Where should you make cutbacks if you do face tough economic times
  • Riding out the storm was liberating
  • Photography became too accessible and under valued
  • Realising that we were different by being ourselves was a tough but great lesson
  • It's difficult to see your differences when you're so involved in your own business

a bride and groom captured in a quiet and candid embrace as the sun sets behind them

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A seagull takes off from the pier on Sydney Harbour under the Sydney  Harbour Bridge

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